Sprinly vs Veestro

Sprinly vs Veestro

Meal delivery services take the guesswork out of meal planning. There are typically two types of meal delivery services– meal kits that you cook yourself with the given ingredients and prepared meals that you just heat and eat. Two of our favorite vegan meal delivery services are Veestro and Sprinly. 

Each of them typically has its own unique spin, whether it be the quality of ingredients, catering to dietary preferences, affordable pricing, and the like, not just in the companies we are comparing today, but with other meal delivery services that support your healthy lifestyle. For instance, Daily Harvest is known for its smoothie packs, while Purple Carrot offers both meal kits and fully prepared meals.

Coming back to our comparison today, Sprinly and Veestro are two meal delivery services that are becoming increasingly popular. Both are organic, vegan meal delivery services that offer plant-based pre-made meals rather than vegan meal kits.

Today let’s see how they compare and which is the best vegan meal delivery service for you. 

About Sprinly vs. Veestro

Sprinly and Veestro are both vegan meal delivery services for plant-based eaters, but let’s dive into an overview of each before we break down menus, quality of ingredients, plans, and pricing.  

Sprinly is a Cleveland-based vegan meal delivery company that provides nutritious ready-to-eat meals delivered directly to your door. Though they began in Ohio, Sprinly delivers all across the United States. 

Their chefs and nutritionists work together to take the hassle out of living a healthier, happier life, all while using the highest quality ingredients they can source. Sprinly is also committed to sustainability with completely recyclable packaging. 

Veestro is a plant-based meal delivery service that provides frozen vegan prepared meals delivered to your door. However, they are headquartered in Southern California, Veestro ships to all of the 48 contiguous United States. 

Veestro was started by a brother and sister duo that found that healthy meals weren’t fast and set out to change that dilemma. They have succeeded as Veestro now allows anyone to stick with a nutritious vegan diet while on the go.

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Veestro Packaging



Dietary Options




Sprinly and Veestro are each great for people with dietary restrictions or preferences. They offer filling dinners that include gluten free options, and more.

All of Sprinly’s meals cater to those following a vegetarian or vegan diet as well as anyone who needs completely dairy free and gluten free recipes. Sprinly also has nut free and soy free selections. Though they do not offer specific meals for diabetics or weight loss, it is definitley easy to eat healthier with Sprinly as the meals are well-balanced and often between 500 and 600 calories.

Veestro has meals that follow high protein, gluten-free, low-calorie, nut-free, soy-free, and kosher diets. They also have an entire weight loss plan in which you can also still meet those same dietary restrictions. Of course, since they are completely plant-based, all of their meals also follow a vegetarian and vegan diet. However, keep in mind that while Veestro makes every effort to avoid cross-contamination, all of the meals are made in the same location as popular allergens like nuts, soy, and gluten.

Meal Prep & Variety




Both Sprinly and Veestro require very little preparation as the meals are simply ready to heat. No cooking skills required! Sprinly is a bit faster because the meals are delivered fresh, while Veestro is delivered frozen, so of course it takes less time to heat a dish that is just refrigerated. However, Veestro’s frozen approach means that your food will stays good longer if you happen to try one of the new trendy vegan spots instead of your previously delivered meals.

When it comes to variety, Veestro offers much more. Their menu has dozens of options. Though while they add new dishes occasionally, it does not change weekly. Sprinly is actually the opposite. Sprinly only has around six options at any time on their menu, but they roll out new dishes each week to keep it new and exciting.





Though Sprinly and Veestro have some similarities, each of their menus and quality of ingredients is different.

The Sprinly menu is quite limited, but it changes each week and is packed full of flavors inspired by cuisines around the world. You can expect meals such as General Tso’s Tofu with brown rice, noodle bowls like Burmese Lemongrass Noodles, and Indian Roasted Vegetable Curry. Below each menu item, you can see what dietary preferences it fulfills, like soy-free, nut-free, and more.

All ingredients that Sprinly uses are non-GMO, gluten-free, and organic. They also refrain from artificial ingredients like refined sugar and hydrogenated oils. Sprinly focuses on whole ingredients so that you get all of the nutrients they provide.

Veestro prides itself that 96% of its ingredients are organic. They also opt for non-GMO ingredients when possible. Of course, since they offer only vegan meals, they are all dairy-free.

