Tiller & Hatch Review: Instant Pot Meal Kits Delivered

How It Works

The Tiller and Hatch ordering process is simple. On their website, you start by hitting the “start your box” button and entering your zip code, bringing up what meals are in stock and available for your area.

Then you select the number of menu items you want in your box. Choose from 4, 6, or 8. Keep in mind these are the number of meals in the box, not the number of servings because every meal has multiple servings. You then build your box from their menu selections. You can add 4, 6, or 8 different meals, or you can add multiples of your favorite recipes.

Once you have built your box, enter your information, any promotion codes, and checkout. After check out, you will be notified of the expected delivery date.

From there, you simply wait until the box arrives, unpack it to your freezer, and you’ll have meals ready to be made when you need them. New boxes will be shipped every four weeks, which you can manage in your account.

Cooking Instructions

When you are ready to make one of the hearty stews or pasta, open the bag, run the sauce packet under warm water to unthaw a little, add everything to your Instant Pot following the instructions on the packet, and in a few minutes after pressurization, you’ll have a hearty meal on your table. Easy peasy for a nutritious meal in minimal time.

Tiller and Hatch Meals Menu

The menu currently has nine meals to choose from, with new ones being added as their chef, Bruce Hecker, develops the recipes. There is no weekly or monthly rotating menu which is great if you find a dish you love because you know it will always be there but isn’t so great if you are looking for constant variety.

Current Menu

Currently, available recipes for order include BBQ beef chili, Italian gnocchi with chicken, and chili mac with beef. If you love flavor, the tikka masala with chicken, Santa Fe style pasta with chicken breast, farfalle with marsala sauce and chicken, or chicken tortilla stew with black beans, red pepper, and corn are definitely crowd-pleasers. We also love the Cajun-style chicken stew with pork andouille sausage and the coconut chicken stew with vegetables and rice.

As you can see, many of the options are hearty stews or pastas. This is an easy way to combine nutritious carbs, vegetables, protein, and other good stuff into one yummy dish with fewer steps.

Overall, since the recipes have very different flavors, there is enough variety that you could order them regularly. However, if pasta or stews aren’t your thing, you will probably grow tired of the menu quickly.

Nutrition and Ingredients

These meals are made with no hormones, antibiotics, or MSG added. There are also no partially hydrogenated oils, and no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. The ingredients are restaurant quality and are quickly frozen to preserve nutrients.

Most of the recipes currently on the menu are around 300-600 calories per serving. They do contain some good micronutrients, and though they are mostly carb-heavy, it is balanced out with a good amount of protein and a reasonable amount of fat.

The servings are considered one cup, so you can enjoy healthy meals if you eat the proper serving size. However, like with all things, going over the serving size leads to extra calories, carbs, and sodium.

Depending on your individual dietary needs, Tiller & Hatch makes it easy to enjoy tasty, healthy foods while managing your busy schedule.

Italian Chicken Gnocchi

Italian Chicken Gnocchi


BBQ Beef Chili


Tiller and Hatch Price Chart

Surprisingly, these meal bundles are quite affordable. In fact, it is one of the most affordable meal delivery services on the market. These chef-developed frozen meals come in under three dollars per serving.

You would be hard-pressed to find any other meal delivery services or even takeout under three dollars per serving. Affordability is one of the best benefits. They also offer a 10% military and first responders discount, which you can find additional information for on their website.

Shipping and Packaging

Tiller Hatch Packaging Box

Meals are shipped frozen with dry ice. The dry ice is calculated based on your shipping zip code so that it stays frozen even up to eight hours after delivery. They arrive in a biodegradable, compostable insulated cooler.

Orders placed Sunday through Wednesday ship the same week, though if you miss the Wednesday deadline, the order will ship the following Monday. When the package ships, you’ll receive a tracking number and should receive the box within one to three days.

Inside the box, you’ll find the quick-frozen ingredients packaged in bags sorted by the individual meals. We have found the packaging to be rather easy to unpack and quickly throw the meals into the freezer when it arrives.

Tiller and Hatch ships to most of the United States, and shipping is also free to most delivery areas. If they do not offer delivery to your area, the meals plus some desserts that can’t be shipped can be found in Walmart stores nationwide.


We think so! Tiller and Hatch meals provide a hearty meal on the table quickly.

Meals are under three dollars per serving. The low price helps individuals and families improve access to wholesome meals.

Yes, Tiller & Hatch is a subscription, but there is no commitment. The plan can be stopped, changed, or you can skip weeks at any time.
There are three main steps to their subscription meal service: build a box of Instant Pot meal bundles, checkout, and wait for delivery!

Final Verdict

The final verdict on Tiller and Hatch is in. They make a great, affordable option to get good food on the table in a hurry. Their artisanal pasta, like the Santa Fe style pasta and other delicious recipes like the cajun style chicken stew, set them apart from other frozen meals. Though there are still some flaws, based on the affordability, cost, and ease of use, we consider Tiller and Hatch to be a win.

Things we liked:

  • Affordable
  • Quality ingredients
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Flavor variety
  • Easy system
  • Shipped to your door
  • Meals come with multiple servings to feed a family
  • Cooks quickly in the Instant Pot

Things we didn’t like:

  • No specialized diet meals (i.e., vegetarian, vegan, low-carb)
  • Serving sizes are small
  • Can be high in calories if eating multiple servings

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