Splendid Spoon Menu

Splendid Spoon Menu

Splendid Spoon is a plant-based meal delivery service that offers the easiest way to eat healthy, plant-based meals. Preparing and packaging meals at their peak of freshness, Splendid Spoon offers a wonderful menu of delicious vegan meals for dinner, as well as for breakfast and lunch. From smoothies and fresh-pressed juices to noodles and soups, the Splendid Spoon menus are packed with wholesome deliciousness. 

Splendid Spoon Smoothies

Splendid Spoon’s smoothies make eating plant-based something that’s super easy to do. The smoothies come pre-mixed and pre-packaged, and they’re packed with super nutritious, wholesome ingredients that are both healthy and easy on the digestive system. 

Currently, Splendid Spoon offers 15-20 smoothie varieties on its menu. Most of the smoothies feature sweeter fruit, but there are a few varieties that are a little less sweet, like the Green Matcha Smoothie with spirulina and avocado, the Carrot Ginger Chia Smoothies, and the Power Greens Smoothie with wheatgrass and hemp seeds. 

Each smoothie is 16-ounces and contains two servings. On average, each smoothie has 100-150 calories per serving, but there are varieties of Splendid Spoon smoothies that fall outside of this range.

Ingredients for all of the smoothies are listed on the Splendid Spoon website, and they’re also listed for easy reference on the bottle. You’re not going to find a long list of additives and unnecessary ingredients in any of these smoothies. 

Popular Splendid Spoon Smoothies

  • Dragon Fruit Berry Smoothie: Dragon fruit, raspberries, pineapple juice, avocado, pea protein, & chia seeds 
  • Chocolate Cherry Smoothie: Banana, cherry juice, cocoa nibs, coconut nectar, & almond butter
  • Raspberry Cacao Smoothie: Raspberries, bananas, cacao, rose water, beet juice, & cashew butter
  • Coconut Lime Smoothie: Coconut cream, lime juice, avocado, spirulina, cashew butter, & coconut nectar 
  • Blueberry Coconut Smoothie: Blueberries, coconut, acai, cinnamon, baobab powder, & chia seeds
  • Blackberry Basil Smoothie: Blackberries, bananas, lemon juice, dates, basil, chia seeds

Wellness Shot

Splendid Spoon offers a line of Wellness Shots that are perfect for when your body needs a little boost or you want the nutritional benefits of a smoothie without the extra calories, sugars, or fullness that come with them. 

Splendid Spoon Wellness Shots are super-condensed little bottles of super nutrition. Splendid Spoon offers five different types of wellness shots, each formulated and targeted toward a specific area of health. You can purchase the Wellness Shots individually, or you purchase them in one of Splendid Spoon’s predesigned Wellness Bundles. 

Immunity Shot

The Splendid Spoon Immunity Shot is what you need to keep your immune system strong, especially during cold and flu season. The Immunity shot is packed with immune-boosting goodness, including elderberry, blackberry, camu camu, and a dash of cayenne powder. 

Wellness Shot

When overall wellness is your goal, this is the shot to take. It features ingredients that boost the immune system, fights viruses, and reduce inflammation. Ingredients include ginger, lemon juice, orange juice, and oregano.

Recovery Shot

Whether you pushed yourself to new limits at the gym or over-exerted yourself playing a family game of football, the Splendid Spoon Recovery Shot will have you feeling less sore and more like yourself in no time. Ingredients like watermelon, beets, and cherries help to fight inflammation and speed muscle repair. 

Digestion Shot

The Digestion Shot by Splendid Spoon is one that everyone should have on their list, whether they experience digestive distress or not. So much of our overall health and wellness all start in the digestive system, and this shot supports digestive health with ingredients like turmeric, ginger, and apple cider vinegar. 

Detox Shot 

The Detox Shot is great for helping you get your health back on track or even just recovering from a little too much indulgence in not-so-healthy things. If you’re changing your dietary approach in an effort to lose weight, the Detox Shot is also great for giving your body that extra push it needs to get into weight loss mode. The Detox Shot includes lemon, kale, spirulina, and aloe vera.


