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For those who are vegan, getting all the right nutrients can be challenging. That’s why a vegan meal delivery service is ideal. With nutritionally balanced meals, they’re ideal for those who don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen. There are a number of vegan meal services available, but which is right for you?

Here we compare some of the best in the market, looking at the quality of ingredients, range of choice, pricing, and tastiness.

Daily Harvest

Best Vegan Meal Delivery Service

Daily Harvest box

With their options starting at just $5.99, we’re rating Daily Harvest as the best value vegan meal delivery service. They also offer a great range of products.

Feedback is that their wide range of vegan products are tasty and wholesome with good sized portions, although some criticism is leveled at the plastic packaging that they use for their products.

Cost ranges from $5.99 to $8.99. Delivers to 95% of the USA.

Key Benefits

  • Only produces vegan meals
  • A-la-carte
  • Mostly organic ingredients
  • Delivered frozen, heat and eat
  • 80 options, including meals, drinks, soups, and flatbreads


Best tasting

sprinly box

Sprinly scores highly thanks to its innovative and tasty meals. Even though there’s a limited selection, the weekly changing menu with new dishes appearing regularly means you shouldn’t get bored. In fact, when it comes to taste, it’s our clear winner.

Sprinly uses the greatest amount of recycled packaging materials at 40% that’s currently available in the vegan food delivery market and all packaging materials are recyclable or compostable.

Alongside taste, reviews praise the good-sized portions, which are more than adequate for an average appetite. However, with an average cost of $17 per meal, they’re not cheap.

Average cost $17. Currently delivers to Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, New Jersey, Delaware, Washington DC, Maryland, Northern Virginia, Nashville, Buffalo and the Greater Chicago Area.

Key Benefits

    • 100% gluten-free, vegan meals
    • 6 meal options per week
    • Weekly changing menu
    • A-la-carte
    • Organic ingredients
    • Delivered fresh, heat and eat

Fresh N Lean

Best Prepared Full Meals

fresh n lean box

When it comes to vegan meal delivery, Fresh N’ Lean does a great job of creating prepared full meals. They offer a wide range of regularly changing vegan meals in their Plant Powered plan, with low carb options available too. When all things are considered: taste, ingredient quality and pricing, they’re the leading vegan meal delivery service in the market, in our opinion.

And it’s not just our opinion. Reviews of their vegan meals are good too, with tastiness being particularly praised. There’s also plenty of plant-based protein in their meals, and portion sizes are suitable for the average appetite.

Average cost $8.40. $85 minimum order. Free delivery to 50 states.

Key Benefits

  • Standard and low carb vegan meals
  • 13 standard vegan and 9 low carb vegan meals
  • All organic ingredients
  • Delivered fresh, heat and eat
  • Menus change weekly


Healthiest Plant Based Meal Delivery

ModifyHealth Vegetarian

ModifyHealth’s mission is to provide “Better Health. Delivered.” and help restore health and wellness through food as medicine. As the #1 doctor and dietitian referred meal delivery service in the US, they are a leader in helping people on their path to health and wellness with a wide variety of plant-based entrees.

ModifyHealth supports better health by providing different meal plans that are “gut-friendly”, low-FODMAP and Mediterranean. Modify Health also ensures gluten-free, organic, non-GMO and fresh vacuum-sealed meals delivered to your door.

Among their Mediterranean and Low FODMAP (i.e. digestive-friendly) meal plans they offer 15+ delicious vegan, plant-based meals. When selecting your meal plan, you simply select your exclusions (“animal protein”, etc.) and you’ll be able to pick from a menu of delicious vegan meals.

Key Benefits

  • 15+ nutritionally-tailored vegan, plant-based meals
  • Meals designed by nutritionists, dietitians, and chefs
  • All entrees are gluten-free and low sodium
  • Delivered fresh in vacuum-sealed packaging, fresh for 7-10 days
  • Organic ingredients with non-GMO produce
  • Quick and convenient – simply heat and eat in under two minutes
  • Choose your meals on their website week to week
  • Full nutritional information and ingredients, so never worry about food allergies again
  • Reasonable prices: $11.75 – $12.50 for entrees
  • Free shipping nationwide means no hidden charges
  • Optional trained dietitian support to help find the right meals for you and to help stay on track


Most Creative Meals

Sakara Box

There’s a reason why Every Plate is advertised as America’s “best value” meal kit. With 11 different meal options to choose from each week, which also includes kid-friendly meals, there’s no denying that at $4.99 per meal this is a real bargain.

