Purple Carrot Vs Sunbasket

Purple Carrot vs Sunbasket

Meal delivery services are rising in popularity across America. Skipping the grocery store for tasty meals delivered to your door almost sounds too good to be true. One concern of meal kit customers is the health and nutrition behind the product. Luckily, Purple Carrot and Sun Basket are two trusted brands that prioritize health and wellness in their meal kits. Let’s take a deeper look at Sun Basket Vs Purple Carrot to see how they compare.

About Purple Carrot and Sunbasket

Purple Carrot is plant-based meal kit service with a fairly new reputation in the world of meal delivery. They’re is best known for healthy meal plans that assist in weight loss and lowering cholesterol. In addition to putting your health first, Purple Carrot makes an effort to reduce carbon footprints by promoting plant-based, environmentally-friendly meal kits.

Sun Basket is also an environmentally conscious company with nutrient-dense meals and grab-and-go menu choices. All of Sun Basket’s produce is USDA-certified organic, and all proteins are sourced ethically. Customers keep coming back to Sun Basket for their flavorful recipes with sustainable, healthy ingredients.

If you want healthy easy meals without the hassle, Sun Basket and Purple Carrot are two excellent choices. Here are some pros and cons of each.

Table of Contents

Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot Box



Sun Basket

sun basket meal delivery



Dietary Options

Purple Carrot


Sun Basket

Both Purple Carrot and Sun Basket are vitamin-packed, balanced meal kit delivery services but do their meals cater to a variety of dietary options? When deciding upon a meal delivery service, you want to ensure the company works for you and your lifestyle.

Sun Basket’s weekly recipes accommodate many popular diets and dietary needs. Each weekly recipe is labeled either soy-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and diabetic-friendly. There are also many meals on the menu that follow either Paleo, Mediterranean, vegetarian, or pescatarian diets. If you’re counting your calories, there are also carb-conscious and clean & lean meals.

Purple Carrot also lists their dietary choices in each weekly recipe. You’ll find high-protein, soy-free, nut-free, and gluten-free options. Some meals are also featured under 600 calories. Quick and easy meals are available with about half the prep time as a usual recipe.

Purple Carrot is more limited in their dietary preferences, partially due to their entirely plant-based menu items. However, they do provide a list of allergens in each meal.

Menu Choices

Purple Carrot


Sun Basket

Both companies are both comparable in meal prep time. While these companies simplify your dinner plans, you can expect to spend between 20-45 minutes on each recipe. The prep and cook time of each entree depends on the recipe, and quick & easy options will help you save time on the cutting board.

Sun Basket is known for having over 30 meal choices per week on the menu. Choosing from a variety of meal plans and dietary preferences can help you narrow your decision. Sun Basket meals are fun, new, and exciting with bold flavors and unique twists. If you’re looking to add a new experience to your dinner plate, Sun Basket has you covered.

Purple Carrot, on the other hand, typically only offers around eight dinners per week and a handful of lunch, breakfast, and snack selections. Like Sun Basket, they have a unique take on recipes and flavors. They do an extraordinary job at incorporating plant-based proteins into fun dinner ideas.

It’s hard to argue against either of these companies being great choices for anyone wanting to step outside of their comfort zone. Their menu selection might have some flavors that might turn off picky eaters or comfort food lovers.


Purple Carrot


Sun Basket

Ingredients should be rich in quality and flavor. Choosing a meal kit that sources fresh, wholesome produce with ethically sourced meats and seafood makes a huge difference. Let’s see which delivery service packs a punch with their ingredients.

Sun Basket uses USDA certified organic produce and wild-caught or sustainably raised seafood. All of their select meats and eggs are hormone-free and antibiotic-free. You can find information and videos about their sourcing easily on their website. Sun Basket is a fierce competitor when it comes to top-notch quality ingredients.

Purple Carrot’s non-produce ingredients such as tofu, vegan cheese, yogurts, beans, and nut milk. They are working to incorporate more organic produce items into their meals in the future. Their plant-based products are fresh and delicious, sourced from the best suppliers.

