What is the Healthiest Meal Delivery Service

What is The Healthiest Meal Delivery Service

When you’re on the run, it can be hard to eat healthy consistently. After all, restaurant takeout isn’t always the healthiest meal. If you are looking for easy healthy eating, meal delivery services are the answer. Meal delivery services drop healthy, fresh meals right at your doorstep. However, there are many healthy food delivery services, so let’s talk about Trifecta, the best of the group.


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Trifecta is a prepared meal delivery service offering meal plans designed to help you eat healthily, lose weight, and gain muscle. They pride themselves on their science-backed rotating plans to assist you in achieving your goals. Trifecta is the chosen meal plan service of Bodybuilding, UFC, and Crossfit Champions, so you can be sure you’re getting the healthiest meals every time. 

History and Mission

Greg and Elizabeth Connolly founded trifecta on the foundation of maintaining three areas of health that are interdependent on each other- body, mind, and social. They believe that to achieve goals in each of these areas of health, you must also work on the others. That is why they set out to provide the fuel your mind, body, and social health needs to excel. 

Trifecta’s mission is to cancel the possibility of diet failure by delivering healthiness right to your door. Leave the grocery shopping, menu, meal prep, and cooking to Trifecta so that you can focus on your life.

Dietary Options

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Trifecta does a really good job of respecting dietary restrictions and preferences. They have menus that include paleo, clean eating, keto, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free, in addition to their classic and a la carte menus. Each of their menus has various options, not just one or two meals like some other companies.

Trifecta offers oven-ready meals that are designed to help you eat healthier. No matter your dietary preferences, they have something you can work with to meet your goals.

Meal Selection

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The chefs at Trifecta design a unique menu every week for each plan option. Let’s take a sample look at three meals from each. 

Trifecta Classic


When you choose the classic plan, you get to select the meals that sound good. The classic menu includes egg scramble with sausage and potatoes for breakfast, flat iron steak, sweet potatoes, and mixed vegetables for lunch. For dinner, salmon, brown rice, and mixed vegetables is a popular option. 

It is important to note that the other menu plans are rotating, featuring the chef’s choice of meals. Below are some of the sample meals you might see on those menus. 

Trifecta Clean Eating

Clean Eating 

Typical meals on the clean eating plan would be a pineapple coconut loaf for breakfast, salmon and wild rice for lunch, and chicken pesto pasta.

Trifecta Paleo

Paleo Diet

A sample of the paleo menu includes a chicken sausage and egg scramble with sweet potatoes for breakfast, citrus glazed roasted chicken breast with asparagus for lunch, and Korean beef bulgogi with seasonal vegetables for dinner. 

Trifecta Keto


A keto menu focuses on low carb with high fat and protein with dishes such as turkey bacon, cheddar, and spinach frittata for breakfast, beanless chili con carne with cheese for lunch, and grilled pesto salmon with sauteed veggies for dinner. 

Trifecta Vegetarian

Vegetarian Options

Trifecta offers plant-based meals with sample dishes that include veggie frittata for breakfast, crispy tofu with vegetables and quinoa for lunch, and a Beyond Beef skilled with sauteed vegetables for dinner. 

Trifecta Vegan


Sample vegan recipes include oatmeal walnut berry bake for breakfast, garlic pasta with mixed produce for lunch, and roasted brussel sprouts in a tangy sauce with quinoa for dinner. 

All of the meals are portioned for healthy appetites, but they’re not so generous that you have to worry about food waste. Not sure which menu or meal plan to pick? Trifecta has a five-minute quiz to match you to the perfect plan for you.

Nutritional Quality

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Every dish at Trifecta is curated with nutrition in mind and is backed by science. They provide macro-balanced meals and are transparent with the exact breakdown on every dish, including calorie count and the level of fat, protein, and carbs. 

Trifecta only uses lean proteins with 10% fat or less and includes protein, veggies, and carbs in each meal. Unlike your usual takeout order, Trifecta isn’t loaded with refined sugar or any of the other nasty stuff you want to avoid in your healthy lifestyle. 


Trifecta pays close attention to quality and only uses grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, grass-fed bison, sustainably wild-caught seafood and fish, and seasonal, organic ingredients. They also refrain from using any soy, dairy, or GMOs in their healthy meals, and they’re completely gluten-free.


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Trifecta doesn’t skimp on flavor with their fully prepared meals. Just because they are one of the healthy meal delivery services doesn’t mean that their ready-to-eat meals are tasteless and boring.

All of the meals at Trifecta are exclusive recipes from chef Mario Limaduran who has Michelin-level culinary training and a Bachelor of Science degree in Culinary Nutrition. He is continually developing new recipes and striving to make healthy meals that are delicious.

Thousands of customers agree that Trifecta has some mouthwatering flavors that bring a whole new level to meal prepping. Trifecta has countless five-star reviews, most of which mention their great flavor. If you’re looking for fresh ingredients packed into a dish that tastes like a home-cooked meal, the entire menu is packed with mouthwatering, nourishing meals to choose from.


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When people think of healthy meal delivery services with upscale ingredients like organic produce and specialized recipes like paleo meals, they think the cost will be through the roof. However, the price of Trifecta beats the cost of the same food at popular chain restaurants and what’s better is that it is far healthier than those places as well.

Trifecta meal plans start at $109 per week. The a la carte menu comes out to about $6 per meal with a minimum delivery amount of $119 (20 meals). As you can see, you might be able to cook at home for less, but their prices are lower than eating out, and they do all of the shopping, planning, and cooking for you.

The cost of Trifecta is also saving you loads of time and keeping you on track to reach your goals. Considering this, price is another reason why we love Trifecta as one of the best meal delivery services for healthy lifestyles.

Trifecta Alternatives

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Green Chef Meal Delivery

We love Trifecta as a healthy food subscription service, but that doesn’t mean that they’re everybody’s cup of tea. Trifecta offers tasty meals that are fully prepared and ready to pop in the oven or microwave. You might prefer getting your hands dirty with a healthy meal kit that requires just a bit of prep and time devoted to the cooking process.

Green Chef, Purple Carrot, and Sun Basket are just a few examples of companies that offer healthy meal kits to their customers. Green Chef has some great options as a meal kit service, including vegan, dairy-free meals with simple cooking techniques. Sun Basket offers both meal kits and a good selection of prepared meals per week.

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Perhaps you want to go in the opposite direction and are looking for healthy food delivered that’s even simpler than Trifecta. Daily Harvest meals are super healthy and super simple. Options include easy vegan meals like their harvest bowls or oat and chia bowls. For super simple and healthy, Daily Harvest has it mastered.

Try Trifecta

Skip the grocery store, meal planning, frozen meals, and cooking, and try Trifecta to reach your nutrition goals. Trifecta really is the best healthy meal delivery service.

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