Key Benefits

    • 2 Serving minimum, but that leaves you with enough for tomorrow.
    • Save time with quick timings – prepare a tasty meal in less than 30 minutes.
    • Inexpensive meals at $4.99 per meal that don’t compromise quality.
    • Kid-friendly meal options make this the perfect choice for busy single parents.
    • Excellent trust pilot score proves that this meal delivery for one person rocks.

Purple Carrot

purple carrot box

Unlike the other vegan meal delivery companies, Purple Carrot does not use organic ingredients. For those concerned about the environment and their health, this could be an issue. Also unlike the other options, Purple Carrot meals need to be prepared from scratch using pre-measured ingredients.

As the ingredients come individually wrapped, there is some criticism of the amount of packaging used in their delivery packs. And while they claim that most of the packaging is recyclable, it depends on whether local recycling programs will accept the packaging types.

Average cost $10.99 per serving. Ships nationwide.

Key Benefits

    • 100% vegan, some gluten-free options
    • 8 dinners, 2 breakfasts and 3 lunches available, plus snacks
    • Available in servings for two or four, so ideal for families
    • A-la-carte menu
    • Delivered fresh with prepared ingredients for cooking

Green Chef

Green Chef Meal Delivery

For those looking for a complete daily meal package, Green Chef isn’t the option for you, as it offers only seven different dishes. However, it scores well on taste and is 100% organic with USDA certification.

For those who enjoy cooking and have a little more time to spend, Green Chef provides ingredients ready for cooking, rather than heat and option. Their meals can all be prepared and cooked in under 30 minutes. They’re also praised for their portion size, which is larger than most.

Packaging-wise, they’re a little on the heavy side due to the individually wrapped ingredients. However, they do use paper bags rather than plastic where possible, which are from 100% recycled paper, and most of their packaging is recyclable.

$9.99 per meal. Delivers to 47 states and parts of Louisiana.

Key Benefits

    • Vegan and vegetarian options
    • 7 meal options per week
    • USDA certified organic
    • Weekly changing menu
    • Delivered fresh with prepared ingredients for cooking


Hungryroot Box

Hungryroot is a different sort of vegan meal delivery service. Rather than choosing specific meals, you list your preferences and let Hungryroot choose the ingredients. You can also custom choose which items are included in your grocery delivery.

What you receive are individual ingredients that are precut and ready to use in dishes that Hungryroot provides simple, step-by-step instructions for. You can either follow the recipe cards or mix and match ingredients to create your own delicious vegan dishes.

The Hungryroot meal prep philosophy makes it easier to customize meals according to taste preferences and portion size. It’s ideal for vegans who don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, but like the idea of having more versatility than most vegan meal delivery services provide.

The food is fresh, and Hungryroot gets the thumbs up from most of their subscribers. The downside? The fact that they do offer some animal products might go against ethical vegan philosophies and there are no heat and eat options available.

Meal prices vary between $8-$12 per portion, depending on the ingredients you choose. Hungryroot delivers to anywhere in the continental United States. Ground shipping is free. Packages that are shipped via air are charged $10 for shipping.

Key Benefits

    • Vegan and vegetarian ingredients, with plant-based protein options available
    • 10 minute meals are easy to prepare
    • No slicing or dicing, ingredients come ready to use
    • Gluten-free, nut-free, and soy-free options available


Thistle Meal Delivery

Thistle operates under a great philosophy of providing plant-forward meals that are nutritionally balanced with a diverse blend of nutrient-dense foods. Their meals are based around the concept of nutritional consistency, using plant-based ingredients, including plant-based proteins.

Thistle meals are delivered fresh, with no prep needed. The concept behind Thistle is solid, and overall they get solid reviews from their customers. The downside of Thistle is that their service is rather limited.

Thistle only delivers or ships to a specific region of the United States. This is likely to ensure that their meals are fresh when they reach your doorstep. However, if you live outside of their delivery range it really doesn’t matter how great their service is because you simply don’t have access to it.

Thistle earns high marks for taste and freshness but their meal options are a little limited. The option of choosing meals is limited to their local delivery area, with no customization options available for packages that require shipping.

Meals start at $11.50 per service. Thistle offers a limited shipping area that is restricted to the western region of the United States. Thistle delivers locally to several areas of California, and ships meals across California, as well as to Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, and Idaho only.

