Omaha Steaks vs Kansas City Steaks

Omaha Steaks Vs Kansas City Steak Company

Are you dreaming about sinking into a juicy, perfectly prepared steak? Fortunately, you don’t need to live close to a butcher shop to make your dreams come true. We’ve taken the opportunity to compare two great steak delivery companies in this review of Omaha Steaks vs Kansas City Steaks to help you decide which you’ll enjoy more.

About Omaha Steaks and Kansas City Steaks

Omaha Steaks has one of the longest standing reputations in the business. The company has been around since the early 1900s, where it began as a family butchery. Since then, it has grown to serve customers nationwide through its online purchasing and stores. They offer an incredible range of dry-aged steaks, along with other types of meat, seafood, and sides.

Kansas City Steaks is newer to the game but only slightly. They got their start about 15 years after Omaha Steaks and also started as a family business. Today, they service customers by delivering high-quality steaks sourced from local farmers and complementary side dishes and desserts to complete your meal.

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Omaha Steaks

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Kansas City Steak Company

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Dietary Options

Omaha Steaks


Kansas City Steaks

Both Omaha Steaks and Kansas City Steaks focus on providing customers with the highest-quality steaks and other types of proteins. The typical person isn’t going to shop from either of these companies if they have dietary restrictions that severely limit beef and other types of meats and seafood.

Still, both of these companies also offer complete meals, side dishes, and more. This is where paying special attention to ingredients to meet your special dietary needs becomes important.

Omaha Steaks has a wide variety of meals and side dishes. Many of their dishes do contain milk or wheat, but you’re able to quickly rule those out with this guide.

Kansas City Steaks is less forthcoming when it comes to meeting special dietary needs. Most of their proteins are suitable for those on keto or paleo plans, but their menu overall isn’t well suited for anyone with special dietary needs.

Allergen info isn’t quickly accessed on Kansas City Steaks items. You have to click on the item, then go further to select more info, where you can take a look at the ingredients. Common allergens are listed at the end of the ingredient list.

Because almost all their appetizers, sides, and desserts are rich and decadent, many of them also contain dairy, gluten, and soy. Even a side as simple as their Steak Cut Fries contains both wheat and soy.

Most of the sides and extras on the menu at Kansas City Steaks are heavy, comfort food-style dishes. They’re rich, heavy, and calorically dense – so not the best if you’re concerned about calories.


Omaha Steaks


Kansas City Steaks

Often when you order from a meal delivery service, you’re looking for the convenience of saving time in the kitchen. Both Omaha Steaks and Kansas City Steaks mainly offer steaks, meats, and seafood that need to be cooked from scratch in your kitchen. In this area, the goal of these companies is quality over convenience.

Still, you’re going to find options for steaks and other types of proteins that are pre-seasoned and ready to go, with directions on how to prepare them properly. Because individual preferences vary on the proper doneness of beef, how you prepare the meat in your kitchen will affect how long it takes to prepare and the overall quality of the final dish.

Both Kansas City Steaks and Omaha Steaks offer a menu of meals, sides, and desserts. For both companies, sides and extras only need to be heated through before they’re ready to eat.

Kansas City Steaks offers about 35 different options under Sides & Extras. This includes side dishes, desserts, sauces, spices, and herbed butter. Kansas City Steaks offers what seems to be endless options for steak and meat bundles, combos, and meals. There are selections of steaks, surf & turfs, bacon “flights, and meals that include sides and desserts (although these were all sold out at the time of this review).

Omaha Steaks also offers a variety of meats, sides, desserts, and appetizers. Their menu is nicely divided between steaks, meat, chicken & pork, seafood, sides, and extras like wine and desserts. Their proteins can be ordered standalone or bundled into a package. Their selection of steaks alone is expansive.

Omaha steaks have a couple of dozen appetizers, including about 12 steak appetizers and seafood appetizers that include fresh oysters. Omaha Steaks offers a large selection of sides. Where Kansas City Steaks offers mostly comfort food style sides, Omaha Steaks includes lighter options ad soups. These might not be low-calorie friendly, but they’re a nice balance to their richer meats.


Omaha Steaks


Kansas City Steaks

Neither Omaha Steaks nor Kansas City Steaks would be anywhere without attention to the quality ingredients. When you’re dealing with high-quality cuts of meat, where you source your ingredients matters.

Omaha Steaks has a long-standing reputation of excellence and is one of the top purveyors of beef in the United States. They ship more than 14 million pounds of just beef every year.

They source their meats and other ingredients from farms across the United States but primarily the Nebraska areas. They are committed to using meat that is naturally grown, often grain-fed but sometimes grass-fed. Any seafood from Omaha Steaks is responsibly sourced.

Kansas City Steaks also likes to keep it local when sourcing its ingredients. They’re committed to working with local farms and stockyards in Kansas whenever possible. Not all the farms they work with are family-owned but they locally reputable for their quality. Kansas City Steaks focuses on meats that are grass-fed instead of grain-fed.

