The Best Paleo Meal Delivery Services

Paleo Meal Delivery

Have you been thinking about trying a Paleo meal delivery service but have found yourself overwhelmed by choices? You’re not alone. There are a growing number of services out there, and picking out the best is a challenge.

Each paleo meal delivery service offers an entirely different experience. We’ve taken the time to round up the most popular to help you decide which is the best fit for your busy Paleo lifestyle.

Here are the deets on the most popular meal delivery services, including the top choice – Pete’s Paleo.

Pete’s Real Food


Petes Real Food Box

Living the Paleo lifestyle and tired of eating the same thing day after day? The struggle is real. Even some of the best Paleo meal delivery services fall short in the variety department, but not Pete’s Real Food or Pete’s Paleo as they used to be called. Pete’s earns top marks for variety, even for those following special dietary protocols.

Key Benefits

  • Paleo meal options are offered every week
  • Options include menus that are fully Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) compliant
  • Pete’s Real Food offers selections from their
  • Great flavor and recipes
  • Reasonable pricing

Paleo On The Go​


Paleo On The Go Meal Delivery

Living the Paleo lifestyle and tired of eating the same thing day after day? The struggle is real. Even some of the best Paleo meal delivery services fall short in the variety department but not Paleo On the Go. Paleo On the Go earns top marks for variety, even for those following special dietary protocols.

Key Benefits

  • 22 Paleo meal options offered every week
  • Options include menus that are fully Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) compliant
  • Paleo On the Go offers selections from their AIP Bakery
  • Some subscribers note that Paleo on the Go lacks a little flavor compared to other services
  • Cost is slightly more than some other Paleo meal delivery services, with a range in cost depending on the meals chosen

Eat The 80​


Eat the 80 Meal Delivery

Budget-friendly isn’t a term you commonly hear used to describe the Paleo Diet. Of course, you can follow the lifestyle on a lower budget, but there are challenges. Of all the Paleo meal delivery services out there, Eat the 80 is one that focuses on budget-friendliness as much as they do on taste and quality.

Key Benefits

  • Eat the 80 is an economical option, with meals costing only $13-$14
  • Convenient heat-and-eat options
  • Quality is a top priority with grass-fed beef, hormone-free proteins, and wild-caught fish
  • Meals are gluten-free
  • Enjoy 10 Paleo meal options per week

Trifecta Nutrition​

Trifecta Nutrition Meal delivery Program

Simple is often better when it comes to Paleo meal delivery, and that’s exactly what you get with Trifecta Nutrition. Clean, simple ingredients that are transformed into meals you’ll love. They focus on organic ingredients, grass-fed beef, and wild-caught fish to bring you the highest quality dishes.

Key Benefits

  • Trifecta Nutrition’s meals are heat-and-serve but never frozen
  • Earth-friendly with 100% recyclable packaging and high animal welfare standards
  • All meals are free of gluten, dairy, and soy
  • Flexible pricing with ala carte menu options costing less than half of their weekly Paleo meal plans
  • No extra hidden shipping costs

Factor Meals​​

Factor Meals unboxing

The thing about Factor 75 that makes them stand out is their commitment to nutrition for all of their individualized plans. Each subscription includes a 20-minute complimentary nutritional coaching session with a registered dietician.

Key Benefits

  • Economical compared to other top meal services, with a significant quantity discount
  • Factor 75 offers free delivery, which is a major plus from a cost standpoint
  • Options are quite limited, with only 4 choices in the Paleo category each week
  • Subscribers rave about Factor 75’s flavor profiles
  • Heat and eat options only

The Good Kitchen

the good kitchen box

If you isit the Good Kitchen website, one of the first things you see is their tagline of “Farm to table in 3 minutes”. If that doesn’t sound attractive to the busy Paleo follower, then what does? Another attractive feature of Good Kitchen is the number of different dietary lifestyles they cater to.

