The Best Weight Loss Meal Delivery Services

Weight Loss Meal Delivery

For most of us, losing weight isn’t easy. If only it came off as easily as it came on, but unfortunately, this isn’t the reality. One of the biggest challenges people face when following a weight loss plan is finding a meal plan that is enjoyable, satisfying, and hassle-free. Weight loss meal delivery plans can help. 

The best meal delivery services for dramatic weight loss can help you with this challenge, but there are so many out there that it becomes hard to choose. Which weight loss meal plan will help you achieve your weight loss goals? Here is a rundown of some of the most popular services.



ModifyHealth Vegetarian

ModifyHealth’s mission is to provide “Better Health. Delivered.” and help restore health and wellness through food as medicine. As the #1 doctor and dietitian referred meal delivery service in the US, they are a leader in helping people on their path to health and weight loss through a nutritionally designed meal plan.

If you’re looking to achieve your weight loss goals, ModifyHealth is a great option as they provide both nutritionally tailored meals for weight loss along with optional dietitian coaching and support.

Their Mediterranean diet meal plan is designed by expert nutritionists, dietitians, and chefs. ModifyHealth offers healthy, Mediterranean-inspired meals (all under 550 calories) that are ideal for a sustainable weight loss plan. In fact, the Mediterranean diet has been named the #1 best overall diet by US News & World Report for the last five years in a row as it promotes health, wellness, and healthy weight loss.

All their prepared meals are vacuum-sealed, allowing food to stay fresh for 7-10 days, a huge improvement over the standard 4-5 days. They can also be frozen for up to 3 months for added convenience.

Their dietitians give you the added reassurance and support you need to help you meet your weight loss goals, setting ModifyHealth above the competitors. Healthy, fresh, quality foods delivered to your door!

Key Benefits

  • Nutritionally-tailored Mediterranean-inspired meals (550 calories or less)
  • Meals designed by nutritionists, dietitians, and chefs
  • Supports healthy weight loss with dietitian guidance
  • All entrees are gluten-free and low sodium
  • Delivered fresh in vacuum-sealed packaging
  • Organic ingredients with non-GMO produce
  • Quick and convenient – simply heat and eat in under two minutes
  • Choose your meals on their website week to week
  • Great variety with 33+ Mediterranean entrees available
  • Both animal protein and vegetarian options are available
  • Full nutritional information and ingredients, so never worry about food allergies again
  • Reasonable prices: $11.75 – $12.50 for entrees
  • Free shipping nationwide means no hidden charges
  • Optional trained dietitian support to help find the right meals for you and to help you stay on track



BistroMD box

There is no one size fits all approach to weight loss, which makes it challenging to discover the exact plan that will work for you. Some weight loss meal services offer a singular plan and approach, which isn’t going to work for every person wanting to shed pounds and lose weight. BistroMD is different.

BistroMD offers many different programs and meal plan options, including separate plans for men and women, which can be further customized to meet your needs. You also have the support of registered dieticians to help guide your weight loss journey.

BistroMD wins the top spot for its many great reviews, and great tasting prepared meals, along with a few other reasons.

Key Benefits

  • Incredible variety with 150 different meal options
  • Supports traditional weight loss programs without gimmicks
  • Free and easy access to support from registered dieticians
  • Heat-and-eat meals are fast and simple to prepare (although they come frozen, not fresh)
  • Variety of individualized plans, including gluten-free, heart-healthy, menopause, and diabetic

Splendid Spoon


Splendid Spoon Box

Splendid Spoon is designed to provide nutritious meals to help its customers develop and stick to healthy eating habits. Splendid Spoon’s meals are completely plant-based, which makes their complete reset meal plan one of the best weight loss programs for anyone living the vegan lifestyle. 

Splendid Spoon offers a menu of more than fifty calorie-conscious meals that will help you lose weight without sacrificing nutrition. 

