Trifecta Nutrition Review: Organic Meal Delivery

Trifecta review

Trifecta Menu

With five different diet plans available and 10-14 lunch and dinner meals available in each diet plan, and an additional 3-4 breakfast options, there are a LOT of meal options for you. The only issue with Trifecta is that you cannot choose your meals each week on the regular subscriptions. You can choose from the five dietary plans, but they decide which meals you’ll receive each week.

The Classic Meal Plan is the only one where you can choose each individual meal.

Trifecta Italian Aoili Veggies with Chicken Thigh

Italian Aioli Veggies with Chicken Thigh

Trifecta Curried Vegetables with Shrimp

Curried Vegetables with Shrimp


And, each meal shows the allergen icons on the side. Here’s one example…

trifecta allergens labeled

And, the macros are listed on the front of each Trifecta meal.

trifecta macros on label

The portion sizes were 13oz each, which left us both wanting a bit more. I suppose if we had any starches or grains with our meals, we would have felt fuller.

Ingredient Quality

Trifecta does an excellent job with choosing top quality ingredients! They offer organic, non-GMO vegetables, grass-fed beef, free-range chicken and eggs, and wild-caught fish and seafood. Who else offers that level of ingredient quality? I can’t think of another meal delivery company that can say that.

And, you can read all the ingredients on the label…easily.   

trifecta ingredients


They had good-tasting meals, but they weren’t the best I’ve tasted. Some of the recipes had a vinegary sauce, which started to make them all sort of taste the same. But, we did have some favorites

Trifecta Fajita Chipotle Chicken Bowl package

Fajita Chipotle Chicken Bowl

Trifecta Fajita Chipotle Chicken Bowl plate
Trifecta Chicken Andouille Sausage and Veggies

Chicken Andouille Sausage and Veggies

Trifecta Chicken Andouille Sausage and Veggies

My husband and I tried two week’s of Paleo meals at different times and had some clear favorites. The chicken andouille sausage and veggies was fantastic, and they give you a good quantity of protein in each meal.

The Fajita Chipotle Chicken Bowl was a hit over here, too. Really inventive flavors while still hitting the macro levels. I’m sure if you’re not on Keto or Paleo, the recipes vary, but we had no grains at all.

Trifecta Coconut Curry Beef with Baked Sweet Potato

Coconut Curry Beef with Baked Sweet Potato

Trifecta Coconut Curry Beef with Baked Sweet Potato
Trifecta Bulgogi Beef with Sweet Spicy Zucchini

Bulgogi Beef with Sweet Spicy Zucchini

Trifecta Bulgogi Beef with Sweet Spicy Zucchini

Trifecta Prices & Coupons

Trifecta is expensive at $15/meal average, but its one of the healthiest options created by nutritionally trained chefs with the best ingredients available. Clean, healthy eating will cost more than your standard meal delivery. 

Free shipping on all plans! 

Plan Minimum Meals Price Per Meal Total Cost
Clean, Keto, & Paleo 7 Dinners $15.49 $108.43/week
Vegan & Vegetarian 7 Meals $12.99 $90.93/week
Classic (Choose Your Own) Alacarte $9.97 - $13.97 $119.20/week
Code: MPP120
Trifecta $120 Off

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Packaging & Recycling

Trifecta’s boxes and packaging materials are 98% biodegradable. The insulation in the box is made from plant-based renewable components and paper. And, their ice packs are made with nitrogen-based plant food.

Customer Service

Customer service at Trifecta makes it easy to manage your account. You can skip a week, up to 3 weeks at a time.

Trifecta skip a week

You can also put your subscription “On Hold”, which is essentially cancelling your subscription. To cancel your account, you’ll need to give 7 days advance notice. And, you have to cancel through a call to (530) 564-8388 or online chat conversation with customer service.

Trifecta FAQs

A. Trifecta meals are some of the healthiest food you can get in meal delivery. They taste good, but because there are no additives or junk food in them, they taste as good as you think healthy food can.

A. Trifecta meal delivery costs between $12.99 to $15.49/serving, with free shipping.

A. Greg Connolly is the founder and CEO of Trifecta Nutrition. Being in the health and fitness industry for 20 years, he teamed up with his sister Elizabeth Connolly to start Trifecta.

The Bottom Line

We both liked Trifecta, but not enough to eat every night. While we loved the ability to choose a plan and know we are getting the best quality ingredients in the right portions and macros, you can stick to any diet plan easily with no prepping or cooking.

What we liked:

  • Fresh and never frozen
  • Organic, grass-fed, wild-caught high-quality ingredients with no refined sugar added
  • Unique meals and variety
  • Gluten free, soy-free, and dairy free
  • Easy heat and eat convenience
  • Shrink-wrapped meals stayed fresher longer

What we didn’t like:

  • Inability to choose your meals if on one of the five diet plans
  • Some vinegary recipes

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