Splendid Spoon Alternatives

Splendid Spoon is a great meal delivery service that may be perfect for a lot of people, but some other plant-based meal delivery options might be even better. Splendid Spoon’s menu and variety have a lot going for it, but there are a handful of other similar meal delivery services that offer great taste and variety too.

We’re big fans of meal delivery services and have tried practically all of them. Here are our top choices for Splendid Spoon Alternatives for a variety of healthy lifestyles. 

Take a look at what Splendid Spoon has to offer and how Splendid Spoon alternatives stack up.

Splendid Spoon Overview

Splendid Spoon offers ready-to-eat plant-based meal delivery. Splendid Spoon’s menu includes grain bowls, soups, smoothies, wellness shots, and more, all delivered weekly to your door.

They offer boxes that include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and reset days or smaller ones with just a reset breakfast & lunch if you want to make your own dinners. All of their meals are gluten-free and dairy-free to fit perfectly into your vegan lifestyle.

Though it is more on the pricey side, it is very convenient for those looking for plant-based meals on the go.

Splendid Spoon Alternatives


Best Overall Alternative to Splendid Spoon

Sprinly Meal Delivery

Sprinly provides ready-to-eat vegan meals that are fresh and never frozen. Though their menu is more limited in terms of options, it is updated each week, which allows for there always to be something new and different.

Sprinly only uses clean, organic ingredients that are gluten-free, with no artificial sugars or preservatives. They ship throughout the United States and use sustainable packaging that can be recycled.


Best for Weight Loss

Veestro Meal Delivery Box

Veestro has plant-based meal delivery for those on the go and looking for a weight loss solution. With both a weight loss and an a la carte plan, Veestro offers something for a wide variety of people.

Their mostly organic menu is vast, so instead of rotating on a weekly basis, you can get your favorites whenever you would like. Additionally, they add new menu items occasionally so you can find new favorites. Veestro delivers their meals frozen, so you have more flexibility to make the meals when you need them.

Purple Carrot

Best for Meal Kits

Purple Carrot Packaging

Purple Carrot is different from Splendid Spoon and the other meal delivery services we have mentioned on our list thus far because though it still offers plant-based meal delivery, they have both meal kits and prepared meals.

Meal kits are great for those who want to flex their cooking skills, while the prepared meals allow you to skip the prep work on those busy days. On both menus, you can find high protein, gluten-free options, and more to accommodate various dietary lifestyles.

Daily Harvest

How To Cancel Daily Harvest Fast & Easy

Daily Harvest is a plant-based meal delivery company that offers options that are great for on the go, like smoothies, soups, and harvest bowls. Their ingredients are always organic and free of fillers, gluten, dairy, or any artificial ingredients. The meals are shipped frozen for longevity and freshness.

Daily Harvest has great plans to choose from. Simply select how many items you want and how often you want them delivered. The packaging is recyclable, and they provide instructions on their website on how to best recycle each piece.



Sakara is on a mission to provide plant-based meal delivery that gives you results, whether it be for clearer skin, gut health, increasing focus, or boosting your energy.

They have ready-to-eat meal options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which rotate weekly as well as supplements, teas, and snacks. All of their selections are gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO, and have no artificial sugars.


Thistle Meal Delivery

Thistle offers nutritionally focused plant-based meal delivery that is ready to eat, similar to Splendid Spoon. Many of their meals don’t even require heating! Each of the Thistle offerings is designed by chefs and nutritionists, so you know that you are only putting high-quality dairy-free ingredients into your body.

Similar to how Splendid Spoon delivers plant-based juices and light meal options, so does Thistle.


MamaSezz Meal Delivery

Mamasezz takes a different approach to plant-based meal delivery. Instead of complete meals with proteins and sides, each element of a meal is separate, so you can customize exactly how you want for dinner.

For instance, you can order the plant-based burgers and a side of Mama’s Mac rather than not have a choice in which side you want, like some meal delivery. Build your box of plant-based pantry staples that are ready to eat and create stunning meals in no time.

Choose Your Favorite Splendid Spoon Alternative

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Each of these Splendid Spoon alternatives takes its own approach to meal delivery. Whether you are looking for a plant-based meal delivery that comes prepared or that you cook yourself, there is an option for you. And many of them use high-quality ingredients that are free of dietary allergens, which are perfect if you have restrictions or preferences.

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