Sprinly vs Freshly

Sprinly vs Freshly

There are lots of ways to eat healthily, but it seems that no matter what type of healthy lifestyle you choose, there’s always a bit of extra work that goes along with it. From frequently shopping for fresh ingredients to meal planning and prepping for a quick meal after a long day, there’s a lot that goes into healthy eating. Sprinly and Freshly are two healthy meal delivery services that can make your life so much easier.

About Sprinly and Freshly Meal Delivery Services

Both Sprinly and Freshly offer healthy pre-made meals that appeal to different healthy lifestyles. Freshly offers delicious, nutritious options with their Signature meals, but they also have categories of meals with reduced calories, along with plant-based options.

Sprinly is purely a plant-based meal delivery service that offers ready-to-eat meals with innovative and fresh tasting flavors. Sprinly offers a menu of plant-based meals that appeal to vegans and hardcore carnivores alike.

In this comparison of Sprinly and Freshly, we’re going to focus heavily on comparing their plant-based meals, but we will also cover the other areas of Freshly’s menu for those who don’t follow a strictly plant-based diet or maybe want to lose weight or have other health goals in mind.

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FreshlyFit meal delivery



Dietary Options




One of the most important things to consider when choosing a meal delivery service is if they offer meals that fit your dietary preferences and needs.

Freshly offers a couple of different meal categories for special dietary preferences, including their Purely Plants for plant-based eating and FreshlyFit meals that are lower in calories and fat and are perfect for weight loss of healthy portion control. They also offer meals that are considered carb-conscious.

Freshly also makes it easy to identify whether or not their meals contain common allergens. Many of Freshly’s meals are gluten-free and include options like gluten-free pasta. They also indicate which of their meals are dairy-free, with a good number of dairy-free options to choose from.

One thing to keep in mind with Freshly is that while Freshy also creates meals that contain gluten, they say that all of their gluten-free meals are prepared in a designated gluten-safe spot.

Sprinly meals are completely plant-based, which also means that they’re perfectly aligned with vegan diets. All of Sprinly’s meals are gluten-free and dairy-free. Sprinly also doesn’t use any refined sugars in their meals, which is a plus for anyone looking to eat mostly whole foods or wanting to avoid sneaky sugars in their meals.

Meal Prep & Variety




As far as meal prep goes, it really doesn’t get any easier than Freshly and Sprinly. They both offer meals that require nothing more than the heat & eat approach. There are no meal kits, pre-portioned ingredients, or complicated cooking instructions. This really is as simple as healthy eating can get.

So, with easy meal prep out of the way, the next topic we need to cover is variety. Variety is the spice of life, they say, and Freshly offers tons of it.

Freshly’s weekly menu features about four dozen dishes to choose from, all designed to help you and your family eat healthier. You can choose meals from their entire menu or filter it out to showcase only meals from each of their three specialty menus, including Purely Plant, FreshlyFit, and their Signature Collection. Freshly also offers a small menu of just proteins and sides to add on.

If we’re to focus only on Freshly’s Plant-Powered menu, the choices are narrowed down to about seven. However, among those seven, Freshly does a great job of offering a nice range of flavors, including both comfort style meals and delicious dishes with more unique flavors.

Freshly’s Signature Collection is the largest segment of their menu, holding about three dozen options. Their FreshlyFit menu features about ten fully prepared meal options that are all gluten-free, low calorie, and nutritionally balanced.

Sprinly’s menu is focused on vegan meals. Their menu isn’t nearly as large as Freshly’s. In fact, they only offer about six meals per week, but their meals also change weekly, and you can get a sneak peek at upcoming weekly menu selections.

Sprinly meals are great not only for those following a vegan diet but also for anyone who is just looking to eat healthier. While not huge on weekly variety, there is enough diversity in flavors to please most any palate.





Both Freshly and Sprinly offer meals that are delivered fresh, never frozen. Because of this, there’s no hiding the quality of ingredients in each of their meals. The freshness and quality are evident right from the beginning. We took a close look at the ingredients from both of these healthy meal delivery services.

Sprinly uses almost entirely organic ingredients, or at least they make a solid effort to whenever possible. The only instances when they’ll consider using non-organic ingredients is when an issue with the weather or farmers’ crops results in a shortage of organic produce.

Sprinly also only uses gluten-free ingredients, and they stay away from refined sugar. When oil is used in their meals, they use either cold-pressed, organic, extra virgin olive oil, or toasted sesame oil.

Freshly is equally concerned about the quality of their ingredients, but they’re not as focused on organic ingredients as Sprinly vegan meal delivery service. Freshly isn’t certified organic or non-GMO, but they aim for quality over all else. Freshly strives for ingredients that will allow them to make healthy meals that are free of artificial ingredients and refined sugar without increasing the cost of their meals.

