Wonderslim Vs Medifast

Wonderslim vs Medifast

If you’re looking to eat healthier or lose a few pounds, making adjustments to your diet is often the hardest part. Shopping is a challenge and labels can be misleading. Weight loss meal delivery is a great solution. Here we compare Wonderslim vs Medifast to determine which is best suited for your needs.

WonderSlim, a brand now sold under the company DietDirect, offers meals, meal replacement alternatives, and snacks that are designed by registered dieticians and nutritionists. Each offering is created to maximize nutrition while helping customers lose weight and redefine their eating habits.

Medifast also offers a combination of meals, meal replacement shakes, and snacks designed by doctors to help people lose weight while encouraging and supporting healthy eating habits. Medifast is a more rigid weight loss program that also helps you learn how to shop and cook for yourself, without complete dependence on their products.

What both of these companies have in common is their role as a stepping stone to improving your health and adopting better habits. Medifast and WonderSlim share a lot of similarities but there are also some major differences. Here is how they compare.

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Dietary Options




WonderSlim does offer options that fit in with special dietary needs. You can find dairy-free, vegetarian, sugar-free, and even some gluten-free selections. The issue is that the website and ordering platform doesn’t make it easy to find these items. Plan on taking some time to research if you have special dietary needs.

WonderSlim is a good option for people looking to follow a protein-centered dietary plan. WonderSlim isn’t Keto by any means but their meals, meal replacements, and snacks all contain a good amount of protein to help eliminate hunger and cravings.

Medifast realizes that many people who follow their nutritional plans also have additional dietary needs. From their website, you can access a printable PDF that details which of their meals/products are free of eggs, fish, shellfish, milk, lactose, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, and gluten. Vegetarian and Kosher options are also listed.

One of the downfalls with Medifast is that there aren’t many customization options once you select a plan. That said, Medifast does offer special plans for fast weight loss, slow and steady weight loss, diabetes, gluten-free, vegetarian, nursing mothers, and seniors.

Meal Prep & Variety




There’s minimum prep involved with WonderSlim products. Entrees are heat and eat, and all WonderSlim kits include a shaker bottle for easy mixing and portability of their shakes. WonderSlim products pack well and are ideal for work lunches or snacks on the go. 

As far as variety is concerned, WonderSlim does a decent job of mixing things up. For example, their lunch selections include choices such as spicy pasta, sloppy joes, and a range of soups and bouillons (some of which are packaged under the brand name BariWise). WonderSlim also offers desserts, which are great if you have a bit of sweet tooth. 

Medifast is unique in that their dietary plan requires you to purchase, prep, and cook some of your meals. They do provide an easy to follow guide for choosing the components of your Lean and Green meals but this can add a layer of inconvenience for those who are hoping to avoid time in the kitchen as much as possible. 





When it comes to meal replacements, it’s hard to find products that are completely free of preservatives, processing, and a few undesirable ingredients. For the most part, WonderSlim products are free of aspartame and their meal replacement options are diabetic friendly.

WonderSlim also claims that their food products are made in the United States, in FDA-inspected facilities. This is a strong selling point for many people.

Like WonderSlim, you’re going to find some processed and artificial ingredients in Medifast’s lineup. Medifast has listened to their customers, and as a result, have committed to gradually eliminating artificial coloring in their products and replacing it with natural colorants such as beet and turmeric.

Taste & Sample Meals


wonderslim sample meal
  • Creamy Fettuccine Alfredo Pasta
  • Classic Sloppy Joe Mix
  • Spicy Cheese & Pasta


Medifast sample meal
  • Ginger Lemongrass Chicken
  • Chili lime Chicken
  • Turkey Meatball Marinara

WonderSlim’s shakes and drinks seem to be by far the most popular and well-liked options on their menu. They do offer a good range of flavor choices, so their popularity isn’t much of a surprise. Reviews are somewhat mixed when it comes to their actual entrees.

If you’re a little apprehensive about committing because you’re worried you won’t be satisfied with the taste and quality, WonderSlim offers a solution with the option to fill in all your choices with customer favorites by clicking on a single button.

Medifast offers less actual meals because part of their platform is teaching you how to shop and cook for yourself. Their variety of snacks, drinks, and meal replacements is slightly limited compared to WonderSlim. While you can’t please everyone, Medifast appeared to have a few more negative reviews in the taste department.






1 Week Starter



Basic 4 Weeks



Core 4 Weeks



Premium 4 Weeks







Essential Optimal Kit

(5 & 1 Plan®)



Essential On-The-Go Kit

(5 & 1 Plan®)



Essential Optimal Kit (4 & 2 & 1 Plan®)



Pricing with WonderSlim varies depending on the product and plan you choose. They offer a Core plan, which is essentially meal replacements and snacks only. Their Basic plan includes some meals, and their Premium plan includes all meals, snacks, and meal replacements. You also choose between 2, 4, 8, and 12-week plans.