Key Benefits

  • Commitment to earth-friendly practices and animal welfare
  • Larger meal selection, with 18 Paleo meal options per week
  • Meal options are limited to heat and eat only
  • Mixed reviews in terms of customer service
  • Shipping is free, and they’ll ship to a temporary address while you’re on vacation

Sun Basket

sun basket box 900

Following a Paleo lifestyle means that nutritional quality is important to you. Sun Basket is a meal delivery service that prioritizes nutrition for a variety of dietary lifestyles, including Paleo. The Sun Basket platform is intended for those who crave fresh, healthy foods. Sun Basket offers dedicated Paleo options, along with heat and eat and “you cook” choices.

Key Benefits

  • Sun Basket is an earth-friendly option featuring responsibly raised meats, organic produce, and organic eggs
  • Slightly limited options compared to other Paleo meal delivery services, with 4-6 options per week
  • Free of antibiotics, hormones, and common food allergens
  • Reasonably economical, with meal pricing dependent upon the quantity ordered
  • Supplement meal choices with a variety of Paleo-approved snacks


Cooked Dinner Package 450

Cooked was founded by parents of young children who were frustrated by their lack of time to cook nutritious meals for their families. Cooked is focused on the perfect balance between taste and nutrition. Cooked offers traditional and Whole30 meal plans. Paleo dieters have a wide selection of meals that can be chosen ala carte.

Key Benefits

  • Cooked earns top reviews from subscribers for taste and variety
  • With 20 Paleo meal options per week, there are plenty of choices for creating a personalized menu
  • Heat and eat options only
  • An economical option, especially considering the selection, freshness, and taste

Green Chef

Green Chef Meal Delivery

Many Paleo meal delivery services feature some organic ingredients and highlight organic or grass-fed proteins. If you’re committed to living and eating as organically as possible, you want a meal delivery service that makes organic ingredients a priority. Green Chef features USDA-certified organic ingredients that are also certified gluten-free for Paleo lifestyles

Key Benefits

  • Paleo options are somewhat limited, with only 6 meal choices per week
  • Streamlined, economical pricing
  • Shipping is not included, which can add hefty, unexpected charges
  • Unique sauces and seasonings, although some users claim they’re a little bland
  • No heat and eat options

Fresh n Lean​

Fresh n Lean Box

The idea behind Fresh n Lean is great. An all organic, non-GMO, fresh Paleo meal delivery service that strikes a chord with your taste buds. The pictures on the Paleo meal options on their site are colorful and appetizing. The issue with Fresh n Lean comes when you take a few minutes to scour the internet for reviews.

Key Benefits

  • Middle of the road for affordability, with ala cart options costing slightly less
  • Delivery is free, so no hidden charges there
  • Customer service, while responsive to reviews, seems to be lacking in other areas
  • Subscribers claim it can be difficult to cancel services
  • Heat and eat options, always fresh, never frozen


Eatology Meal Delivery

Eatology was created on the premise that “eating” Paleo isn’t enough. You also need to pay attention to eating properly and adhering to the macro-nutrient levels for optimal nutrition. Eatology takes the science of Paleo and applies it to their meal delivery service. While the premise of Eatology is strong, there are a few things to consider.

Key Benefits

  • Economical option but some reviews indicate that you get what you pay for in terms of taste
  • Heat and eat options only
  • A choice between medium and large meals, as well as family platters
  • A good selection of Paleo options each week, but some dishes were found to have non-Paleo friendly ingredients

Out with the Old, In with the New

Meal delivery services are a hot market right now, and it’s not uncommon to see a few come and go from the scene. To make it even more complicated, there are meal delivery services like Kettlebell Kitchen that stopped meal delivery last year, yet still has an active website.

True Fare is another paleo meal delivery service whose site says their meals are sold out. Don’t bother revisiting this site because as of this date, all their meal services have stopped.

Buying Guide

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What Makes a Great Paleo Meal Delivery Service?

Paleo meal delivery services are an attractive option for today’s health-conscious, busy lifestyles. After reading the reviews, you’ve probably noticed that not all services are created equal in their ability to meet your expectations and fulfill your dietary needs. Let’s look a little closer at what makes a meal delivery service great.