However, it is important to note that though they have gluten-free, nut-free, and soy-free options, their meals are prepared in a location that processes these common allergens, so cross-contamination may be a worry for you.

Another thing to keep in mind is that though they don’t add any added preservatives, some of the ingredients they use have preservatives in them.

Taste & Sample Meals


Sprinly Noodle Bowls


Veestro Meal

The Sprinly menu is quite limited, but it changes each week and is packed full of flavors inspired by cuisines around the world. You can expect meals such as General Tso’s Tofu with brown rice, noodle bowls like Burmese Lemongrass Noodles, and Indian Roasted Vegetable Curry. Below each menu item, you can see what dietary preferences it fulfills, like soy-free, nut-free, and more.

The Veestro menu only changes when they add limited edition and seasonal recipes. However, there are dozens of options to choose from at any time. Each of the menu items also has reviews, so you can see what others have thought.

Some favorite vegan dishes from the Veestro menu include Pulled Pork with a Quinoa Patty, Hawaiian Chili, Pad Thai, and Baked Mac and Cheez Dinner. There are options for various dietary preferences like high protein, kosher, soy-free, low-calorie, and gluten-free meals.

All of Veestro’s menu selections are delivered frozen, which increases the shelf life but takes longer to cook and may taste different than meals that have not been frozen.






6 Meals



12 Meals



18 Meals






8-15 Meals per box 


Sprinly and Veestro have very different plans and pricing. 

Sprinly offers three plans that differ only in the number of meals that are delivered. The smallest plan has six meals, while the plan with the most has eighteen meals. In the middle plan, you get twelve meals. With any of the plans, you can choose the recipes, and a box is delivered every week. 

The pricing starts at $109 per week, which works out to just over $18 per serving. You do get a discount for ordering more meals. For instance, the plan with eighteen meals is $289, which is a bit over $16 per serving. Luckily, all of the plans come with free shipping. 

Veestro’s plans are divided between their à la carte menu and weight loss option. With the a la carte options, you can choose between a box of 10, 20, or 30 meals, and instead of them coming on a weekly basis, you can order them whenever you like. The weight loss meal plans give you a choice between 5 and 7 days per week, but both come with three meals per day. 

All of the Veestro plans are more affordable than Sprinly. The a la carte boxes cost between $11.03 and $12.82 per serving, with the price break coming as you order more meals. For the weight loss plans, the cost per serving is $11.93 per meal, whether you do it five days per week or seven. 

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Packaging & Recycling

All of Sprinly’s packaging is reusable and recyclable, depending on which you prefer. From the box, it comes into the individual plastic meal packages, and even the ice packs and insulation can be recycled. However, they are also great to reuse. Stick the ice pack in a lunch box for a beach day, or use the plastic meal containers to store your cut-up fruit. The choice is yours.

Veestro’s packaging is sustainable as well. The box and plastic containers can be recycled while the dry ice will melt and evaporate, and the insulation is actually made of starch, so if you pour water over it, it’ll dissolve!

Customer Service




Both of these vegan meal delivery services have a website on which you can access your customer portal. In this online portal, you can choose which plant-based meals you want each week or, in the case of Veestro, whenever you’d like. You can also manage your deliveries, skip weeks, update payment information, and contact customer support. Veestro and Sprinly also both provide a frequently asked questions section that can answer the most common questions you may have at the click of a button.



Ultimately, when looking at meal delivery companies, it is important to keep your priorities and lifestyle at the top of your mind. A plant-based diet may not come as easy as meat-eaters have it, but meal programs such as Sprinly and Veestro can help. Our overall winner is Veestro due to its flexibility, wide variety of menu selections, and affordable pricing.

But, since they are both great, to choose the best vegan meal delivery for you, take into consideration the various aspects we have gone over today and weigh which ones are most vital to you.

Choose Sprinly if you:

  • You are concerned about food allergies
  • You will eat the meals immediately
  • You are looking for weekly deliveries with fresh ingredients

Choose Veestro if you:

  • You want to stock your freezer with easy plant-based food
  • You want flexibility on how many meals you want and when you want them
  • You are looking for a weekly meal plan to lose weight

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