Trifecta Vs Freshly

Trifecta vs Freshly

Simplifying dinner plans without skimping out on nutrition and taste is a difficult task for meal delivery services across the nation. Heat and eat meals can be a hit or miss in some households, but Trifecta and Freshly are two meal delivery options that keep customers coming back. We’ve done the research, now let’s compare Trifecta vs. Freshly to find the best option for you.

About Trifecta and Freshly

Trifecta Nutrition was created to satisfy the mind, body, and social areas of health by nourishing the body. They market themselves toward bodybuilding and athlete food delivery, but anyone wanting a healthy lifestyle would enjoy this meal service. You can choose a heat and eat meal plan or a menu of la carte items depending on your preference. Meals arrive fresh, never frozen at your door.

Freshly believes in boosting nutrition while reducing sugar and processed ingredients. Every Freshly meal is certified gluten-free and includes complex carbs, quality protein, healthy fat, and portions that meet your needs for calories. Meals are made fresh by their chefs and are never frozen. Like Trifecta, Freshly meals are gluten-free, and you can choose from a range of heat and eat meal plans.

Both meal delivery services prioritize health and wellness, but Trifecta food delivery and Freshly take different approaches. While Freshly has weight loss meals and low-calorie options, their overall goal is to get people eating healthy without following a strict diet plan, or obsessing over calories or portion size. Trifecta is more suited for anyone who prefers following a diet plan that adheres to their lifestyle and food preferences.

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Dietary Options




When it comes to your health and wellness, there is no universal diet that satisfies everyone’s needs. You want a meal delivery service with a variety of dietary choices that cater to you and your family’s preferences. Whether you prefer popular diets or have a particular food allergy, Freshly and Trifecta Nutrition have meals that will work for you.

Trifecta nutrition meals are all dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free. Their weekly plans are based on specific dietary lifestyles, including vegan, vegetarian, keto (high protein, reduced carbs), paleo, and clean meals.

Within each plan, you’ll find between 10-14 lunch and dinner choices as well as 3-4 breakfast meals. The only catch is that Trifecta chooses your weekly meals for you based on the plan you select. This can be a downside to some who want more freedom in their meal selection.

Freshly meals are entirely gluten-free, but they still offer dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free choices. You can choose from Signature Classics, Takeout Twists, Crafted Classics, and Freshly Fit meal plans. All meals from Freshly are healthy and nutritious, but Freshly Fit meals are low-calorie and carb-conscious for those who prefer weight loss meals. If you’re unsure of which to choose, Freshly’s wellness experts can help you dig further to ensure your meals are compatible with your diet.

Meal Variety




Meal prepping is usually a big decider between two meal delivery services. However, in this battle between meal kits, meal prep is practically non-existent due to the simplicity of heat and eat meals. Your meals are delivered fully prepared at your door. Follow the instructions for heating, and you’ll have a fresh, delicious meal in minutes.

Freshly has a huge selection of weekly meals topping over 30 options a week. You can choose from Signature classics or Crafted Classics that bring comfort food recipes right to your plate. If you want a unique approach to takeout favorites, try the Takeout Twists. Freshly Fit is geared for low-calorie carb-conscious eaters.

Freshly has plenty of entree choices, and they get creative with their recipes and flavors. You’ll find many are inspired by global cuisines and unique spices. Freshly’s variety is hard to top with so many tasty options to try. Picky eaters and ambitious eaters alike can easily find something they love from Freshly.

Trifecta Nutrition also has many options with 10-14 meals within their five diet plans. There are a handful of breakfast choices as well. Trifecta maintains your macros but still delivers inventive flavors and new recipes to the dinner table. The downside with Trifecta is that your freedom to choose meals ends at the plan you chose. Trifecta randomly selects your weekly meals within your meal plan. However, the Classic meal plan allows you to choose your own.





Meal delivery services should be transparent in where their ingredients are sourced from. In addition, you want fresh, quality ingredients that enhance the flavor of your food. Freshly avoids using added sugars, preservatives, and anything artificial. However, Freshly can’t guarantee all their products are non-GMO or certified organic.

Trifecta nutrition’s ingredient standards are of exceptionally high quality. Trifecta meals include certified organic produce, grass-fed beef, free-range chicken and eggs, and wild-caught seafood. Trifecta stands by producing food free of harmful ingredients and preservatives. Their ingredient list is also easily readable, making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Both Freshly and Trifecta meals come fully prepared, and while you don’t get to interact with each ingredient that makes up your heat and eat meals, the freshness is truly in the flavor. Both delivery services outperform comparable companies with their ingredient quality.

