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Portland Meal Delivery

One of the best things about Portland is all the opportunity to support great local businesses. We’ve found a heaping handful of local meal delivery companies in Portland that are serving up some truly tasty dishes and then delivering them straight to your door. They each have something unique to offer, so we put them to the test.

Our favorite is Farm to Fit for their great variety of meal options and plans that fit so many different dietary lifestyles. Others like Stella’s Kitchen and Full Belly Fare also topped our list. There are some yummy options here, so read on to discover which is best for you.

Farm to Fit​


Farm to Fit delivery

Farm to Fit offers delicious meals that are designed and prepared by their own professional culinary team. They work to accommodate many dietary lifestyles, including low carb, paleo, Whole30, keto, diabetic-friendly, and plant-based. They also offer plans based on the daily caloric intake of 1200, 1600, or 2000 calories. These are great if your health goals include weight loss or staying within a specific caloric range.

More Benefits of Farm to Fit

  • Choose their meal delivery service, or pick up your meals at one of several Portland-area locations
  • Great variety, with weekly rotating selections coming from their collection of more than 500 recipes
  • Choose your own meals or let them surprise you
  • Fully prepared, heat and eat meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Will work with customers who have food allergies or special preferences

Stella’s Kitchen


Stellas Kitchen packing

The Whole30 diet has tons of benefits, like helping you adopt healthy eating habits, maybe losing a few pounds, boosting energy levels, improving physical performance, and so much more. Stella’s Kitchen is a Whole30 food delivery service serving the greater Portland region.

Stella’s Kitchen features a menu of nearly thirty Whole30 compliant entrees and snack options. Think along the lines of Pineapple Bacon Jalapeno Meatballs, Scrambled Eggs, and Sweet Potato Hash for breakfast, or loaded salads that make a great light dish.

More Benefits of Stella’s Kitchen

  • Healthy prepared meals using locally sourced ingredients
  • Gluten-free meals that are also soy-free and free of refined sugars
  • Choose your own individual meals from the menu or subscribe to a meal plan and let them pick nutritious dishes for you
  • Have your meals delivered in the greater Portland area or pick them up yourself
  • Plans start at $30 per week

Full Belly Fare


Full Belly Fare

You’ve had a long day or even a long week, and the last thing you feel like doing is cooking. If it were just you, it would be easy to grab something quick and healthy, but if you have a family at home, there’s really no way to get around feeding them, and putting food on the table takes time and energy. Full Belly Fare gets it, and they offer packages that are perfect for your family and busy life.

Their meal delivery packages include options like “Kids Eat 24/7”, Paleo Plate Bulk Protein, Deluxe Samplers for Singles or Families, Low Carb/High Fat Snack Packs, and A La Carte Package of the Week. Lots of variety makes them one of the best meal delivery services for families in Portland.

More Benefits of Full Belly Fare

  • Lots of great variety with dairy-free and vegetarian options are thrown into the mix
  • Have delicious food delivered to your door, with no preparing or cooking (well, except for the microwave)
  • Meals made with quality fresh produce, lean meat, and healthy carbs
  • Gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, vegetarian, vegan, and nightshade-free meals available each week
  • Main dishes vary in price, averaging $10-$18 per serving

PDX Meal Prep

PDX Meal Prep Meal

PDX Meal Prep is serving up healthy meals made with quality ingredients to the residents of Portland and the immediate surrounding areas. They purchase fresh, locally sourced ingredients to craft meals that support your healthy lifestyle goals throughout the week.

PDX Meal Prep plans include options for getting lean, staying fit, getting big, and bodybuilding. So, no matter what your health goals are, PDX Meal Prep can help you meet them without shopping or cooking at the end of a long day. Some options include lemon herb chicken with slaw salad and vegan options like seasoned tofu fajitas.

More Benefits of PDX Meal Prep

  • Fully prepared meals with some vegetarian and vegan options available
  • Generous delivery range of 19 miles outside of downtown Portland
  • Choose Sunday or Monday delivery for convenience
  • Good variety of healthy recipes to prevent boredom while achieving your healthy goals
  • Plans start at $91 per week

Chefs for Seniors​

Chefs for Seniors packing

Chefs for Seniors is different from many meal delivery services. Rather than ordering meals and having them delivered, a chef brings all the ingredients to you and prepares a delicious dish in the comfort of your own home.

This is great for seniors who love a home-cooked meal but maybe find it difficult to cook and clean up afterward. These meals support a healthy senior diet with the right balance of protein, vegetables, grains, and a good dose of fantastic service.

More Benefits of Chefs for Seniors

  • Options include meals for diabetics, renal/kidney diets, low-sodium, keto, non-gluten, vegetarian, kosher, and soft foods
  • Sweet treats like tropical rice pudding are available in addition to the standard meals
  • Helps seniors enjoy life and provides some enjoyable companionship
  • Tremendously large menu of more than 100 meal options, with most meals providing 2-4 servings

CI Lifestyle Meals​

CI Lifestyle Meals

Enjoying healthy food shouldn’t come with stress and headaches. With CI Lifestyle Meals, it’s easy to enjoy delicious meals without an ounce of stress or worry. CI Lifestyle Meals has a full plan for practically every dietary lifestyle.

Want to lose or maintain weight? They have you covered. Devoted to Crossfit? They have a meal plan for you too. Bodybuilding or high performance? A delicious menu awaits. There are also a la carte options for individuals and groups, which are perfect for the office or teams.

More Benefits of CI Lifestyle Meals

  • Custom meal plans available upon request
  • Very accommodating to people with special dietary needs
  • Great variety in their menu, and priced so you don’t have to spend an arm and leg for great nutritious eats
  • Meal plans start as low as $100 per week

Mighty Macros​

Mighty Macros Meal

Might Macros is a meal delivery company that fuels your healthy goals with optimized nutrition. They aren’t local to Portland but rather a regionally based company that serves the Portland area. They offer performance-based menus for weight loss, sculpting, performance, and weight gain.

Mighty Macros is great for people with common food allergies or sensitivities. You can easily filter and choose meals that are gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free. You can also select other allergens to exclude when choosing your meals for the week.

More Benefits of Mighty Macros

  • Most meals range from 400-600 calories with perfectly balanced macros
  • More than just your usually grilled chicken and green beans, these meals are innovative and packed with flavor
  • Meals are fully prepared, fresh, and never frozen – no need to cook
  • Portion controlled for meeting your healthy eating goals
  • Full menu has about thirty tasty meal choices each week

Bottom Line

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Meal delivery saves so much time and makes life simpler. In Portland, there are so many great choices like Farm to Fit, Stella’s Kitchen, and others that really knock it out of the park with their meal delivery services. Skip the stress of planning, shopping, and cooking, and let the professionals deliver dinner to you.

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