What is Paleo?

First, let’s give a little attention to defining the Paleo lifestyle. Paleo is a term that tends to get wrapped up with other dietary buzzwords like keto, Whole30, and low-carb. Paleo is a stand-alone dietary philosophy that is defined by precise nutritional principles.

The basic premise of the Paleo Diet is that eating like our Paleolithic ancestors (think pre-farming and pre-processed food era) eliminates all the foods that are culprits in our modern health crisis. Foods like grains, dairy, sugars, processed foods, beans, and others interfere with the body’s ability to heal and repair itself.

On the Paleo Diet, you eat plenty of meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs, and healthy fats. Some people who follow the Paleo Diet also adhere to strict macronutrient requirements.

What Are the Advantages of a Paleo Meal Delivery Service?

One of the biggest challenges of eating Paleo is learning how to fit meal prep and cooking into your busy lifestyle. This is where Paleo meal delivery services become a lifesaver.

These meal services also help take a lot of the guesswork out of preparing Paleo-approved meals, especially when you’re first starting with this lifestyle.

The simplicity and time saved are huge advantages, and when you choose the right meal service for you, it can also be a cost-effective option for eating healthy, Paleo-friendly meals.

Features That Make for Exceptional Paleo Meal Delivery Services

So much here depends on personal preference, but here are a few things you’ll want to consider when choosing a Paleo meal delivery service.


Average prices range anywhere from $10-$20 per meal. It’s important to consider your food budget when choosing a service. For example, Eat the 80 is pretty standard for a paleo meal delivery service with prices averaging less than $15 per serving.

Other services that cost a bit more, like Home Bistro, tend to cater to larger appetites or more diverse tastes, so you end up paying a bit more for those benefits.


There’s no point in paying for food you’re not going to enjoy. Take time to look over each service’s menu options and read all the reviews you can get your hands on.

This is also where subscriber reviews come in handy. Sun Basket and Pete’s Paleo both win accolades for taste according to online reviews.

Fresh vs Frozen

Some people don’t mind frozen meals while others abhor them. In most cases, services that offer fresh options fare better in the taste department. Caveman Chefs, which offers both, is a good option if you’re not sure which you prefer or like a variety.

Meal Variety

If you’re not a picky eater, then you have more options. However, for those with discerning palates, more options mean you’re more likely to enjoy your meals. Of the services mentioned here, Cooked is a great example of variety and catering to a range of taste preferences.


Meal delivery services are notorious for leaving heartier appetites wanting. If larger portions are your thing, look at companies that offer larger portion size options. Caveman Chefs offers portion size options that heartier appetites find satisfying, as does Eat the 80 according to reviews.

Customer Service

Look at reviews, and pay attention to their cancelation policy. Note how easy it is to change your order, how responsive their team is, and if they’re easy to get in touch with.

This is another area where user reviews are helpful. Fresh n Lean has less than stellar customer service reviews, while other meal services like The Good Kitchen seem to go above and beyond.

Bottom Line

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Are you living the Paleo lifestyle and loving the way you feel? Of all the diet “trends” out there today, Paleo is the one that has become a true lifestyle, with many long-term followers. Paleo meal delivery services offer an option to keep true to your dietary goals while simplifying your life and allowing you to spend more time enjoying your days.

We’ve covered a lot of meal delivery services here, and you’ll want to look at each one closely when choosing the best for your lifestyle. You really can’t go wrong with Pete’s Paleo, which hits high marks on every single checkpoint for taste, quality, customer service, and freshness.

Paleo On the Go is ideal if variety is a major factor for you, and Eat the 80 is the best budget-friendly option for eating Paleo without breaking the bank. These runner ups also offer great flavor and a strong commitment to quality and respectable business practices.

Is a Paleo meal delivery service right for you? Why not? Give one of these top three, or maybe another choice from this list a go, and try the experience for yourself. Chances are you’ll be impressed, and fall in love with your Paleo lifestyle all over again.

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