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Hello Fresh Thanksgiving meal Delivery

Thanksgiving is closer than you think, and now is the time to start looking at options for your holiday feast. Thanksgiving meal delivery services are an option that can take much of the stress away from holiday meal planning, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy the actual holiday. 

Holiday meals are important, and you want the very best. We’ve looked at a hefty handful of the best Thanksgiving meal delivery options and broken them down bit by bit to help you choose the one that will make for a memorable holiday meal.

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh Thanksgiving meal Delivery

Hello Fresh is one of the most recognized names in the meal delivery industry. With a devoted following of fans that love their creative meals, it only makes sense that they know how to throw down an incredible Thanksgiving meal.

Hello Fresh’s Thanksgiving box offers enough Thanksgiving favorites to feed up to 10 of your favorite people. If you’re thinking of having a more intimate gathering with fewer people, then you can plan on lots of delicious Turkey Day leftovers.

The Hello Fresh Thanksgiving box includes a whole, uncooked turkey, along with all the ingredients and recipes for a selection of classic sides, and a dessert. This holiday meal box is perfect if you’re looking for a traditional Thanksgiving meal with minimal fuss and prep.

To make it easy, Hello Fresh includes a “Get It Done in One Day” game plan that makes it easy to have dinner on the table, on schedule, and still have plenty of time to enjoy the company of your guests.


Veestro Meal Delivery Box

Veestro is a 100% plant-based, organic meal delivery service that has been simplifying the lives of vegans and those who follow primarily plant-based diets. Considering that the centerpiece on many Thanksgiving tables is a giant turkey, those who follow plant-based diets can feel a little left out, resigning to a plate full of sides.

Veestro changes all of this with their vegan plant-based meal options. With Veestro, you get vegan Thanksgiving meal delivery that includes all your favorite Thanksgiving flavors, without a single animal-based ingredient.

Think along the lines of meat-free, turkey alternatives with a savory crust of spices or creamy gravy. Yes, Thanksgiving side dishes like dressing, sweet potato casserole, and perfectly tender green beans make the list.

The best part? Veestro’s meals are heat and eat, meaning practically zero time in the kitchen on Thanksgiving. If you’re worried about sacrificing flavor for convenience, don’t be. Veestro gets good reviews across the board.

Harry & David

Harry & David Thanksgiving

Want to plan an elegant Thanksgiving meal but dread the idea of spending all day prepping and cooking (not to mention fighting the crowds in the grocery store for prime ingredients). Harry & David offer two different options for a gourmet-style Thanksgiving meal that is entirely heat and eat.

For starters, Harry & David offers a gourmet-style ham dinner that includes a tender spiral-cut, honey-glazed ham, along with sides like three-cheese scalloped potatoes that are above and beyond what you’ll find on the average Thanksgiving day table. Don’t worry, a delicious dessert is included.

If upscale casual is more your style, you can choose a ham and turkey buffet option that includes plenty of gourmet style nibbles to keep your crowd happy. You can also have the option of leaving the wine selections up to Harry & David by choosing their meal and wine packages or selecting a special bottle or two from their wine collection.

If Harry & David has a downside, it’s the price. This Thanksgiving meal delivery is a little pricer than what you might find with other services, however, one could argue that the taste and convenience for a gourmet meal are well worth it.

Sun Basket


If you want to cook your own Thanksgiving meal, but don’t want to hunt around for the best recipes and ingredients, Sun Basket has you covered with main courses like Turkey Roulade, Spiral Ham, Black Angus Beef Wellington, and several others. They also have a selection of sides like Creme Fraiche Mashed Potatoes, Sausage Cranberry Stuffing, Scalloped Potatoes, and Creamed Spinach to complete your meal.

Estimated delivery dates are Monday through Thursday, so you must have your order placed by Thursday the week prior, and with limited quantities, the earlier the better.

Paleo On The Go


A traditional Thanksgiving table is typically filled with all sorts of things that go against the Paleo-style of eating. If you’re following the Paleo diet, finding Thanksgiving favorites that don’t create the temptation to cheat is a challenge. Paleo On the Go offers a Thanksgiving feast that’s filled with all your favorite holiday flavors, without a single non-compliant ingredient.

The best part of Paleo On the Go’s holiday feast is that it includes favorites like Herb Roasted Turkey, Autumn Stuffing, and delicately roasted vegetables that only require a few minutes of heating before they’re ready and on the table. Paleo On the Go’s Thanksgiving meal serves about 4 people, so you’ll need to double up for a larger crowd.

Home Chef


Home Chef is a good option if you want to be a little more hands-on in the kitchen for your Thanksgiving meal but want to save yourself the stress of making it all from scratch. Home Chef offers a few options for your holiday meal that are slightly modern takes on traditional favorites.

It should be noted that when you order your Thanksgiving meal kit from Home Chef, you might want to plan on testing your culinary abilities. Typically, meal kits focus on easy recipes that are suitable for beginning cooks. Some of the Thanksgiving options from Home Chef not only take a little longer but are rated as “expert” level in terms of difficulty.
Home Chef’s Thanksgiving meal options are best suited for smaller gatherings. The sous vide turkey appears to serve 2-4 people, while sides seem more suited towards 2. You can order an additional side package for extra servings.