Taste & Sample Meals

Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot sample meal
  • Sprouting Broccoli Salads
  • Avocado Quinoa Burgers
  • Penne Mushroom Florentine

Sun Basket

sun basket sample meal
  • Chicken and hummus flatbread “tacos”
  • Mediterranean turkey meatballs with red pepper–cashew crema
  • Korean chicken japchae with glass noodles and vegetables

As you can see from the sample meals, both Purple Carrot and Sun Basket’s meals visually seem incredibly tasty, but how do they truly taste? You want a meals that makes your mouth water and keeps your coming back for another bite!

Sun Basket has plenty of room to play with unique tastes and flavors in their 30 weekly meals. Customers love their selection of spices that define each recipe. Their flavor profiles really give them a leg up compared to other meal kit services. Sun Basket’s menu features lots of dreat dishes even non-vegans will love.

Purple Carrot meals also go above and beyond to deliver something new and delicious to the table. Each recipe is unique and balanced with the perfect blend of spices and flavor. Customer reviews say their meals are delicious and tasty.


Purple Carrot

Number of servings Serves 2 Serves 3 Serves 4
Two $59.50 $86
Four $68 $112

Sun Basket

Meal Kits 2 $11.49 - $16.59
Fresh & Ready 1 $9.99 - $14.59

When you’re deciding which dinner kit delivery service is right for you, you want one with a plan at a reasonable price. Meal kit companies are often either a great economical solution to dinnertime or end up pricier than your previous mealtime routine.

Sun Basket meals start around $10.99 per serving but can increase depending on the meal plan you select. Their prices are slightly higher than comparable meal delivery companies. Sun Basket’s pricing is somewhat tricky to find on their website, so you might find yourself searching. Their flat rate shipping is $7.99, but you’ll receive free shipping on your first order.

Purple Carrot meals range from $9.99-$11.99, depending on the portion size you select. They offer free shipping for all boxes, whereas most competing companies charge some sort of shipping fee. Although this is a perk, the price of their meal service is still more than most.

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Packaging & Recycling

Your meal kit box should arrive fresh and unscathed from any shipping and delivery impact. Although the packaging is an important key to keeping your food fresh and high quality, it can also be a nuisance to recycle and dispose of.

Sun Basket meals arrive organized in their box with ingredients, instructions, and insulation such as gel packs or lining. The good news about Sun Basket’s box is that it’s entirely recyclable and compostable. If you’re looking to reduce your waste, Sun Basket makes it easy with step-by-step instructions on their website.

Purple Carrot meals also arrive with your fresh ingredients and instructions in an insulated box. Most of your box is recyclable, as they make an effort to protect the environment and recycle. They also promote reusing your box materials with video tips on how to repurpose them creatively.

Customer Service

Purple Carrot


Sun Basket

Customer Service can be a hassle for hungry eaters everywhere. If you need to pause, skip, or cancel your account, a meal kit delivery service that can do it all with a responsive team is probably your best choice.

Purple Carrot makes it easy to sign up, pause, and skip a week. You can even customize and fine-tune your search for meals, making their service an easy one to navigate.

With Sun Basket, you can skip a week, pause your account, or cancel your account in a breeze. To cancel your account, you can head to either the Sun Basket app or the website.

Purple Carrot has more positive customer reviews in comparison to some of Sun Basket’s customers who complained about their service experience.


Sun Basket

Sun Basket is our winner in this comparison of Sun Basket vs. Purple Carrot. Both companies put health first to create a special dining experience that caters to your dietary needs. However, Sun Basket outperformed in taste, ingredients, menu choices, and dietary options, making them a versatile company with fresh, organic ingredients.

Deciding between two nutritious options can be a challenge, so here are some things to consider.

Choose Purple Carrot if you: 

  • Follow a plant-based diet 
  • Want unique vegan recipes 
  • Like having breakfast, lunch, and snack options 
  • Want organic options in your diet

Choose Sun Basket if you: 

  • Enjoy bold flavors and recipes 
  • Want a variety of dietary options 
  • Need breakfast, lunch, and snack options 
  • Want a company that cares about the environment

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