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SunBasket Meals 9 Quick Answers You Should Know

Sunbasket is without a doubt, one of the most widely-used meal delivery services today. With a great selection of both meal kits and oven-ready meals, Sunbasket has found the sweet spot of appealing to people who want delicious, healthy meals but either don’t have the time or desire to prepare a nightly meal from scratch. 

Sunbasket also offers its customers a strong code of ethics. They focus on creating meals that use organic, clean ingredients and work with local farmers and sustainable sources for their delectable meats and proteins. Fresh, delicious, and clean is a trio that’s hard to pass up when it comes to easy to prepare, convenient meals. 

Another feature that Sunbasket has going for them. They also offer meal solutions for an incredible range of dietary preferences. Sunbasket offers meals that fit into paleo, carb-conscious, vegetarian, pescatarian, and Mediterranean dietary lifestyles. Their meals are also great for those looking to eat cleaner and healthier, along with individuals who are dealing with certain health challenges, including diabetes and gluten intolerance. 

While Sunbasket has so much to offer, you might have some questions that you want to be answered before signing on the dotted line. The Sunbasket website is a wonderful source of information, and you can take a sneak peek at their menu of delicious meals. But, to help you on your quest for information, we’ve tracked down and answered the six most common questions that people have about Sunbasket Meal Delivery service. 

Where Does Sun Basket Ship From?

Where Does Sun Basket Ship From

Sunbasket headquarters are located in San Francisco, California, which is why your meal kits are packed with all of that delicious California produce. Sunbasket also operates two regional distribution centers where many of their meals are packed and shipped from. 

Sunbasket’s regional distribution centers are located in Morgan Hill, California, and also Westhampton, New Jersey. With distribution centers on each coast, Sunbasket makes it possible to deliver meal kits with optimal freshness to most locations in the contiguous United States. 

Where Does Sunbasket Deliver To?

Where Does Sunbasket Deliver To?

Sunbasket Meal Delivery service ships their meals to most areas of the United States. Like many other meal delivery services, they don’t ship to Alaska or Hawaii. There are a couple of other areas that Sunbasket also doesn’t serve, and these include Montana, North Dakota, and certain parts of New Mexico. 

Sunbasket can make arrangements in most areas so that their customers can receive deliveries on the days that are most convenient for them. However, not all delivery days are available in each of the delivery areas that they service. If you’re interested in knowing if Sunbasket services your area and what delivery days are available, you can contact Sunbasket directly on their website and use their automated self-help service, or call them at 1-866-Sun-BSKT (1-866-786-2758). 

How To Recycle Sun Basket Ice Packs?

How To Recycle Sun Basket Ice Packs?
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According to Sunbasket, using meal delivery services generates 25% less greenhouse gas emissions than doing all of your shopping and meal planning from the grocery store. When you think about all the packaging and processing that goes into many foods, along with the energy used to keep grocery stores running, plus the greenhouse gas effects from our cars with all the trips we take to the store, then it all begins to make sense. 

Still, there are a couple of features to meal delivery services that make you wonder if they’re really the “greenest” choice. This has mainly to do with the packaging. When meal kits or heat & eat meals are delivered to your door, there is a decent amount of packaging involved. This includes insulated protective boxes, plus some type of cooling system to keep your meals fresh. This is especially important considering some meals travel across the entire country during the warmest summer months. 

One component that SunBasket uses is their ice packs, which contain a gel that is made from 98% water and 2% non-GMO cotton. You can always save and reuse these ice packs, but they can also be easily recycled. The gel from inside the packet can be drained into your regular trash or compost bin. It’s eco-friendly, so there are no worries about toxicity. The liner for the gel pack can be recycled at most any retailer that offers a receptacle for recycling plastic bags, plastic food wrappings, or film. 

How Long Do Sunbasket Meals Last?

How Long Do Sunbasket Meals Last?

Generally speaking, you want to enjoy your Sunbasket meals within 3-5 days after receiving them, but refrigerating and storing them properly will go a long way in keeping them as fresh as possible. Most ingredients in both Sunbasket’s meal kits and prepared meals are delivered to your door fresh. The one exception to this is the protein components of your meal kits. 

Sunbasket meats are cryovaced and frozen to prolong their freshness. There is some degree of naturally thawing that occurs during shipment. When your meats arrive, they should be very cold to the touch. If any protein is warmer than the temperature of your refrigerator when it arrives, contact Sunbasket customer service immediately to resolve the issue. The general guidelines that Sunbasket offers are to prepare any meal that features seafood within three days of receiving it and any meal that contains another type of meat/protein within five days. 

Meals and meal kits should be stored in the refrigerator until you’re ready to enjoy. In the case of meal kits, you’ll receive a package where all of the ingredients for the meal are packaged together. It’s always a good idea to open these packages and take a look at what’s inside. Some ingredients don’t require refrigeration (although refrigeration won’t hurt). 

Produce that shows up in your meal kits comes directly from the farmers that Sunbasket works with, so in some cases, you might enjoy a more flavorful meal if the fresh produce is allowed to ripen a little on the counter. Always use your best judgment in this case. 

Does Sunbasket Ship UPS?

How Does Sunbasket Ship Ups?

Sunbasket delivers meals right to your door with the help of a courier service like UPS or FedEx. Sunbasket meals are delivered via ground shipments, but don’t worry – they’re packaged to maintain optimal freshness until they arrive at your doorstep. 

Sunbasket delivers via FedEx to most areas of the United States. However, when it comes to the areas that they don’t deliver to, this is entirely an issue of not being able to get their meals to you in a timely fashion that protects the freshness. It might also be an issue of not being able to deliver fresh meals to your door without charging a significantly higher shipping cost. 

Sunbasket will inform you when your delivery is shipped, and will also provide a timeline of when to expect your delivery. Depending on location, many customers can schedule their preferred delivery date. If your shipment arrives later than expected, the first thing to do is check the package for freshness. If the freshness has been compromised as the result of delayed delivery, please contact Sunbasket directly for a resolution. 

When Does Sun Basket Deliver?

Sunbasket does their absolute best to deliver on a schedule that works for you. Customers in most of Sunbasket’s delivery areas can choose their ideal delivery day anytime between Sunday and Thursday of each week. Weekend delivery, meaning Friday and Saturday specifically, isn’t currently included in Subasket’s delivery schedule. 

If you’re someone who is out of the home often during the week, and you want to be home for your Sunbasket delivery, requesting a Sunday delivery is likely your best option. That said, Sunbasket packages their delivery to withstand the weather, including being left out on a warm afternoon for a couple of hours until you get home. 

Depending on their location, some of Sunbasket’s customers may have more limited choices in delivery days. This is because it’s difficult to protect the freshness and guarantee preferred delivery to some areas. 

Sunbasket Delivery Bottom Line 

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Sunbasket makes it easy to choose great meals that you’ll enjoy every night of the week and have everything you need to prepare them delivered right to your door. Whether you’re interested in learning the trick to creating a restaurant-style meal in your own kitchen, or are just looking to save a little time with nightly meal prep without sacrificing flavor or quality, Sunbasket has the meal solutions you need. Check out Sunbasket and discover all that they have to offer for your healthy, busy lifestyle.

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