Marley Spoon


Would you expect anything other than elevated classics when you leave Thanksgiving dinner in the hands of Martha Stewart? Martha & Marley Spoon offer a Thanksgiving box that is sure to impress your crowd of 8-10 people on the big day.

With Marley Spoon, you get a kit that contains all the fresh ingredients you need to make a traditional Thanksgiving meal, including turkey and classic sides. The meal is convenient and moderately easy to prepare, although there is a little more “fuss” involved than with what you usually find with Marley Spoon meals.

Those with a subscription to Marley Spoon can simply add the Thanksgiving box to their regular order, or if you don’t have a subscription (and don’t want to sign up), you can take advantage of ordering this one-time meal kit with no commitment. Make sure to keep an eye on the Marley Spoon site so you don’t miss the deadline for ordering.

Hickory Farms


Hickory Farms is a treasured name when it comes to delicious holiday foods. Who hasn’t been gifted a Hickory Farms set and couldn’t wait to open it up? Hickory Farms strays away from turkey with a ham dinner that is simple, classic, and well-loved.

Hickory Farms receives great reviews for their Thanksgiving ham feast that includes enough food to feed a crowd of 14-18, and if you keep an eye on their website you might be able to catch a great deal on this meal.

All items are fully cooked, requiring only that you heat them to the proper temperature before serving. Even the dessert is ready for you and only needs to be thawed before serving.

If there is a downside to Hickory Farms, it’s that some of the flavors might not be agreeable to everyone. Sauces are flavorful and well-liked but unique. In the past, side dishes have included selections like roasted brussel sprouts, which aren’t always well-loved.

Honey Baked Ham Company


Honey Baked Ham Company is a good Thanksgiving meal solution if you’re looking for options when it comes to having your holiday meal delivered to your door. They offer an all-inclusive feast that serves about 10 people, depending on appetites. In addition to one of their signature honey-baked hams, you get a good selection of their classic sides.

Honey Baked Ham Company also offers plenty of a la carte options if you’d rather craft the meal yourself. Options include different styles of ham or turkey, along with side dishes and desserts.

All meals are heat and eat, and the price depends on which options you choose. Plan on adding on shipping, which cost in the range of $20.

Omaha Steaks


It’s practically impossible to think about Omaha Steaks and not have your mouth start watering. They have a reputation for quality, and their Thanksgiving meal is no exception.

With Omaha Steaks, you have plenty of options. You have your choice of tailor-made thanksgiving meals, where you get to choose your own sides – a bit of rarity for holiday meal kits. You also get your choice of protein, from turkey and ham to prime rib roast. Dessert and side options are plentiful enough that you’ll be able to easily please your crowd.

Is there a downside to Omaha Steaks for Thanksgiving? They’re not the most economical option and can be quite pricey if you’re feeding a larger table. Also, you’ll need at least a baseline of knowledge in how to cook some meats, like chateaubriand or prime rib.

Burgers’ Smokehouse


If you’re looking for a simple, no-frills Thanksgiving dinner that feeds 6-8 people, Burgers Smokehouse is the unexpected solution you’re looking for. Their Thanksgiving meal of smoked turkey and well-liked sides, such as broccoli and cheese casserole come fully prepared – all you do is heat and eat.

Burgers Smokehouse doesn’t offer much in terms of variety, or fanciness when it comes to their sides. However, you can expect a meal that is solidly good and satisfying. Plus, their prices include shipping, except for special circumstances or to addresses outside of their wide delivery area.



Mackenzie is a lesser-known name in the world of Thanksgiving meal delivery, but they are sure to be exactly what some people are looking for. Mackenzie offers up two different Thanksgiving feasts, each with a completely different flavor profile, and serving 8-10 guests.

You can choose between their fried turkey breast with cajun spices and sides like brie and raspberry en croute, or a roast turkey with European flair, Italian arancini, and sticky toffee pudding, among other sides.

Everything comes fully cooked for a delicious, no-fuss meal. Depending on which meal package you choose, plan on spending in the range of $23-$27 per guest at your table. Shipping can get pricey, so prepare for a bit of sticker shock ahead of time.

Magic Kitchen

Magic kitchen Meal Delivery

Magic Kitchen offers simple options that lift some of the work off your shoulders on Thanksgiving day. You can choose between complete meals that serve either 2 or 6 people, or you can opt to put your meal together with a la carte selections.

Main dish meats will need to be cooked and instructions are provided. Sides include favorites like buttered carrots and apple sage dressing. Reviews for Magic Kitchen’s Thanksgiving meal options are limited, and a bit mixed. Some absolutely loved everything, while others complained of the meat being a little dry when cooked per instruction.

A la carte options will end up costing you more per portion, and shipping averages about $18.95 on Magic Kitchen orders.