It might seem backward but by going with the Core plan, you end up paying more per serving with just the meal replacements and snacks than you do per serving with the plans where meals are also included.

WonderSlim offers free shipping for all orders over $69 (after any discounts, excluding taxes). For orders that fall under the $69 threshold, a $7.99 flat rate shipping charge is applied.

Medifast’s kits are designed to provide 30 days worth of meals and snacks. This means there’s a hefty price tag applied to each kit due to the sheer volume of products you’re receiving. The final costs depend on which plan you choose.

Medifast Advantage customers receive free shipping on all orders over $250. For orders that are less than $250, a flat rate shipping charge of $5 applies.

Packaging & Recycling

When you order from WonderSlim your items will come packaged in a larger box. Items such as shakes, bars, and snacks will arrive in individual portions packed inside other packaging. Meals are delivered frozen with packing materials included to maintain the proper temperature.

It’s difficult to find information about recycling on WonderSlim’s website. Most packaging is recyclable, including shipping materials and the boxes that hold their products. Given the nature of WonderSlim products, you’re going to find some items (such as snack bar wrappings) that aren’t able to be recycled.

As with WonderSlim, it’s difficult to find any information regarding what packaging materials used by Medifast are made from and whether they’re recyclable. Also, like WonderSlim, some Medifast meals are delivered frozen and contain packing materials to maintain a proper temperature.

Customer Service




With WonderSlim, you choose the plan and then add selections from an a la carte menu. This is ideal from a customization perspective. WonderSlim also doesn’t operate off a subscription model, so you can cancel or suspend your shipments at any time.

WonderSlim offers a complete satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with their products, you have 60 days to return them (no questions asked) for a full refund or exchange. Shipping charges are excluded from the refund amount. Aside from 1 open, partially used box, all products returned must be unopened.

Medifast shows they understand their customer’s journeys by providing helpful assistance and guidance through online support. If for any reason you decide Medifast isn’t working for you, you can easily cancel or suspend your subscription.

Medifast also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their products, which can be returned within 30 days. You also have the option to refuse a shipment, however, a fee of $15 will be deducted from the refund.



When comparing Medifast Vs Wonderslim, they’re both great options for weight loss meals and meal replacements. WonderSlim comes out ahead here but Medifast isn’t a losing choice by any means.

WonderSlim wins because of the range of options they offer, including meals and snacks that require zero cooking and meal prep to adhere to their plan. Their plans and pricing structure are also more accessible if you’re on a budget.

Still, WonderSlim isn’t going to be the right choice for everyone. Consider this before choosing which weight loss meal delivery service is best for you.

Choose WonderSlim if you:

  • You value customization and more meal replacement options
  • You want easy, grab and go meal options 
  • You like the flexibility of 2. 4, 8, or 12-week plans
  • You want a complete program that includes nutritional supplements 
  • You don’t want the burden of being locked into a subscription

Choose Medifast if you:

  • You want a weight loss plan that’s defined and easy to follow 
  • You don’t want to be overwhelmed with choices
  • You have special dietary needs that you need to follow
  • You’re a senior looking for healthy, light meal options 

5 thoughts on “Wonderslim Vs Medifast”

  1. I have used both plans. Medifast used to taste good and I lost 40 pound’s on the program 10+ years ago. I have ordered once a year to maintain my weight. When the food changed to Optimum or (the new nam), it tastes nasty. I know am ordering from WonderSlim and love the taste. Hands down WonderSlim wins, taste and for sure cost!

    1. It’s Optavia now & agreed completely on how awful their quality fuelings as their disgusting new meal replacements now called are imho.

  2. I was on Optavia and lost 50lbs. The moment I went off their food and started to eat HALF my original normal food intake, I gained it all back. This is a story Ive heard from everyone else who does this diet too. You cant sustain on 1000 calories a day. It isn’t healthy.

    1. Hi, I found the same thing. As with any diet plan, you only lose when you are on program. Unfortunately for me, I went back to my old habits; pizza and wings etc. Gained 25 of the 53 I lost. It’s my fault though. Going back on plan and considering wonderslim instead.

  3. I followed the Medifast plan just before and during the transition to Optivia. I had to quit once I couldn’t get the Medifast food anymore because the Optivia food not only tastes terrible but caused me severe digestive issues. Wonder slim is cheaper and tastes much better, but I felt like the actual “plan” didn’t really exist.

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