The Best Whole30 Meal Delivery Services

Whole30 meal delivery is the perfect solution to finding delicious Whole30 approved meals without all the meal planning, shopping, and cooking. There are currently five companies that provide Whole30 meals delivered to your door.

Which is the best?

We’ll compare the options, give you all the important details like pricing, meal variety, ingredient quality, and taste, of course!

The Good Kitchen

Best Whole30 Meal Delivery Service

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The Good Kitchen offers three different plans: the Convenience Plan, the Auto-Cook Plan, and the All-In Plan, which are designed for different family sizes and different numbers of meals. For example, the Convenience Plan offers ten meals for one person while the All-In Plan provides one person with 21 meals per week, so three meals a day, or a family with one meal a day. The Good Kitchen comes out as the overall favorite thanks to a combination of pricing, menu choices, and the quality of ingredients. Average cost $13.00 per meal. Free delivery to 48 states. Delivers to 50 states.

Key Benefits

    • Whole30 approved
    • 100% grass-fed and finished beef, pasture-raised poultry, pork, eggs, lamb and turkey, and Seafood Watch compliant seafood
    • 14 Whole30 meal options each week
    • Meals are shipped frozen
    • Heat and eat for easy preparation


Best Value

Cooked Dinner Package 450

Cooked offers a range of meal packages all of which are suitable for one person. There’s a choice of just dinner or lunch and dinner packages, available in four or seven day options. One protein substitution can be made. They also offer an a la carte option, where you can choose your meal options. 

Cooked comes out at best value thanks to its competitive pricing, although it’s available in limited states.

Key Benefits

    • Whole30 approved
    • Organic fruit and vegetables, antibiotic and growth hormone-free pork, poultry and beef, sustainably sourced salmon
    • 20 Whole30 meal options each week
    • Meals are shipped fresh
    • Heat and eat for easy preparation

Eat The 80

Best Tasting

Eat the 80 Meal Delivery

Eat the 80 offers a la carte only rather than meal plans, allowing you to tailor each week’s deliveries to your personal tastes. It’s range of flavors and innovative Whole30 meals means that it comes out on top when it comes to taste.

Average cost $13-14 meal, depending on order size. $5 delivery. Delivers to 48 states.

Key Benefits

    • Whole30 approved
    • 100% grass-fed beef, antibiotic and hormone-free chicken and pork, wild-caught fish
    • 13 Whole30 options each week
    • Meals are shipped fresh
    • Heat and eat for easy preparation

Whole30 Approved Online Grocers

In addition to Whole30 meal dinner kits, there are a couple of companies that deliver Whole30 groceries. This will help to get you stock your pantry with Whole30 essentials and snacks for your Whole30 journey.

Barefoot Provisions

Barefoot Provisions Meal Delivery

Prices vary dependent on the products selected. Boxes range from $24.75 to $195.75 and contain a wide range of Whole30 products.

Key Benefits

    • Whole30 approved
    • Provides a range of kits and packages
    • Snacks and individual products available

Thrive Market

Thrive Market Box

Free shipping on orders over $49.00

Key Benefits

    • Whole30 starter kit contains 10 products to overhaul your pantry
    • Organic products
    • Membership website, with prices at 25% to 50% off retail prices

No longer supplying Whole30

There are a number of suppliers who used to offer Whole30 meal delivery but no longer do.

Blue Apron used to offer an eight-week program of Whole30 approved meals, but have since removed this option from their website.

Although Whole30 is still listed on the Kettlebell Kitchen website, as of 2019, it is no longer in business. True Fare has also stopped meal delivery. Again it’s still listed on the website but all of the meals are shown as sold out.

Buying Guide

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What is Whole30?

Whole30 is a diet similar to Paleo, where only real, whole foods such as meat, seafood, eggs, fruit and vegetables, natural fats and natural seasonings are consumed. If the food is not whole and unprocessed, the ingredients list should be simple and easily recognizable to the layperson.

There are a number of natural food groups that are completely omitted from Whole30. These include all grains, such as wheat, bulgar, and corn, sprouted grains, and even gluten-free grains such as quinoa and buckwheat. Bran, germ, and starch are frequently added to foods, so it’s important to read labels to ensure that you don’t accidentally consume banned foods.

Legumes are also banned, as are peanuts and all forms of soy. Nuts are allowed in moderation. Dairy is another banned food group. Carrageenan, MSG and sulfites are also restricted products.

Because of the dietary restrictions and the many ways that these banned ingredients are added to processed foods, it is easier to purchase Whole30 approved meal delivery kits than to try to purchase products from supermarkets. Although, if you enjoy cooking from scratch, the Whole30 grocery delivery options are an ideal solution.

How does Whole30 differ from Paleo?

It differs in that while Paleo is designed to be a whole life eating plan, Whole30, as its name suggests, is designed to be a short term measure, lasting thirty days. It aims to ‘reset’ eating patterns so that they become healthier. It can be particularly useful after periods of over-indulgence, such as Christmas.

As Whole30 cuts out many food groups, it is useful for those of you who have concerns about whether certain foods are having a negative impact on your health. Once you have completed the Whole30 process you can gradually reintroduce foods such as wheat and dairy to your diet.

Unlike Paleo, which allows natural sugars to be added to food, Whole30 also cuts out all-natural sugars. This includes maple syrup, honey, agave, coconut sugar, date syrup, monk fruit extract, and stevia, plus all artificial sweeteners.

Preparation and cooking skills required

As you may have spotted from the key features of each of these Whole30 meal delivery companies, all offer heat and eat options, which mean minimal preparation time. All of them can be heated in the microwave in around three minutes, as well as in the oven in around twenty minutes.

As already listed, some of these companies offer fresh Whole30 meals, while others provide their meals frozen. The benefit of frozen is that they will keep longer should you not use them up before your next delivery. Many of the fresh meals can be frozen to extend their shelf life and cooked from frozen.

Organic and ethical credentials

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the ethos of Whole30, ethically and sustainably sourced food underpins the menu ingredients of every one of these meal delivery kit suppliers. The majority of fruits and vegetables in these meals are organic and often locally sourced.

All meat is ethically raised, with beef and lamb being typically 100% grass-fed, and all are free from hormones and antibiotics. In addition, all animals are allowed to roam and display natural behaviors. This makes for happy and healthy animals and high-quality food.

A la carte vs plans

While some Whole30 meal delivery companies offer preset plans, many also provide a la carte menus, where you can select the meals that tempt you. While preset plans offer convenience and speedy ordering, you may receive meals that don’t appeal, although some of these meal delivery companies allow you to set preferences.

Where meals are a la carte, they often differ in price, while preset plans will have a fixed cost per meal, often making them more economical.

Bottom Line

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Whole30 meal delivery is the ideal solution for those of you looking to follow a Whole30 plan without meal planning, shopping, and cooking every day. While there are a number of Whole30 meal delivery suppliers the clear winner is The Good Kitchen, thanks to its combination of menu choices, pricing, and the quality of the ingredients used in its meals.

The runners up in this category are Cooked, thanks to its lower prices, and Eat the 80 for the best tasting meals.

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