Key Benefits

    • Meals are delivered fresh, not frozen
    • Meals are fully prepared so all you need to do is heat and eat
    • Thistle offers a range of lunch, dinner, and snack options
    • Organic ingredients and sustainable practices are used whenever possible


Veestro Meal Delivery Box

Veestro is an entirely plant-based vegan meal delivery service. Their strong point is that they offer incredible variety with nearly 50 meal options to choose from. For vegans who are tired of repetitive options, Veestro is a breath of fresh air.

Of course, the real proof is in the quality and overall flavor of the meals. This is where Veestro falls a little flat. While reviews claim the quality of ingredients is standard or better, Veestro doesn’t earn such high marks for taste. Many reviews claim the meals are a little too bland for their liking.

The price of Veestro meals range from $9.90 to $13 based on whether you choose a la carte or one of their meal plan options. Veestro ships anywhere in the continental United States, with free shipping on their meal plan packages.

Key Benefits

    • Veestro meals are delivered frozen to maximize preservation of flavors
    • Simple to prepare, just thaw, heat and eat
    • Completely vegetarian menu is free from animal products
    • Organic ingredients are used whenever possible
    • A la carte and meal plan options available

Splendid Spoon


Some users love Splendid Spoon but others complain about the inconsistent quality of meals, poor quality of packaging, and indifferent customer service.

Again, their meals are not organic, but their packaging is 100% recyclable. The menu doesn’t change so, despite the considerable range of meals available, you could get bored after a while.

Average cost $11.50. No information provided for shipping areas.

Key Benefits

    • 100% vegan and gluten-free soups, smoothies and bowls
    • 27 dinners, 14 smoothies, five ‘reset’ soups
    • Delivered fresh, heat and eat
    • Customizable menu

Buying Guide

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Vegan Vs Vegetarian

Although many people use the terms interchangeably, there are nutritional and philosophical differences between vegan and vegetarian diets. If you’re choosing a vegan lifestyle simply for the health benefits then these differences might not matter as much as they would for someone who chooses veganism for ethical reasons.

Your own personal feeling about this should help guide your choice in vegan meal delivery options. Meal delivery services that offer vegetarian options might still contain animal products, including dairy. Vegan options are free of any ingredients from animal sources.

As an example, Veestro, which is a plant-forward meal delivery service has both vegetarian and vegan meal options. Splendid Spoon, on the other hand, offers only vegan options.

Gluten-Free Vegan Options

More people are eating gluten-free due to personal preferences and health reasons. Gluten-free and vegan diets can go hand in hand, as long as you’re careful about certain ingredients, such as wheat and gluten that can be hidden in spices and sauces.

If you have a gluten sensitivity, it’s always best to check with the company directly about their ingredients and practices. Sprinly and Green Chef are two examples of vegan meal delivery that are also gluten-free.

Organic Vegan Ingredients

Most meal delivery services are forthcoming with whether they use organic ingredients, however many will simply say that they include them as much as possible. If it’s important to you that your food comes from organic sources, it’s worth taking the time to read the FAQs and even contact the company directly for information about their ingredients.

Green Chef uses USDA certified ingredients but other services like Hungryroot are a little less forthcoming.

Meal Prep Kits Vs Heat and Eat

Meal delivery falls into a couple of different categories – meals you simply heat and eat, and those that require some level of prep and cooking. The one you choose is a matter of personal preference but this is a factor that’s important to consider before committing.

If you like the idea of tossing a nutritious meal into the microwave and calling it good, you’ll enjoy a service like Daily Harvest. If you like to feel like you have a bit more control over the final product and enjoy spending a little time in the kitchen, you’re more likely to enjoy a service like Hungryroot.

Meal Variety and Taste

Of course, using a vegan meal delivery service is only satisfying if you actually enjoy the meals. Personal tastes and preferences vary so widely but you’ll get a pretty good idea of quality and taste simply by reading a few reviews. Look at where the majority of a company’s reviews hover and pay less attention to the outliers.

For example, Veestro reviews lead you to think their food is bland and lifeless. If you have a sensitive palate or don’t like a lot of spice, this might be the one service you prefer. However, if taste is a major factor, a winner like Sprinly is going to deliver a more satisfying experience.

Bottom Line

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There are so many great options for vegan meal delivery that it’s difficult to choose the very best. Fresh N Lean was our overall winner, but others like Daily Harvest and Sakara come really close.

For vegan meal delivery, freshness is crucial, as is flavor and nutritional quality. This list should provide you with a little insight to help you choose the best meal delivery service for supporting your vegan lifestyle.

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