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3-Day Skinny Juice Cleanse 

Day Skinny Juice Cleanse

The 3-day Skinny Juice Cleanse is the original Raw Generation juice cleanse focused on weight loss. However, it does so much more, and you can choose the number of days, but 3 is a popular recommendation.

You should choose this cleanse if you want a quick weight loss solution to jump-start a healthier way of eating, reduce cravings, or stop being so tired. You shouldn’t choose this one if heavy workouts are a part of your daily routine.

On the Skinny Cleanse, you’ll consume six juices per day, so the 3-day cleanse consists of 18 juices. This pack comes with five juice flavors, including:

  • Sweet Greens, a blend of apple juice, kale juice, spinach juice, collard juice, and lemon juice
  • Tarte Greens, with apple juice, spinach juice, cucumber juice, celery juice, and lemon juice
  • Citrus Carrot, a combination of orange juice, carrot juice, ginger juice, and lemon juice
  • Sweet Roots, a simple mix of apple juice, carrot juice, beet juice, and lemon juice
  • Cool Greens, with pineapple juice, cucumber juice, and aloe vera juice

Skinny Cleanse 2 is the remixed version of the OG Skinny Cleanse. It offers the same great results with different flavors and the addition of a smoothie. If you choose Skinny Cleanse 2, it isn’t only juice. You’ll drink five juices and one smoothie per day.

The flavors include the Tarte Greens, Sweet Greens, Citrus Carrot, and Cool Greens juice from the original Skinny Cleanse. Mellow Melon juice with cucumber, honeydew, apple, spinach, celery, kale, ginger, and lime replaces the Sweet Roots juice. Then the Vanilla Cashew smoothie with cashews, dates, vanilla extract, Himalayan salt, and cinnamon is added for some extra protein and fiber.

2-Day Detox Juice Cleanse 

Day Detox Juice Cleanse

The 2-Day Detox Juice Cleanse (or however many days you choose) is a collection that helps flush out toxins naturally using raw fruits, vegetables, and greens.

If you have been eating a lot of artificial foods, are feeling run down and tired, have a lot of digestive issues, and want to reset, the detox cleanse is right for you. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t do heavy workouts while on the detox juice cleanse.

You’ll be drinking six juices a day, and the juice options are similar to the Skinny Cleanse, including Sweet Greens juice, Sweet Roots juice, Tarte Greens juice, and Citrus Carrot juice.

However, you’ll also get to try the Fresh Greens juice, a delicious mix of cucumber, green apple, spinach, kale, lemon, parsley, and Himalayan salt, and the Crisp Greens juice, a refreshing blend of cucumber, apple, spinach, celery, ginger, and lime.

Protein Cleanse 

Protein Cleanse

Unlike the other detoxes and cleanses, the Protein Cleanse set is great for those who want to include workouts. It is the top choice for those who are trying to get out of a fitness rut and want to include additional plant-based protein in their diet, or want to recover from heavy workouts and burn fat.

The Protein Cleanse requires three juices and three smoothies per day, providing 44 grams of daily protein consumption. The Sweet Greens, Citrus Carrot, and Sweet Roots are the juice flavors, and Vanilla Cashew, Cacao Hemp, and Peanut Butter are the included smoothie flavors.

The Cacao Hemp smoothie has hemp seeds, dates, raw cacao, coconut milk, vanilla extract, and Himalayan salt, while the Peanut Butter has peanuts, dates, coconut milk, banana, hemp seeds, flax seeds, and Himalayan salt.

A great alternative to the standard Protein Cleanse is the Green Protein Juice Cleanse which offers the same amount of protein with lower sugar as it is sweetened with yacon root. Yacon root is a natural superfood prebiotic that sweetens while maintaining stable blood sugar levels, stimulates a healthy digestive tract, and strengthens the immune system.

The Green Protein Juice Cleanse also includes a different set of flavors and is four juices and two smoothies per day instead of half and half.

Low Sugar Cleanse 

Low Sugar Cleanse

A great alternative to the standard Protein Cleanse is the Green Protein Juice Cleanse which offers the same amount of protein with lower sugar as it is sweetened with yacon root.

Yacon root is a natural superfood prebiotic that sweetens while maintaining stable blood sugar levels, stimulates a healthy digestive tract, and strengthens the immune system.

This low sugar juice cleanse is perfect for those lowering their sugar intake, who are increasing the number of daily greens and protein, or wanting to curb cravings or work out.

