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Disclaimer: Splendid Spoon provided us with six Noodle bowls for this review.

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Splendid Spoon Menu

splendid spoon noodles

Splendid Spoon has a large variety of plant-based prepared meals and smoothies with good quality ingredients, and delicious, unique recipes.

Noodle Bowls

Most of their noodle bowls are about 200 to 240 calories for each 8 oz serving. You get 1.5 servings per 12 oz container, which is deceiving because they say there are 2 servings per container.


Their 16 smoothies are about half the calories at 120 calories per serving, give or take. But, remember that each bottle has two servings. They even have low sugar smoothies as low as 5 grams of sugar with no added  sugars. That even fits into a keto lifestyle!


Their 19 soup and stew options range from 60 to 240 calories per 8 oz serving, with each providing 2 servings per container.

Grain Bowls

Their 11 vegetable and grain bowls have two 8 oz servings and range between 170 to 240 calories per serving.


Dietary Options

All of their meals are gluten-free, dairy-free, plant-based, diabetic-friendly, and low-calorie. If you are looking to eat healthy and lose weight, you don’t have to read labels here.

Ingredient Quality

These vegan meals don’t add sugar or salt, or any crazy chemicals or preservatives to make their food taste better. Splendid Spoon uses herbs, and real spices to create great tasting food that’s anything but bland.

Instead of using soy sauce and strange MSG-infused ingredients, they use coconut aminos and bright flavors like Thai basil, lemongrass, and Cardamom.

While their smoothies have mostly organic ingredients, the meals and rice noodle bowls do not list any organic ingredients. All ingredients are non-GMO, though.

At this price point, I would have liked to see all organic ingredients.


I tried their new noodle bowls, and loved almost all of them, which is unusual to find in a meal delivery company. The Red Curry and Green Curry Noodles were my favorite!

red curry noodles container
red curry noodles plated
tangy ginger noodles container
tangy ginger noodles plated
green curry noodles container
green curry noodles plated

Prices & Coupons

Splendid Spoon has higher than normal prices for their meals and smoothies, especially their new noodles which come in at $16/each. 

When you combine meals to get breakfast and lunch you start to get to a more reasonable price per meal around $9/each.





On-Demand Box

Range of Bundles

$8.00 - $11.00

$85.00 - $175.00


5 Smoothies (16 oz)




5 Soup & Grain Bowls (16 oz)



Breakfast + Lunch

5 Smoothies + 5 Soup & Grain bowls



Breakfast, Lunch + Reset

5 Smoothies, 5 bowls, 5 light soups



Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner + Reset

5 Smoothies, 5 bowls, 5 noodles, 5 light soups



Free shipping on all plans!

Splendid Spoon $105 OFF

$105 and get 2 FREE smoothies

Get Offer

Packaging & Recycling

Splendid Spoon uses a lot of packaging to ensure their food stays fresh in transit. You can see the thick ClimaCell Temperpack that lines the entire box.

The meals come in BPA-free plastic containers which can also be recycled.

Customer Service

One nice feature of Splendid Spoon is you can design your schedule to include weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly deliveries.

You can also skip a delivery, but you’ll need to get that in 6 days before your next shipment is due to arrive.

Cancellation is simple…

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Click on Edit Plan in the top left-hand corner, just below Your Plan.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and select Cancel Your Plan.
  4. Select the reason for cancellation. Click on Finish Cancelling My Account to finish.
cancel splendid spoon


A. Yes, if you don't plan on eating fresh within a week, you can freeze soups, noodles, and grain bowls for up to 3 months.

A. While the company makes no weight-loss claims, the meals are incredibly healthy, and most meals are under 240 calories each, so you can definitely lose weight.

A. Splendid Spoon smoothies last 7 days in the fridge or up to one month in the freezer.

A. You eat 5 light soups in one day as breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 2 snacks to reset your digestive system.

The Bottom Line

My husband and I both liked the noodle bowls from Splendid Spoon, and my husband has never eaten vegan! 

If you want to eat healthy foods that taste great, and not have to worry about funky additives or allergens, Splendid Spoon gives you everything you want without the hassle of blending, cooking, or reading labels.

What we liked:

  • Fresh and never frozen
  • Healthy and balanced meals for any dietary restriction
  • Tasty vegan meals
  • Prepared meals – no cooking or blending needed!
  • Huge variety of food options

What we didn’t like:

  • No organic meal options, except for smoothies
  • Pricey at $16/bowl, but prices drop when you combine with other types of meals like soups and smoothies

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