If you’re looking for an easy way to develop healthier eating habits and enjoy more plant-based meals, even with a super busy schedule, Splendid Spoon offers a selection of noodle bowls that are nothing short of delicious. 

Splendid Spoon’s noodle bowls are healthy, packed with fresh veggies, topped with yummy sauces, and make it super easy to stick to a wholesome, plant-based diet. Splendid Spoon offers an average of eight to ten noodle bowls on its menu, featuring a range of flavors for your taste preferences. 

Splendid Spoon noodle bowls are prepared and ready to heat and eat. They can either be prepared in the microwave in just a couple of minutes, or you can heat them in a pan on the stovetop. Either way, you’re only a few minutes away from a nourishing, healthy meal. 

Each Splendid Spoon noodle bowl is portioned to include two serving sizes. Depending on the size of your appetite, you might find that a single serving (half of a noodle bowl) is sufficient. It might also be the case that you’re feeling an extra bit hungry, In which case, a single noodle bowl makes for a very generous meal. 

The noodle bowls average about 170 to 250 calories per serving. A full noodle bowl would range in the 350 to 500 calorie range. This is just about perfect for lunch or light dinner, maybe with a salad on the side. 

Five Noodle Bowls That Splendid Spoon Customers Love 

  • Vegan Meatballs & Marinara Noodles 
  • Tofu & Veggie Noodles with shitake mushrooms and edamame 
  • Red Curry Noodles with sweet potatoes and Thai basil 
  • Creamy Mushroom & Spinach Noodles 
  • Dan Dan Noodles with bok choy and tofu


The Soup Grain Bowls section is one of the largest on the Splendid Spoon menu. Prepare yourself to browse through about two dozen selections that make eating healthy something that’s delicious and worthy of looking forward to. Each of the healthy meals eliminates meal prep and offers some variety to your healthy eating routine. 

For those nights when you’re craving something warm and comforting, Splendid Spoon soups answer the call. They usually offer up to five light soups that are ideal for weight loss or when you just want something light for lunch or dinner. The light soups include selections such as Cauliflower Potato Chowder, Butternut Turmeric Soup with sweet potatoes, and Cauliflower Tikka Soup. 

The rest of the soups on the menu are a bit more filling, and many have a definite comfort food feel to them. 

Some of our favorite soups include the Green Tomatillo Chili with tofu and navy beans, the Tomato Quinoa Chili with roasted tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and kidney beans, the Garden Minestrone that’s packed with all sorts of garden goodness, the Lentil, and Kale Soup, and the Carrot Lentil Curry Soup with creamy coconut milk. There’s no way these soups won’t elevate any plant-based eating lifestyle. 

Splendid Spoon Grain Bowls are delicious meals and an easy way to eat healthy foods. They’re packed with lots of veggies, whole grains, and plant-based proteins. Your appetite will be satisfied and your body well nourished when you add these yummy grain bowls to your eating routine. 

Some favorite Splendid Spoon Grain Bowls include the Brown Rice Taco Bowl, the Kimchi Fried Quinoa Grain Bowl, and the Black Beans & Plantain Grain Bowl. 

Splendid Spoon Cleanse

Splendid Spoon offers plant-based meals that support intermittent fasting, including what they like to call the Splendid Spoon Cleanse. Following simple guidelines, a Splendid Spoon cleanse can help you reset your body and your metabolism for a healthier future. 

There are several ways to do intermittent fasting. Some people choose to eat during a specified window each day that ranges from four to eight hours. Then, they fast for the remaining hours of the day. Other people prefer to do a different type of fast where they restrict caloric intake for a set number of days per week. When doing this type of intermittent fasting, it’s especially important to nourish your body and make every calorie count. This is where Splendid Spoon smoothies and soups enter the picture. 

Soup Reset

When you’re ready to reset your health, Splendid Spoon delivers with their reset plans. Customers can choose from the Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Reset or a more streamlined version called the Breakfast, Lunch Reset. 

The Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Reset plan includes five smoothies, five soups, and grain bowls, five noodle dishes, and then five light soups. The light soups are meant to be consumed during your weekly reset day or the day where you limit caloric intake and get your body adjusted to intermittent fasting. 