The meals are light and portable, making it easy to enjoy healthy food no matter where you are. They’re also a “mostly” organic meal delivery service. Not all of their meals are organic, but they do use organic produce where it really counts. They focus on using organic produce for anything on the EWG’s Dirty Dozen List. For the rest of their foods, they used the freshest seasonal ingredients, with a focus on pure quality, freshness, and nutrition. 

For weight loss, we really like Splendid Spoon’s Reset Meal Plan. It includes seven days’ worth of breakfast, lunch, and dinners. This includes seven smoothies, seven soup & grain bowls, and seven noodle bowls. This saves you precious time on meal prep, fills your belly with healthy meals, and eliminates processed foods from your diet. 

Key Benefits

  • USDA- Certified Organic ingredients, especially when it comes to the “dirty dozen” ingredients
  • Meals are packed with fruits, vegetables, and whole grains
  • All meals are dairy-free with zero preservatives and are great for people with dietary restrictions 
  • The Reset option is available with all three meals daily or a lunch and breakfast option only
  • Balanced nutrition and great-tasting meal solutions to help you lose weight

Diet Direct


Diet Direct box

Adding meal replacements, such as shakes and bars, to your diet can be an effective way of keeping your weight loss goals on track. If you’ve ever tasted a meal replacement shake, you already know they’re not all created equal. Taste, texture, and nutritional content are important, and Diet Direct is a weight-loss service that follows through on all three.

While Diet Direct does offer some whole meals and desserts, their focus is on meal replacement shakes, bars, and snacks. According to reviews, their quality is top-notch, leaving users satisfied. With three separate plans to choose from, Diet-To-Go also offers one of the most economical meal replacement options.

Key Benefits

  • Three different tiered subscriptions to meet your needs
  • Offers mostly shakes, bars, drinks, and snacks for meal replacement, although some meals and desserts are available
  • Excellent reviews for taste, quality, and customer service
  • Caters to special diets, including low sodium, diabetic, and products designed for individuals who have had bariatric surgery
  • Specialized plan for the increased nutritional needs of nursing mothers who are focusing on postpartum health and safe weight loss


MamaSezz Meal Delivery

Mamasezz is one of the leading whole food, plant-based meal delivery services in the United States. Their premise isn’t built around weight loss per se but rather supporting a healthy lifestyle through delicious, nutritional, and easy meals.

A lot of others offer limited vegan selections, and this is where Mamasezz stands out. Those following a vegan lifestyle will be pleased with the variety of plant-based, vegan options, as well as the taste and quality of each dish.

Key Benefits

  • Free shipping for bundles (except to Hawaii and Alaska), but shipping prices vary for a la carte selections based on location and order total.
  • Limited customization, but Mamasezz does offer two substitutions per bundle.
  • All meals are gluten-free and dairy-free with zero preservatives
  • Bundles offer the most economical option
  • Mamasezz has excellent user reviews across the board.

Trifecta Nutrition

Trifecta Nutrition Meal delivery Program

Trifecta Nutrition is a science-backed weight loss meal service that’s designed to help you reach your weight loss and healthy eating goals, regardless of which diet plan you’re following.

Meal plans are carefully designed, using organic and sustainable ingredients whenever possible. Trifecta offers plans for some of today’s most popular dietary programs.

Key Benefits

  • Specialized plans for Keto, Paleo, clean eating, vegetarian, and vegan diets
  • While meals are heat-and-eat, Trifecta Nutrition offers additional prep instructions to optimize flavor and texture.
  • Premium subscribers have access to the Trifecta App
  • Choose from a specialized  chef’s choice meal plan or a la carte options
  • Limited options for customization within meal plans


Diet to go box

The Diet-To-Go website claims that its Balance program has been helping people reach their weight loss goals for 25 years. Obviously, they’re doing something right. The premise here is simple. Provide people with healthy, balanced, prepared meals made from real food to help them reach their weight loss and healthy lifestyle goals.