Williams Sonoma


Williams Sonoma is a leading name in gourmet kitchens everywhere. When it comes to a Thanksgiving feast, they put a lot of options on the table. With separate categories for turkey, side dishes, desserts, appetizers, and more – not to mention a nice selection of wines.

A Williams Sonoma Thanksgiving isn’t for the budget-minded. A turkey will cost upwards of $150 and sides, like creamed corn, start at $50. While the portions are hearty, the price can be a little off-putting. The one thing that would make up for the price would be incredible reviews, which Williams Sonoma falls short on, at least for their Thanksgiving fare.

Buying Guide


Not everyone has the same thoughts when it comes to what makes for a perfect Thanksgiving dinner. Some people look forward to a traditional Thanksgiving meal all year long, while others see the day as an opportunity to gather for an incredible meal that falls outside the lines of tradition.

There are also dietary preferences and allergies to consider, which can make planning a holiday meal even more complicated. When considering the best Thanksgiving meal delivery, you’ll want to look at the variety of main dishes and sides that each company has to offer.

Things to look for include the type of protein or main dish. Do you have your heart set on a roasted turkey, or are you interested in trying something new like a sous vide preparation? Maybe you prefer ham instead of the classic bird.

Side dishes are also important. You want to make sure you not only have enough to feed everyone at your table but that there is enough variety to cover the chance that someone may want to pass on a side dish that doesn’t capture their interest.

Because these are special meal packages, you might not find a ton of options. But if you have a few vegans at your table, going with a service like Veestro, with several complete meal options might be the way to go.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for from one service alone, you might also want to consider ordering from two different services for ultimate variety. Also, don’t be afraid to look at other menu selections. If you have a picky eater that isn’t into the standard Thanksgiving meal fare, there’s likely an option on the company’s regular menu that will suit your needs.

Prepared or Cook Yourself

This is a big one. For some, it just isn’t Thanksgiving unless you spend at least a little time in the kitchen, preparing a few sides and anticipating the smell of a roasting turkey wafting through the air. Others want to be as hands-off as possible, wishing to avoid the kitchen in favor of spending time with their guests or just relaxing.

Hello Fresh is a meal delivery service that provides what you might call a traditional holiday meal. You get to skip out on the shopping and some of the prep but you’ll also be a little hands-on, giving your meal that “made from scratch” feel.

If you’re looking for a more casual meal but don’t want to skip out on taste or quality, Harry & David is a great option. Simply set out the spread of deliciousness and let your guests nibble and nosh as they choose.

It’s understandable to be concerned about the quality of frozen heat & eat meals. Not many people run to the freezer section of the grocery store in search of something to pop in the microwave for their next big holiday meal. The heat & eat meals offered by most meal delivery services are different from what you might expect.

Most companies prepare their meals when the ingredients are at the peak of freshness, and they’re frozen to maintain flavor. Also, not every meal is popped in the microwave. Some require stove top heating, which also gives you the chance to add a few of your own spices to create a new signature Thanksgiving dish.


Price is also something you’ll want to consider. You’re going to spend a little more when you order a Thanksgiving meal kit, but for many, the convenience is well worth it.

Most of the Thanksgiving meals that we’ve mentioned here cost somewhere between $79 to $220 for the entire meal. This isn’t bad for a complete feast with all the fixings. Still, you’ll want to pay close attention to how many servings you’re getting with each service. Hello Fresh will serve up to 8 people, but Paleo On the Go will feed about half that.

You’ll also want to consider the appetites of your guests. Some people consider Thanksgiving to be the one day of the year where they stretch the limits of their waistbands. If you have heftier appetites at your table or are banking on leftovers the next day, choose a meal kit that offers more portions than you’ll need, and realize this will affect the overall cost per portion of your Thanksgiving meal.


How far in advance can I order a Thanksgiving meal kit?

Ultimately, this depends on the meal delivery company you choose to go with. Most won’t have their full Thanksgiving meal options available for order until a month before the holiday. You should plan on ordering 10-14 days ahead of the holiday to ensure there are no issues with delivery during the busy holiday season.

Can I order a Thanksgiving meal kit without a subscription?

Most of the companies above will let you order a special holiday meal kit without subscribing to their regular meal delivery service. If you want to add in extra meals or side dishes from their regular menu, a subscription may be required.

Are Thanksgiving meal kits ideal for beginning cooks?

Heat & eat options are perfect for cooks of all skill levels. Meal kits that require preparation and cooking can vary widely on skill level, so it’s always best to check the website for instructions or a skill level before ordering?

Is dessert included?

It is with some Thanksgiving meal options, but not all of them. Some companies offer dessert as an a la carte option to add on. With meals that do include dessert, you’ll find sweet treats like fruit crisps and cheesecakes. Not many offer the classic pumpkin pie.

Bottom Line

Raise your hand if you can’t wait for Thanksgiving. With the best Thanksgiving meal delivery from companies like Hello Fresh, Veestro, and Harry & David, this year is sure to be one of the delicious memories you’ll treasure. Let someone else do the work for you this year – it has been a long one, and you deserve the break.

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