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Wild Alaskan Company is a seafood delivery service that delivers high-quality, sustainable, and ethical seafood selections right to your door. Built on three generations of a love for fishing in Bristol Bay, the Wild Alaskan Company proves that you can provide delicious, fresh seafood and care about ethics and sustainability at the same time. Wild Alaskan Company is a subscription based seafood delivery service, meaning that you get recurring shipments on your terms. We were curious if their wild caught seafood was as good as we had heard, so we decided to try it for ourselves. Here are our thoughts and how we rate their service on everything from seafood variety and sustainability, to cost, packaging, and more.

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Seafood Variety

The Wild Alaskan Company offers three monthly boxes to choose from. You choose the style of box you want, and they do the rest by filling it with various types of wild caught fish that are currently available.

Because Wild Alaskan Company works only with sustainable fisheries in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, you don’t always get the insane variety of seafood you might have access to with other seafood delivery services. However, this isn’t a bad thing.

Instead, with each piece of wild caught Alaskan fish, you know that the company is focusing on quality, sustainability, and ethics over quantity. If you want to eat healthy and clean, the variety of high quality fish they offer is perfect.

With a Wild Alaskan Company box subscription, you can choose to focus on just one type of fish – either salmon or white fish, or you can go for the Wild Combo mix, which offers more variety. If you’re looking for a specific fish that you don’t see included any of their subscription boxes, you can contact them directly for more information on if it’s something they’re able to provide in the future.

Wild Salmon Box

wild salmon boxIf you absolutely love salmon, the Wild Salmon Box is going to be tops on your list. The types of wild Alaskan salmon that have been included in these boxes include Coho Salmon and Sockeye Salmon. There’s currently no mention of King Salmon on their list. While you might not be able to choose whether you receive Coho Salmon or Sockeye Salmon, sometimes you can find both of them in the extra add-ons portion of their menu.

Many in the industry consider these to be the best salmon to come from local waters. With your Wild Salmon Box, you can choose to receive either twelve or twenty-four 6-ounce portions of wild caught salmon with each delivery.

Pro Tip: If you choose the Wild Salmon Box, make sure you check out the recipe section of their website and look for the extra delicious salmon cakes.

Wild White Fish Box

wild white fish box cropThe Wild White Fish Box is perfect for people who enjoy fresh fish but maybe don’t want so much salmon in their life. There’s a really good variety of wild white fish that you’ll receive in this box, and it all comes in vacuum sealed individually wrapped portions.

What will arrive in your box will depend on the fresh, wild caught fish that’s currently available, but some common selections include Pacific Halibut, Pacific Cod, Pacific Rockfish, and Wild Alaska Pollock.

Adding fresh fish to your diet, like the varieties included in this box, is a great way to eat healthier and try new dishes. There are lots of great recipes on their website, but we’re big fans of the Pacific Halibut with Tangy Aioli.

Wild Combo Box

wild combo box cropThe Wild Combo Box is the most popular selection, which isn’t surprising since it offers a little bit of everything. Like the other two boxes, it’s available in either twelve or twenty four 6-ounce portions of wild caught Alaskan fish. This box includes selections from both the salmon and white fish boxes. Selections will vary depending on current availability.

Exclusive Member Specials

WildA Alaskan CrabEach month the Wild Alaskan Company offers a selection of wild caught fish and seafood that their members can add on to their boxes for an additional charge. Member exclusives generally start at about $40 and may include selections such as spot prawns, Dungeness crab, cold smoked sockeye salmon, and weathervane scallops.


The Wild Alaskan Company is a family business with roots that are generations deep in sustainable seafood. When comparing farmed fish to wild caught fish, such as wild caught salmon vs farm raised salmon, you often hear that nutritionally, they’re nearly identical, Which makes you wonder, what the big deal is.

Some research shows that farmed fish may be higher in contaminants than wild caught fish. This is almost always due to poor farming conditions. Still, there’s a misconception that exists that the opposite is true. You always want to consider the type of fish, since some are more prone to contamination than others, but overall, there’s a strong argument that wild caught seafood is healthier overall. The Wild Alaskan Company knows this, but their purpose and mission goes beyond contamination. It’s also highly centered around sustainability.

Wild Alaskan Company Kallenberg Family Boat

One of the reasons that farm-raised fish became popular in the first place was that the process was thought to preserve the natural habitats and populations of fish in oceans and lakes. On the flip side, farming fish can actually create more stress on the environment and do little to protect and preserve the population balance of fish in their natural habitats.

The Wild Alaskan Company adheres to something called the sustained yield principle. Basically, this means that you don’t take more than can naturally be replaced. Ideally, the ecosystem is balanced to the point that it naturally sustains itself and the current population level. Wild fishing can help with this by preventing overpopulation.

All of Wild Alaskan Company’s fish is fresh caught, and never farmed. You’ll never find farmed salmon or whitefish in any of their boxes. Additionally, they work only with sustainably managed fisheries to further preserve the earth’s natural resources.


Wild Alaskan Company Arron Kallenberg alaska

Wild Alaskan Company Prices & Coupons

When you first sign up with Wild Alaskan Company, you’ll be asked to choose one of three seafood boxes. The size of the box you choose, and any extras that you add on will determine the cost of your recurring subscription.