Key Benefits

  • Several dietary meal plans, including the popular Balance program, along with keto, vegetarian, and diabetic meal programs
  • Meal plans provide 2 to 3 meals per day.
  • Resources and support from their team of registered dieticians, nutritionists, and certified health coaches
  • Solid user reviews, except for a few less-than-stellar reviews for their Keto program option

Blue Apron​

Blue Apron Meal Delivery

Many people are familiar with Blue Apron. As one of the most popular meal delivery options today, it’s easy to find all sorts of information and reviews about Blue Apron, but are their meal kits really designed to help you lose weight? 

Blue Apron offers a small selection of low-calorie WeightWatchers-approved meal kits. Currently, the selection isn’t huge. There are about three different easy-to-follow recipes that fall in the WeightWatchers Approved, calorie-smart category. 

If you want more variety than these few meals, you can choose a classic meal plan and just pay extra close attention to the nutritional information to make sure the meal is aligned with the calorie count and macro balance that will help you lose weight. Blue Apron also offers a small Wellness Menu, where you have both meal kit options and a few pre-made meals, 

Are Blue Apron meal kits worth it if you want to lose weight? We think so. Blue Apron focuses on delicious meals created with a healthy nutritional balance. While not specifically a weight loss meal delivery service, Blue Apron does offer a selection of Weight Watchers meals each week.

Key Benefits

  • Meal options feature tags such as carb-conscious and Weight Watchers-friendly (500 calories or less) to simplify menu choices.
  • Vegetarian and diabetic options are available.
  • Fresh food requires some food prep.
  • Mixed reviews, with complaints regarding customer service and bland food

Fresh N Lean

fresh n lean box

One of Fresh N Lean‘s strong points is that they offer plans for an impressive range of healthy eating lifestyles. They offer plans for trending eating plans, including Paleo and Keto, as well as two separate vegan options (standard and low carb).

If you’re looking for a weight loss meal delivery service that allows you to click an option and be done with, Fresh N Lean is a simple, streamlined service that’s easy to use.

Key Benefits

  • Limited customization, but you can choose up to 3 ingredients to exclude from your menu
  • Gluten-free kitchen, and the option to note additional food allergies and sensitivities you want to avoid
  • Heat and eat meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Reviews lead you to believe there are some inconsistencies with the quality
  • Free Shipping


Nutrisystem meal delivery

Nutrisystem is another company that benefits from brand recognition. Many people who have researched weight loss plans are familiar with the Nutrisystem name. To complement their weight loss plan, Nutrisystem offers 4-week plans that include up to 6 nutritionally balanced meals per day.

Key Benefits

  • Three separate plan options with varying degrees of customization
  • Diabetic, vegetarian, men’s, and Uniquely Yours plan options
  • More than 100 meal options to choose from
  • Offers a combination of fresh and frozen options
  • Less than stellar reviews for customer service and overall quality


Mediafast Box

Medifast is a company that promotes a medical, science-backed approach to weight loss. They employ a scientific advisory board that reviews Medifast menus for nutritional balance and weight loss, supporting effectiveness.


Key Benefits

  • Specialized plans for gluten-free diets, diabetics, vegetarian lifestyles, nursing mothers, and seniors over the age of 65
  • Mixed reviews for quality and customer service
  • Limited meal options in each plan
  • Plans include a mixture of shakes, bars, and one standard meal per day
  • Option to connect with a nutritional coach

South Beach Diet

South Beach Diet Box

The South Beach Diet weight loss meal delivery service is designed to complement the popular dietary eating plan by the same name. The South Beach Diet is a keto-friendly program that boasts the ability to transform your metabolism into a fat-burning machine.

The South Beach Diet meal service is really best suited for those who religiously follow the diet. It can be somewhat limiting for followers of the keto lifestyle who have zero interest in processed food.


Key Benefits

  • Keto-friendly meal plans, but limited for those that follow a vegan lifestyle or have special dietary needs
  • Four plans to choose from, including a 1-week body reboot
  • Special diabetic plan, although it costs more than their base Silver plan
  • Poor user reviews for taste, quality, and presentation of food

Buying Guide

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Of course, when you put effort into any weight loss plan, you want to be successful. Weight loss meal delivery services can help you stay focused on your goals by providing you with tasty, nutritious, and balanced meals that take the stress and pressure off of meal prep.