When comparing steaks side by side, Omaha Steaks cuts tend to be a bit larger and a better value for what you are paying. While a bit smaller, Kansas City Steaks seem to have better marbling throughout, which ultimately leads to a more tender cut of meat.

Taste & Sample Meals

Omaha Steaks

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Kansas City Steaks

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One of the main differences between Omaha Steaks and Kansas City Steaks is how they age their meat, which is going to create some differences in the taste of their steaks and other beef products.

Omaha Steaks features many dry-aged beef options. Dry aging involves exposing the meat to oxygen over a period of time and letting the natural enzymes do the work. This results in meat that is more tender and more flavorful.

Kansas City Steaks doesn’t dry-age their meat. Instead, they use “wet-aging,” which is another way of saying the package and refrigerate their meat immediately after it is processed. Depending on your personal tastes, wet-aged meat may lack flavor and complexity compared to the dry-aged beef of Omaha Steaks.

Kansas City Steaks offers sides and desserts that cater best to those who appreciate comfort foods. These dishes are rich, decadent, and a bit on the heavy side. If you want a lighter meal, you can always pair a Kansas City Steak cut of beef and side with a simple green salad of your own.

Omaha Steaks offers a bit more diversity in the flavor of their meals. Side dishes include classic comfort dishes, as well as dishes that are a little lighter, like an edamame succotash and asparagus with hollandaise sauce you can drizzle, rather than being baked in a cream-based casserole.

From a customer review standpoint, both Kansas City Steaks and Omaha Steaks are pretty consistent with the taste of their meals, delivering pretty much what you expect when you order.


Omaha Steaks




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Kansas City Steaks



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The Essential Duo 


Pricing for Omaha Steaks and Kansas City Steaks depends almost entirely on what you order. Both offer more economical choices, along with steaks that qualify as higher-end. From Kansas City Steaks, a four-count of 16 oz, bone-in ribeyes cost $139.95. From Omaha Steaks, their Private Reserve 24 oz bone-in cowboy ribeye is $374.99 for four steaks. The dry-aged ribeye from Omaha Steaks costs a bit more.

The cost of sides from both companies varies depending on what you order. Overall, Omaha Steak’s sides’ cost is less, although this could be because they have some lighter options that cost less than more complex side dishes. Both companies let you choose a quantity for the sides, but Omaha Steaks provides more flexibility in letting you order sides of only two portions.

Omaha Steaks charges slightly more for shipping than Kansas City Steaks, although they do offer free shipping on some items. Shipping with Kansas City Steaks is a flat rate of $14.99, while Omaha Steak’s shipping fees vary by a considerable amount.

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Packaging & Recycling

When dealing with something as perishable as fresh meat and seafood, packaging has to be adequate to keep the food at the proper temperature throughout the shipping process. Omaha Steaks and Kansas City Steaks both use well-insulated coolers, dry ice, and special vacuum sealing to preserve your delivery during transit.

Omaha Steaks packages their meals in an eco-friendly, reusable cooler. It’s sturdy enough that it can be washed out and reused until you’re ready to recycle it. Meals are packed with dry ice, and all meats are vacuum-sealed to preserve freshness.

Kansas City Steaks also uses dry ice to preserve its shipments. The meals are packed in a styrofoam cooler after they are sealed in cryovac packaging and flash-frozen. Some customers report their dry ice evaporating during shipment. This is a natural occurrence, and as long as your meals are cool to the touch when delivered, they are still fresh.

Customer Service

Omaha Steaks


Kansas City Steaks

Kansas City Steaks and Omaha Steaks are nearly identical on all the major customer service talking points. Neither of these is subscription plans, but Kansas City Steaks does offer auto-shipping if you want the same package delivered to you at regular intervals. Both companies make it easy to modify orders free of charge.

Both companies have mixed reviews for customer service. Customers for both companies claim inadequate responsiveness and difficulty in contacting.


Omaha Steaks

In comparing Kansas City Steaks vs Omaha Steaks, each company has its strong points and offers incredible steaks, along with other types of meats, seafood, side dishes, and more. In this review, Omaha Steak wins for its variety, taste, and reputation of excellence that spans years.

Still, you’re not going to go wrong by trying either of these well-respected steak delivery companies. Consider the following when deciding which is the best option for you.

Choose Omaha Steaks If:

  • You enjoy dry-aged steak
  • Are looking for a range of side dish options or dessert to compliment your meal
  • Like the idea of having wine delivered along with your meal
  • Are looking for high-quality steaks for a special occasion 
  • Don’t mind paying a bit more for higher quality

Choose Kansas City Steaks If:

  • You’re not a fan of dry-aged steak
  • You like having many options of bundles and packages to choose from
  • Love comfort foody style side dishes
  • Want great steaks but are more budget-minded

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