The Green Protein Juice Cleanse includes a different set of flavors and four juices, and two smoothies per day. You will get Citrus Mint, Apple Celery, Strawberry Greens, and Lemony Greens juice flavors, while Protein Greens and Vanilla Greens are the smoothie flavors.

Citrus Mint has strong flavors of orange, lemon, lime, and mint with cucumber and spinach, while the Apple Celery has the bitterness of celery with bright tart green apple. The Strawberry Greens blends spinach, strawberry, ginger, and a citrus trifecta. The Lemony Greens is a sweet and sour combination of spinach, celery, cucumber, green apple, ginger, lemon, and lime.

Both Protein Greens and Vanilla Greens have a base of cashews, dates, vanilla, and spinach, but the Protein Greens have pumpkin seeds and cacao powder, while the Vanilla Greens smoothie has Swiss chard juice.

Before & After 

Results vary when it comes to detox cleanse. Many customers experience 1-3 pound weight loss per day of the cleanse, increased energy, decreased bloat, and mental clarity. 

Though everyone might not experience the same results, the known benefits of juice cleansing include riding water weight, improving gut health, supporting a healthy digestive system, maintaining a strong immune system, and contributing to an overall healthier diet. Participants also report they feel lighter with more energy even if they don’t lose weight, according to the scale. 

Below you’ll see some examples of the body changes Raw Generation customers have experienced in their before and after photos.

Drinking Order

Many detox programs or cleanses require you to consume the regimen in a specific order. However, with any of the Raw Generation cleanses, there is no specific order you have to follow.

The instructions for each cleanse are listed prior to ordering but typically just give you an outline of how many juices and smoothies you should consume per day. As long as you drink a specific amount, you can choose what order to drink the flavors in and how far apart each day.

Taste and Ingredient Quality

Raw Generation Taste and Ingredient Quality​

Raw Generation tastes great. We haven’t found a flavor that we don’t like. Reviewers agree and rave about the taste of all of the products, and there is a flavor profile for every palate.

When it comes to the ingredients they use, Raw Generation has high standards. Their ingredients are delivered to their facility each from a local supplier, and though they are not certified organic, several organic products are used. Any organic ingredients are also clearly marked. You’ll never find any processed foods in their products either, only whole food ingredients like raw fruits and vegetables.

Raw Generation juices and smoothies are not pasteurized and do not use High-Pressure Processing (HPP). Instead, juices are cold pressed and then flash frozen to better preserve nutrients and vitamins.


We understand that everything has to fit within a budget, and healthy foods can be expensive. Luckily, for the quality of the products, Raw Generation is reasonably priced.

For instance, a two-day cleanse starts at $99 for a one-time purchase or $84.99 with the subscribe and save option. There is a choice to build your own box where the individual smoothies and juices are $7.99 with a 12-bottle minimum.

Though cleanses and juices might be more expensive than your average daily meals, they are cheaper than eating out and are on the lower end when it comes to weight loss and detox products.

Delivery, Packaging, and Recycling

Raw Generation juices and smoothies are delivered frozen in an insulated box.

Orders get shipped from New Jersey Monday through Friday and take 1-3 business days to get to your door. Customers always get a confirmation number to track shipping once the order has been handed off to a carrier.

After transferring your juices and smoothies to your personal freezer, all of the shipping materials can be recycled. The individual bottles the juices and smoothies come in can also be recycled when you are done with them but are actually versatile to be re-used, too.

Customer Service

Raw Generation provides great customer service. Representatives are easy to reach through email, phone, text, and social media, and they respond quite quickly during business hours.

Additionally, Raw Generation customers have complete online subscription management that is intuitive and offers features to select and change orders, billing, delivery, and more.

Raw Generation also has an extensive, informative blog and FAQ section that can answer the majority of customer questions at any time.

Raw Generation FAQs

A. Yes, you can eat on a Raw Generation juice cleanse though you should focus on whole, raw, plant-based foods
A. You can do Raw Generation cleanse for up to two weeks at a time. Otherwise, you should stick to 3-5 days per week.
A. How much weight people lose on the Raw Generation juice cleanse depends on their starting weight, adherence, and metabolism. However, you can expect to lose 1-3 pounds per day while on a juice cleanse.

The Bottom Line

Raw Generation excels in all categories and is a great option for a cleanse. Get your veggies and nutrients in and treat your body right just by including a tasty smoothie or juice in your diet. Try out a two or three-day juice cleanse from Raw Generation and see how much better you feel!

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