Taste & Sample Meals


Sprinly Noodle Bowls


Freshly Spring Peas and Risotto

Whether you choose a traditional or vegan meal delivery service, it’s only a good fit if you really like the choice of meals and how they taste. We’ve all had those boring, bland convenience meals. This isn’t the type of disappointment you want to experience at mealtime when you’re already hungry. Fortunately, Sprinly and Freshly both follow through on the taste.

Freshly offers a great variety of meals that feature both dishes that you’ll easily recognize and some new flavors that you’ll be excited about trying. Freshly makes meals that are great for weight loss but that also doesn’t leave you starving or craving something more. A good example of this would be their Middle Eastern baked falafel, which comes in at only 470 calories.

Some other choices on Freshly’’s menu include Grilled Chicken Piccata, Creamy Marinara Lentil Pasta, a Purely Plant Shepherd’s Pie, and an Unwrapped Salsa Verde Burrito Bowl. Freshly also offers a selection of sides and proteins to compliment your meal.

Sprinly is a strictly vegan meal delivery service, so its menu is full of plant-based and dairy-free options for you to enjoy. Sprinly’s menu is significantly smaller than Freshly’s, but if you’re only interested in either’s plant-based meals, they both offer about the same number of choices.

Some favorites on Sprinly’s menu include smoked sweet potatoes in tacos, a citrus detox salad with beets and fresh oranges, and almond ginger quinoa bowl with sweet potatoes, and other gluten-free options like a vegan mac & cheese with steamed broccoli.

Pricing & Coupons





6 Meals



12 Meals



18 Meals


















Pricing is a consideration with all types of meal delivery services. With fresh meals delivered to your door, part of the price is for convenience, but you also want to make sure that you’re getting good value and taste for your investment.

Freshly offers very flexible meal plans so that you don’t have to worry about ordering too little or too many meals for the week. Freshly meal plan options include 4-5 meals, 6-7 meals, 8-9 meals, 10-11 meals, or 12 meals per week.

Pricing for Freshly meals starts at $8.99 per serving, but they price their meal plans to offer more significant savings for larger orders.

Sprinly offers three different meal plans to choose from. With their meal plans, customers have the choice between six, twelve, or eighteen meals per week. As with Freshly, you’re going to save money by opting for one of the larger meal plans from Sprinly.

The eighteen meal plan is priced at around $289 per week (prices are always subject to change). This averages out to about $16 per meal. Then with the twelve meal plan, the cost is closer to $16.40 per meal. The smallest meal plan, with six meals, averages a little over $18 per serving. As you can see, there are decent savings by choosing Sprinly’s largest plan.

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Packaging & Recycling

Packaging is important because it’s what keeps your fresh, ready-to-eat meals at peak quality during transit. Ideally, packaging should be functional but also easy to recycle without contributing to too much waste.

Freshly’s packaging materials are mostly recyclable and about 85% biodegradable. Packaging components include sturdy cardboard boxes, insulation, and cardboard sleeves, all of which are recyclable. The plastic meal containers are also recyclable. The only packaging component that caused an issue was the gel packs, but even those are non-toxic and can be reused if you don’t want to dispose of them or empty them out to be recycled.

Sprinly uses noticeable less packaging than Freshly but still manages to protect the quality of their meals in doing so. The box, cotton insulation, and ice blocks are all recyclable. Sprinly’s meals are packaged in 40% recycled plastic, which can also go right into your curbside recycling bin.

Customer Service




When it comes to customer service, most meal delivery service subscribers are looking for a few different things. They want to be able to control their account from the comfort of their home laptop or phone, and they want the flexibility to pause or skip weeks as wanted. They also don’t want to experience much fuss when they decide to cancel.

Both Sprinly and Freshly check all of these boxes. With both companies, you don’t have to actually contact their customer service if you want to pause, skip a week, or cancel your subscription. It can all be done easily from your account with just a few clicks. However, both companies have a customer service team available should you wish to speak to someone directly.



Freshly is our choice for the winner in this battle of Freshly Vs. Sprinly, but we honestly have great things to say about both of them. Freshly wins for their incredible variety, the taste of their meals, and their more affordable pricing. Still, Sprinly is one of the best vegan meal delivery services out there, and it’s hard to deny the great taste of their meals, especially if you’re looking for heat & eat meals rather than vegan meal kits.

Are you still undecided? Here are some things to consider before making your choice.

Choose Freshly If You:

  • Like a lot of meal variety
  • Are interested in meals that aren’t
  • 100% plant-based
  • Don’t have a severe dairy allergy
  • Want a more affordable option for healthy meal delivery
  • Want more flexibility in your weekly meal plan

Choose Sprinly If You:

  • Are looking for a strictly vegan meal service
  • Appreciate organic, non-GMO ingredients
  • Are willing and able to pay more to support
  • Sprinly’s food philosophy
  • Have gluten or dairy allergies

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