Porter Road Review: How This Meat Delivery Service Stacks Up

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Porter Road co-founders James Peisker and Chris Carter first opened a catering business. As butchers themselves, they quickly realized that they couldn’t find quality cuts of meat which is why in 2017, they started Porter Road, an online butcher shop to bring the best locally farmed meats to homes across the nation.

Take a look at what Porter Road offers and how it stacks up with other protein subscription services.

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Porter Road Meats

On the menu at Porter Road are beef, chicken, pork, sausage, and prepared market items.

You’ll find delicious cuts like filet mignon, Texas and Korean short ribs, bone-in ribeye and other steaks, and brisket flat in the beef section. Of course, you’ll also find ground beef. They also have rare cuts like beef bacon, beef neck roast, heart steak, and beef belly.

Pork options include baby back ribs and several other rib cuts, uncured pork belly, pork butt, pork shank, and whole ham.

When it comes to chicken, in addition to a whole chicken, you can also get thighs, legs, breasts, and wings.

Porter Road has several sausage selections like loose sausage, breakfast sausage, chorizo, andouille, and hot Italian links.

You’ll find beef sticks, bone broth and stock, seasonings, and deli meats in the market.

No matter the type of meat you are looking for, there are many cuts available that you won’t even find in your local supermarket, so you can get creative in the kitchen.

Porter Road Meats​ Pork neck


Porter Road Meats​ neck


Porter Road Meats​ korean ribs


Porter Road Meats​ Mignon


Porter Road Meats​ chicken


Porter Road Meats​ Bone in chicken


Curated Boxes vs. A la carte

There are two ways to order from Porter Road. The first is a la carte which means you order the exact amount of meat you want, the specific cuts you like, and the frequency that works for you.

The other option is one of their butcher-curated subscription boxes. For the subscription, you’ll choose one of the curated boxes, how frequently you want to receive it, and add on any items you may need. The Butcher’s Choice Box is one of the most popular boxes with a seasonal rotating collection of Chris and James’ favorite essential cuts. It even includes dry-aged meat and things you won’t find on the a la carte menu, like lamb shoulder.

A la carte is a great option if you are looking to make specific meals, while the subscription box is perfect for those who want a selection of regularly rotating meats thought out for you.

Porter Road Meats​ Curated Boxes vs A la carte
Porter Road Meats​ pork butt

Meat Quality

The quality of the meat is what sets Porter Road apart from other delivery services.

Porter Road specializes in pasture-raised meat straight from local farms in Kentucky and Tennessee. The animals are raised humanely outside, with vegetarian feed and plenty of attention. Pasture-raised means that the animals get grass in their diet but are not solely grass-fed, ensuring they get a well-rounded, healthy diet.

Porter Road

Their products are then hand cut at their facility in Kentucky, ensuring no cuts go to waste. All of the Porter Road beef is dry-aged for tenderness and exquisite flavor. None of the meat includes added hormones or antibiotics as well.

You can see the quality in the deeper tones of pink in the pork and the yellow hue of the chicken. Porter Road is also working on getting an official certification from ASPCA’s Shop With Your Heart Program.

Porter Road is not USDA graded, though there is a USDA inspector on-site daily to ensure proper meat handling, and each piece of meat is hand-inspected before the sale. Porter Road is also not certified organic, but its standards actually beat the minimum standards for organic certification.


Because partners Chris Carter and James Peisker are both chefs and butchers, you can guarantee you’ll taste the difference in Porter Road meats.

The cuts are perfected for maximum taste, dry aged to bring out natural flavors and tenderness, and pasture-raised so you can taste the purity.

Customers rave the Porter Road meats are so good you don’t even need the BBQ sauce.

Porter Road Beed
Porter Road

Porter Road Prices & Coupons

Pricing depends on whether you order a la carte or a curated box. The curated boxes start as low as $4.10 per serving, while a la carte options vary. For instance, dry-aged ground beef is $9 per pound.

Going with a subscription is the most cost-effective as the per-serving prices are lower, and the boxes come with free shipping. A la carte standard shipping is free with orders over $125. Otherwise, it is calculated based on your address.





8-10 LBS



9.1 LBS











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Packaging & Recycling

Porter Road Packing
Porter Road Packing

Porter Road orders are shipped vacuum sealed with a biodegradable Green Cell Foam insulation and gel ice packs in a cardboard box to keep the meats at the perfect chilled temperature. The insulation can be used to start your grill or dumped down the sink, and all other packaging can be recycled.

Though most of their meat is shipped fresh, there are some frozen options. Whether the meat is frozen or fresh is clearly labeled in the description. Porter Road offers standard and express shipping to customers in the contiguous United States.

Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, Porter Road has made every effort to be a customer-centered company. They have tips and recipes, an easy-to-use customer portal, and several ways to reach out for help, including an online chat, a contact form, email, call, and text. The customer service department always resolves any problems quickly and fairly.

The menu also has filters to search by the cooking gear you need, such as sous vide, grill, oven, crockpot, and more, as well as the cooking type or meat type.


Porter Road delivers to the contiguous United States, so, unfortunately, they don’t deliver to Alaska, Hawaii, or any other U.S. islands.

All of the Porter Road meat is sourced from family farms in Kentucky and Tennessee.

Porter Road ships fresh and frozen meats. It depends on the cuts.

The Bottom Line

Go shopping on Porter Road, light up the grill, grab a beer or two and see what life is like with delicious cuts of pasture-raised meat that is better than your local butcher shop. It’s delivered right to your door, ready for you to get cooking. Though you won’t find the lowest prices, Porter Road excels in all other categories making it worth the price.

What we liked:

  • More variety than a brick-and-mortar butcher shop
  • Only the highest quality of meat mostly delivered fresh 
  • Multiple purchasing options
  • Tips, tricks, and recipes provided
  • Sustainable packaging

What we didn’t like:

  • Price is higher than the local supermarket
  • The dark meat of the chicken is all bone-in 
  • No seafood options

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