Nutrisystem For Women: Cost, Menu, & Avg Weight Loss

Nutrisystem for Women

Nutrisystem is a weight loss program that makes reaching your goal weight easier by having delicious, healthy meals delivered to your door. Nutrisystem has a long track record of scientifically-backed weight loss success. One thing that makes them stand out in the industry is their tailored designed programs, including Nutrisystem for Women.

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Nutrisystem Menu

Nutrisystem is designed for losing weight, so that’s their primary goal when designing their menu. They do accommodate some special dietary needs but depending on what your preferences are, your options can become limited. 

First, it’s worth mentioning that in addition to a meal plan designed for women, Nutrisystem offers programs designed for men and one specially tailored for people with diabetes. The diabetic meal plan is one of the best of its kind among meal delivery services. 

Nutrisystem also offers meals in each meal plan option that are appropriate for vegetarians, although many of these meals contain dairy or eggs. If you’re strictly plant-based or vegan, this meal plan really isn’t a good fit for your lifestyle.

With other dietary preferences, Nutrisystem lacks a bit. They do offer a very convenient filter tool that you can use to filter out meals with ingredients you won’t eat, but this can significantly reduce your meal choices. For instance, avoiding lunches or dinners with wheat or dairy will leave you with less than half of the original meal choices. 

Nutrisystem also very clearly states that if you have a severe concern with a specific ingredient, for instance, wheat for people with Celiac disease, their program isn’t designed for you. The risk of cross-contamination is just too great of a risk. They do offer a customer service number where you can speak to someone directly about your special dietary needs.


Taste is the first area where we reviewed Nutrisystem for Women because it’s one of the most important. Someone could offer you free food designed to help you lose weight, but if it doesn’t taste good, then it’s a no-go from the start.

Nutrisystem program reviews for taste are overwhelmingly positive, and we couldn’t find much room to disagree, especially for this type of weight loss program.

With Nutrisystem, you’ll find that the taste profile leans heavily toward traditional dishes that are well-liked, with comfort foods being a popular theme across all areas of the menu. A few complaints of blandness exist, but Nutrisystem doesn’t pack their meals with loads of fat, sodium, or artificial sweeteners. It’s all just real food that’s balanced with nutrients for weight loss. A little seasoning can easily resolve any blandness.

Classic Hamburger

Classic Hamburger

Classic Tuna Salad

Classic Tuna Salad

Four Cheese Melt

Four Cheese Melt

White Bean Chicken Chili

White Bean Chicken Chili

One thing to note about the taste of the Nutrisystem dinners is that almost all of them feature some type of sauce. Pasta sauce, gravy, teriyaki style sauce, alfredo, cheesy sauce, and pesto are all found on the menu. A few dishes aren’t overly saucy, but if you’re more of stand-alone protein combined with starchy vegetables or plain grains, you’re not going to find a lot of that on this menu.

Meal Selection

Meal selection is one of the strong points of the Nutrisystem program. Overall, they offer more than 150 meal choices in the categories of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. That adds up to a lot of variety to choose from. If you’ve ever followed a diet to lose weight, you already know how important variety is to keep you on track.

If there’s a downside to Nutrisystem’s meal selection, it’s that not all the meals are available with each diet plan. You need to sign up for the premium plan if you want access to all prepackaged foods.

Breakfast selections are pretty standard with the Nutrisystem diet. Choose something like warm and satisfying Apple Walnut Oatmeal or an easy grab-and-go breakfast like their Turkey Sausage and Egg Muffin.

Cheddar Broccoli Rice

Cheddar Broccoli Rice

Chockful Of Veggie Chili

Chockful Of Veggie Chili

Spicy Kung Pao Noodles L

Spicy Kung Pao Noodles

Mango Verde Veggie And Grain Blend

Mango Verde Veggie And Grain Blend

Lunch selections are also pretty simple, which is handy considering most of us don’t have time for a long, leisurely lunch every day. Calzone-style melts are a popular option, with filling like spinach and cheese in a pretzel crust or the Southwest Fiesta melt that’s packed with all sorts of south-of-the-border goodness. Nutrisystem’s lunch menu is also packed with easy mid-day meal options like soup and meal replacement bars.

Dinner is where you’re going to find the most variety on the menu, with pre portioned meals that include a lot of healthy, comfort food-style dishes. Think along the lines of your favorite pasta dishes made with healthy whole grains, loads of vegetables, and a variety of sauces.