With so many of these types of services out there, it can be hard to choose. Here are a few key points to consider when choosing the best service for your health goals.

Weight Loss Program Specific

If you’ve found a weight loss program that works for you, one of the most important details to consider is if they cater to your specific plan. Some services, like the South Beach Diet, are focused very specifically on one diet, while others offer more variety and versatility.

For example, BistroMD and Trifecta Nutrition both offer a range of plans to meet special dietary needs while supporting weight loss, and Blue Apron offers a few WW Approved Calorie Smart meals. If you follow a special diet, whether it’s keto, paleo, low fat, or for a specific health condition, make sure you take the time to carefully review each service’s menu options and plans.

Specialty Diets & Food Preferences

You don’t need to be following one of the popular weight loss programs to want a service that caters to your special dietary needs and food preference. This is a huge consideration when choosing a meal delivery solution for helping you lose weight. 

You might need a service that offers a good selection of gluten-free meals or low-carb meals. If you follow a plant-based diet, a more specialized plan, like low-carb vegan, might be helpful to you. High-protein meals are going to be more important for you. 

Eating to lose weight often involves eating low-calorie meals and controlling your food intake, but you also need to follow a nutritious diet. A service that offers meals designed with the help of a registered dietitian is typically going to be the most nutritionally balanced, 

It might also be important for you to choose an organic meal delivery service or one that has environmentally clean and ethical standards regarding how they source their ingredients. Services that offer whole foods, lean protein, and grass-fed meats, like grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, and sustainable sourced seafood, are usually quick to mention their standards on their website. 

Success Stories

Success stories are great for inspiring to keep you focused on your goals. It’s super helpful when a weight loss meal delivery service provides some of these stories of lost weight right on their site, so you don’t have to go on a hunt to find them.

For an example of what we’re talking about, check out the personal success stories from BistroMD. They share success stories of how people have truly transformed their life by losing body weight and developing healthier lifestyle habits. 

Prepared Meals Vs. Meal Prep

How busy are you, and what level of convenience are you looking for? Most companies offer either ready-to-eat meals or those that require prep. Very few offer both.

Many of the services on this list are heat and eat only. One exception is Blue Apron, which is one of the meal prep services that delivers prepped ingredients in the form of a meal kit to your doorstep.

Each meal delivery kit requires a little time in the kitchen but tastes fresher than frozen, pre-packaged meals. Sometimes, it’s also nice to feel like you’re eating your own meals rather than something that comes straight from a package – even when it’s from a company that specializes in chef-prepared meals. 

Fresh Vs. Frozen

The next question you need to ask yourself is how important fresh vs. frozen is to you. For those companies that get top reviews for taste and quality, even their frozen meals seem to please, although fresh meals are generally better where taste is concerned.

Veestro is an example of a service that offers frozen meals where the quality remains solid, but users claim the taste is a little bland. BistroMD is also frozen but gets high marks for taste and quality across the board on most meals. 

Whichever you choose, what really matters is that they use only the freshest ingredients. Taste and quality are key, especially with low-calorie meals. 

Meal Variety & Taste

Finally, one of the biggest challenges of sticking to any weight loss plan is boredom. If you’re looking for a couple of weeks’ worth of meals to help you lose just a few pounds, then variety might not be an issue.

If you’re in it for the long haul, then variety and taste are crucial. You should figure that you’re going to have at least up to three meals delivered in your weekly box. If you order more than that, then variety and taste are even more important. 

BistroMD, with over 150 meal options, is great for variety, as is Diet Direct, which offers a variety of snacks and drinks to banish some of the typical meal boredom and fatigue that can set in. Prepared

Bottom Line

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What’s the bottom line? The best meal delivery service for weight loss for you depends on your weight loss goals, your dietary preferences, and how many meals delivered you’d like each week. The ones listed here, like BistroMD, Splendid Spoon, and Diet Direct, are great first options to consider.

Losing weight takes determination and stamina. The best weight loss meal delivery service can be a great partner in helping you achieve and maintain your weight loss goals.

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