Taste & Sample Meals


Trifecta Fajita Chipotle Chicken Bowl plate
  • Fajita Chipotle Chicken Bowl plate
  • Chicken Andouille Sausage and Veggies
  • Bulgogi Beef with Sweet Spicy Zucchini


Freshly sample meal
  • Chicken Livorno
  • Turkey Mushroom Meatballs
  • Springtime Chicken Pilaf

Heat and eat meals can still taste delicious, unlike the typical TV dinner. Both Trifecta and Freshly meals are especially delicious because they’re made fresh and never frozen.

Freshly customers rave about their tasty heat and eat meals. Customers especially enjoy the freshness you can taste and unique creations that keep them on their toes. Portions are also generous. With so many meals to choose from, you’re sure to find an option that works for you.

On the other hand, Trifecta is known to be consistently tasty by customers. Some find their meals to be repetitive, using the same sauces or flavors. Others don’t want to venture out of their comfort zone and prefer the consistency of Trifecta nutrition.

Many hungry eaters claim the best way to enjoy your heat and eat meals is with stovetop cooking or oven cooking. Some customers find that using the microwave waters down the taste and flavors. If you want the tastiest meals, we recommend avoiding the microwave for a tastier dinner experience.



Type of Meal Plan Cost Per Plan
Clean $108.43/week
Paleo $108.43/week
Keto $108.43/week
Vegetarian $113.90/week
Create Your Own Meal Plan Starting at $119/week
Pick From Classic Meals Starting at $119/week


Number of Meals Per Week Cost Per Meal
Four $11.49
Six $9.49
Ten $8.99
Twelve $8.49

Price matters when it comes to meal delivery. Finding an economical option for heat and eat can be challenging and vary based on the amount of meals you order per week or the plan you choose.

Luckily, Freshly is an excellent economical meal delivery option for those wanting a healthy meal without breaking the bank. With Freshly, you save big when you order more meals per week. You can choose between 4-12 meals per week, with your most significant savings at $8.49 per 12 meals. If you need meals for lunch and dinner, this is a great value.

Trifecta is a costly option, averaging at $15/meal. It’s important to note that with Trifecta, you pay a different price based on the plan you choose. Each plan has a different amount of minimum meals, which also influences the prices. However, Trifecta offers free shipping on all plans, which is a major bonus.

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Packaging & Recycling

Packaging matters for customers who want an environmentally-friendly company that reduces waste and promotes recycling. Both Freshly and Trifecta Nutrition put environmental sustainability into practice.

Trifecta’s delivery box is 98% recyclable and mostly plant-based. You can easily dispose of the plant-based insulation and use the nitrogen-based ice packs as plant food. Trifecta sets the example for other heat and eat services when it comes to packaging disposal and recycling.

Freshly uses modified atmospheric packaging to reduce the amount of oxidation that typically causes spoiling. With the use of gels ice packs, meals can be in transit for two days and on your doorstep for up to 12 hours without the worry of spoiling. Insulation is made out of recycled denim that is 85% biodegradable.

Customer Service




The last category in this battle of Freshly and Trifecta is customer service. Often overlooked, the customer service experience is something meal delivery customers always remember.

While you can’t customize Freshly meals, you can easily pause, skip, and cancel your account. You can also make changes to your plan, your weekly meals, and your account. Just be mindful of the weekly deadline.

Trifecta Nutrition is similar to Freshly, and you can simply pause, skip, and cancel your account. You can also modify your account with Trifecta both on the website and the Trifecta app in the MyAccount feature.



Trifecta Nutrition and Freshly are extremely comparable meal delivery services making it a challenge to choose a winner. Overall, we felt that Freshly earned the crown in the battle of Trifecta vs. Freshly for taste, pricing, and meal variety. Freshly has so many delicious meal choices that keep you healthy and strong at a reasonable price.

Choosing between two excellent meal delivery services can be challenging. Here are some helpful hints at what to consider before your next delivery:

Choose Trifecta if you:

  • Live an active lifestyle and need nutritious meals
  • Want a large variety of dietary choices
  • Value the environment and reducing waste
  • Want breakfast, lunch, and dinner choices

Choose Freshly if you:

  • Enjoy unique flavors and trying new cuisines
  • Want a positive customer service experience
  • Want more freedom in choosing your weekly meals
  • Are looking for an economical yet healthy option

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