Nutrisystem meals are all fully prepared, packaged foods. There’s practically zero cooking that needs to take place, no matter which dishes you choose. There are frozen and non-frozen meal options, and most require just a few minutes in the microwave when you’re in a rush. With a little more time, you can prepare most meals with a bit of time in the oven or on the stovetop for more of a home-cooked taste.

When you spend more you get access to the Hearty Inspiration Meals, which include more protein than basic meals and are complete meals with no need to add sides or veggies.

Sesame Beef And Broccoli With Brown Rice

Sesame Beef And Broccoli With Brown Rice

Merlot Beef With Root Vegetables

Merlot Beef With Root Vegetables

Red Pepper Chicken And Pasta Saute

Red Pepper Chicken And Pasta Saute

Grain Crusted Pollock With Vegetables

Grain Crusted Pollock With Vegetables

Ingredient Quality

A popular meal delivery program like Nutrisystem prepares and packages an almost unimaginable number of meals regularly. Their goal is to offer meals that make losing weight easier while also providing a good variety of food choices that you enjoy eating without feeling like you’re on a diet. This is a tall order.

Overall, the quality of ingredients used by Nutrisystem is good, although the freshness doesn’t always translate well to the frozen entrees that are reheated in the microwave. But, Nutrisystem is committed to avoiding artificial sweeteners, unhealthy fats, and unnecessary preservatives. Preservatives are actually used in very few Nutrisystem foods.

One area that some might consider a weak spot for the Nutrisystem program is that they’re not committed to using organic or non-GMO ingredients, and they don’t readily offer information about where their ingredients are sourced.

Packaging & Recycling

With these types of meal delivery services, the packaging is a big deal. It needs to protect your food during transit, keep it fresh, and (hopefully) be ecologically responsible and easy to dispose of.

Packaging is another area where Nutrisystem stands out. Practically all of their packaging materials use recycled board stock or are completely recyclable. They also use specially designed coolers that are completely biodegradable. You choose if you want to reuse the coolers, recycle them, or toss them in the trash, knowing that they won’t take a thousand years to decompose.

Nutrisystem’s packaging design is also great at keeping the food fresh, including both their frozen and non-frozen products.


Following any type of diet can get expensive, especially if you have to purchase special foods. When comparing Nutrisystem to other programs or buying similar foods at the grocery store, they come out as a reasonable economical option.

There are three Nutrisystem for Women meal plan options. Each breaks the cost down for you by how much you’ll pay per day on the program, with the average duration of following the plan being four weeks. This is the initial plan, but you’re always welcome to continue on the program until you reach your health, weight loss, and fitness goals.

  • The Basic Plan for Women starts at $9.74 per day and offers more than 100 meal choices.
  • The Uniquely Yours Plan for Women is the most popular and starts at $11.57 per day. This plan includes more than 150 menu choices, including frozen selections.
  • The Uniquely Yours Max Plan for Women features all the bells and whistles, including 160+ menu options, plus access to their Healthy Inspiration menu.

Do you have a diet partner that you want to buddy up with? Sign up for the Partner Plan, and you both get to access extra savings.

Monthly Plan Types of Meals Cost Per Day Total Monthly Cost 50% Off
Basic Plan Non-Frozen (Shelf Stable Meals) $9.74 $272.79
Uniquely Yours Frozen (Better Tasting) & Non-Frozen $11.57 $323.94
Uniquely Yours Max+ Any of the Frozen & Non-Frozen Meals + Hearty Inspirations $12.98 $363.54


As with almost anything, there are some disadvantages to Nutrisystem. If you have a food allergy or special dietary preferences, the limited access to the full menu can get frustrating. Some people find that eating the same foods, even with such a diverse menu, can quickly get boring.

Finally, there’s also the fact that eventually, you’ll have to learn how to maintain your new healthy lifestyle without the help (and added expense) of prepackaged foods.

Typical weight loss for women averages about 1-2 lbs per week, but if you follow the program, it’s possible to lose as much as nearly twenty pounds rather quickly.

You’ll find options for breakfast, lunches, and dinner with the Nutrisystem meal plan. There's a good variety of options, and the dishes feature well-liked flavors. There are also extras like snacks and desserts to make following the diet even more enjoyable.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to follow a meal plan that’s uniquely yours and designed to help you shed the extra weight while tasting great and allowing you to make fewer trips to the grocery store, Nutrisystem for Women is a great option. They offer tons of variety, are reasonably economical, and offer extras like access to professional medical weight loss experts. You have nothing to lose, except maybe a few extra pounds.

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