All in all, you have enough meals to cover an entire week, including your reset day. This is a fabulous way to jumpstart your new healthy lifestyle and is the easiest way to eat the foods your body needs. 

For your reset plan, you get to pick the smoothies, soups, and other dishes that make up your weekly eating plan. Just remember that your reset day needs to include selections from the five light, reset soups. These include Butternut Turmeric Soup, Garden Minestrone, Cauliflower Potato Chowder, Cauliflower Tikka Soup, and Lentil & Kale Soup. (Actual Splendid Spoon menu items are subject to change)

Benefits of the Splendid Spoon Reset 

  • Low sugar, high fiber soups help you feel full and satiated 
  • Levels out and balances blood sugar 
  • An effective part of a healthy weight loss plan
  • Increased energy 
  • Better sleep 
  • Improved health that you can see on the outside and feel on the inside 


Splendid Spoon meals are designed to be packed with nutrition and fresh, wholesome ingredients, but you’ll find that there aren’t many selections on the menu that are aligned with the keto lifestyle. Splendid Spoon is all about plant-based eating, which includes lots of whole grains, healthy starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes, and delicious fruits. If you’re following the keto plan, you’ll likely find that Splendid Spoon meals are too high in carbohydrates to meet your low-carb goals or enter/stay in ketosis. 

However, if you cycle on your keto diet, or allow yourself carbs that come from healthy, whole food sources, then Splendid Spoon offers selections that may appeal to you. Their fresh-pressed juices are lower in carbohydrates than some of their other meal selections, contain fiber, and have zero added sugars. You also might enjoy Splendid Spoon soups and shots of wellness as part of your healthy eating plan. If Splendid Spoon doesn’t work for you, there are other great keto meal delivery services.


Meal delivery service is a wonderful option for busy people because you can have delicious meals delivered to your door. This means no trips to the grocery store, no meal planning, and no fuss as meals are delivered weekly. The only problem is that many of the main meal delivery services offer only a few vegas selections and plant-based meals, at best. Splendid Spoon delivery is different. They offer an entire menu of vegan, plant-based eating that’s ready to be delivered to your door. 

Splendid Spoon meals are 100% plant-based, which also means 100% vegan. You’ll find meals that feature creamy coconut milk in place of animal milk, healthy additions like flax seeds, and a good ratio of plant-based fats that offer nourishment while satisfying your healthy vegan appetite. 


Whether you’re avoiding gluten because you feel healthier without it in your life or because you have severe food allergies, you can trust that no gluten ever touches the Splendid Spoon meals delivered to your door. 

Splendid Spoon meal delivery service is completely gluten-free, and they follow strict protocols to control cross-contamination. 


Is Splendid Spoon organic?

Splendid Spoon meal plans are great for eating healthy, but the meals, smoothies, and soups are not completely organic. With the smoothies, wellness drinks, and cold-pressed juices, you’ll find many organic ingredients. However, there are fewer organic ingredients in the actual meals. It’s safe to say that Splendid Spoon tries to use as many organic ingredients as possible, but they are not 100% organic. 

How long do Splendid Spoon meals last?

Splendid Spoon meals are delivered weekly, so they stay at their peak of freshness for about a week. Because each is a plant-based meal that doesn’t contain meat, seafood, or dairy that can quickly spoil, Splendid Spoon meals tend to remain fresh for a longer period of time. According to their guidelines, meals should be consumed within one to two weeks. Still, we say the sooner, the better, and always look for the “best if used by” date on the packaging. 

Can you freeze Splendid Spoon?

Yes, Splendid Spoon meals can be frozen, and the Splendid Spoon crew encourages you to do so if you think you won’t be enjoying your meals within a week. Smoothies and wellness shots may not freeze as well because they may expand in their packaging. 

Splendid Spoon is a meal delivery service that specializes in helping people enjoy eating plant-based meals. From the soup and grain bowls to yummy smoothies, Splendid Spoon works tirelessly to offer you the top level of nutrition and convenience for your healthy lifestyle. Try Splendid Spoon for yourself and discover just how easily they fit into your busy schedule.

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