All boxes in the Wild Alaskan Company subscription plans are priced the same. This is really convenient in the event you decide you want to change your monthly delivery to a different box. Currently, the twelve portion boxes are priced at $145 ( a little over $12 per serving), and the twenty-four piece boxes are priced at $267 ( a little over $11 for a six-ounce serving).


(6 oz. portions)

12 Packs


24 Packs


At first glance, Wild Alaskan Company’s prices might seem a little steep compared to what you typically see when grocery shopping. However, if you were to go to a quality fish market, you’d see prices that are similar. Plus, with the cost of food in general on the rise, these prices don’t seem too far out of the norm – especially when you consider the high quality of delicious seafood you’re receiving every month.

Speaking of monthly deliveries, the Wild Alaskan Company typically ships their boxes on a monthly basis, but if your plans change, they do have other options available. It’s also worth noting that shipping is free, which earns the Wild Alaskan Company huge bonus points in our eyes. You can also often find a discount offer for your first box with Wild Alaskan Company

Packaging & Shipping

All the fish from the Wild Alaskan Company is fresh frozen. This means that the fish is frozen soon after it is caught and processed. If you’re thinking you’ll take a pass on frozen fish, they actually have a reason for doing this. By freezing the fish, it’s actually in a fresher state when it arrives at your door. Plus, freezing it kills off any potential parasites, which lessens the potential for foodborne illnesses.

So, plan on your fish to arrive frozen and make accommodations for keeping it in your freezer or thawing it in the refrigerator.

When you open your box, you’ll see that your wild Alaska salmon and other types of fresh Alaska fish are packed in dry ice. Dry ice is a great packing tool because it helps to keep the frozen fish at the optimal temperature during transit, and it naturally evaporates. This means no ice packs to deal with.

The box is made of well-insulated recyclable cardboard, and all fish is individually wrapped and vacuum sealed in six-ounce portions.

Customer Service

Wild Alaskan Company Susan ReviewWild Alaskan Company does a pretty good job from a customer service standpoint. They seem to be responsive to customer concerns and helping to resolve issues. We also like that they’re reasonably flexible when it comes to managing your subscription. 

Boxes are delivered monthly, but you can easily switch that over to an every two months plan instead. They also state right on their website that they’re willing to work with loyal customers to set up a delivery schedule that works best for them. 

Wild Alaskan Company John ReviewFrom your account home page, you’re able to schedule or pause deliveries for up to eight weeks in advance. If you need more flexibility than that, simply reach out to them directly for assistance.

One more detail that makes Wild Alaskan Company stand out is that they deliver not only to the contiguous United States, but also to Alaska (makes sense, right?) and Hawaii. Many other types of meal and food delivery services won’t ship to either of those two states.


So, you’ve heard our thoughts but what are others saying about the Wild Alaskan Company? Here’s a rundown on what you’ll find on Google, Facebook, and Trust Pilot reviews.

Wild Alaskan Company Member

Trust Pilot

It’s worth saying that there’s a Trust Pilot review for wildalaskancompany.com, and another called Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood. While these are apparently two different companies, it’s easy to see how customers wanting to leave a review might end up confused and mistakenly review the wrong company. They only have a handful of reviews on Trust Pilot, and not all of them are great. However, it’s often the case that someone is more likely to share their negative experience than they are to share a positive one. Of the negative reviews, customers mentioned that it wasn’t the best tasting fish and had a texture that was different from what they were accustomed to. Other somewhat negative reviews cited too much variance in the taste and quality within a single box. Others complain of a fishy smell and lackluster customer service. But, to focus on the positive there were some customers who felt they had the best seafood, and that their fish order arrived promptly.

Wild Alaskan Company MemberGoogle

Oddly, we were unable to find any Google Wild Alaskan Company reviews.


In a sharp contrast to what we saw on Trust Pilot, the Wild Alaskan Company has more than 1,000 reviews with an average rating of 4.8 stars, with only the occasional negative review. Many customers said the seafood was absolutely delicious and would happily recommend Wild Alaskan Company to family and friends.


Wild Alaskan Company’s seafood all comes from the waters around Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. They work directly with local sustainable fisheries.

Arron Kallenberg is the founder and current CEO of Wild Alaskan Company.

Yes, the company is legit and has shipped their Alaskan fish to thousands of satisfied customers. There’s no evidence of seafood fraud or any other legal wrongdoings from the company.

The Bottom Line

At the end of our Wild Alaskan Company review we can safely say that we would recommend them to someone who really loves different types of wild Alaska salmon and whitefish. Our first box was fresh and tasted good in each way that it was prepared.

We also like the company’s ethics and commitment to sustainability. At the end of the day, although they’re a bit pricey, we can’t really knock a company that’s so committed to freshness, quality, and preserving natural resources.

What we liked:

  • Salmon and other seafood is fresh frozen to preserve quality’
  • Flexible plans
  • Sustainably and ethically sourced seafood
  • Orders arrive quickly
  • Free shipping

What we didn’t like:

  • A bit costly
  • Would like to see more seafood variety
  • Would like to see more options than just the twelve or twenty four serving boxes

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