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Yumble Menu

Yumble seems to have mastered the balance between understanding that kids can be picky eaters and have diverse tastes, while also not going crazy with their menu options and keeping their costs relatively low. Yumble offers about 20 different meals each week, including several regular “core” options, along with several others that rotate or change seasonally.

Yumble does accommodate some special dietary needs and makes it easy to shop on their website according to those needs. Meals are clearly marked as gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, etc. While the options in each category aren’t overwhelming, they do a good job of making sure there’s something for everyone.

One noticeable feature of Yumble’s menu is the inclusion of several vegetarian (not vegan) selections. Their vegetarian menu includes meals like a vegetarian burrito that’s packed with beans and features an organic tomato sauce. They also offer meals like meat-free pizza pockets. Yumble fills the niche of vegetarian options that are also kid-friendly.

While Yumble addresses most food allergen concerns, their meals are not produced in a nut-free kitchen. Even though Yumble’s meals don’t contain nuts, there is a significant concern of cross-contamination during prepping and packaging.

Yumble Menu options

Ingredient Quality

Yumble commits to using only ingredients that they would serve their own children, which is something that shines through in their end product. While freshness might not be detectable to younger eaters, it is something that parents will notice and appreciate.

Yumble focuses on a variety of fresh, nutritious ingredients. They also tend to stick to those that are the most kid-friendly, like broccoli, green beans, corn, and sweet potatoes. Yumble’s meals are not promoted as organic but they do use organic ingredients when possible and will note organic ingredients on the packaging.

The hormone and antibiotics found in animal proteins can be a concern for parents who want to feed their children the healthiest foods possible. Yumble strives to use antibiotic-free and hormone-free meats, that are also humanely raised, whenever possible.

Meal Selection & Taste

Cheese Ravioli & Green Beans
Cheese Ravioli & Green Beans
Mac & Cheese and Chicken Nuggets
Mac & Cheese and Chicken Nuggets
Beef Taco and Rice
Beef Taco and Rice

Because Yumble’s meals are fresh and heat & eat, meal prep takes just a couple of minutes. When stored in the refrigerator, the meals are heated thoroughly in about 2-3 minutes in a standard microwave. If you choose to freeze the meals (which Yumble doesn’t recommend), plan on adding an extra minute or so.

Either way, less than 5 minutes to have a balanced, nutritious, hot meal for a little one is great convenience and time-saver for busy parents.

The meals in this shipment were a selection of customer favorites. This included a selection of meals you would expect to be super kid-friendly, like chicken nuggets and mac-n-cheese but also some unexpected favorites like their beef taco pocket, which is actually a flavorful empanada that’s perfectly sized as finger food for smaller hands.

Yumble’s meals make a great first impression after about a minute in the microwave because they smell delicious. Some of the meals had such a savory aroma that one had to wonder if they were going to be overly seasoned for young tastebuds.

Not a worry, though. Every meal was well received and eagerly eaten.

Yumble does a good job of adding enough flavor to some components while keeping others as simple as possible. Kids are notoriously picky eaters, and when something tastes “different” than what they’re accustomed to, mealtime chaos can ensue. Yumble’s recipes and tastes are predictable, with no surprises.

Meatballs & Casserole
Meatballs & Casserole
Mac N Cheese and Chicken Nuggets
Mac & Cheese and Chicken Nuggets
empanada and rice
Empanada and Rice

A great example of this is the Classic Cheese Ravioli, which is served with green beans. Both the filling and sauce for the ravioli were flavorful without using too many spices. The green beans were firm, and not too wet – something that’s important if you’ve got a toddler that prefers fingers over utensils.

Yumble seems to do a good job with any type of pasta. This box contained meals that included mac-n-cheese, alfredo noodles, and a pasta-based chicken casserole. For each of these meals, the pasta was the perfect texture and far from mushy, as you might expect from pre-made refrigerated meals.

For young palates, the sauces were fine. The mac-n-cheese was saucy but had a slight bit of chalky texture and no overwhelmingly cheesy flavor. Yumble caters to children aged toddler to tween, with an emphasis on the 3-8-year-old range. This was one of those meals that would be well received by younger eaters but an older child with more developed tastes might find it a little bland.

The meat products included in this box, including chicken meatballs and chicken nuggets, all had a good consistency and taste. Sometimes with pre-made meals, there’s a concern that the protein will take on a bit of a watery or mushy texture. This wasn’t the case with Yumble.

The chicken meatballs that are served with the Chick N Casserole are mildly seasoned and compliment the pasta and sauce perfectly. If there was a less than perfect protein component, it would be the plain chicken nuggets, which have a bit of a sticky texture and might be a bit off-putting as finger food for a younger eater.

Yumble Prices & Coupons

Yumble is a reasonably priced meal delivery service for kids, especially once you take into consideration the quality and portion sizes of each meal. Yumble’s pricing structure works on a sliding scale based on how many meals are chosen.

By choosing 16 meals/week plan (a great option if you have more than one hungry little one running around your house), you save 40% off the base price, bringing the costs down to $5.99 per meal. The base price with Yumble’s 4 meal per week plan is $9.99/meal.

Shipping is Free!











Packaging & Recycling

In this shipment, all six meals arrived in one box, nicely insulated. Yumble does a good job of packaging their meals with minimal waste. The meals are packed to preserve freshness but the material is mostly recyclable – and offers a good opportunity for little ones to learn about recycling.

The box itself is sturdy and feels insulated. The meals are kept cool with the addition of foam-like paper material and two large, gel-filled ice packs. Sturdy cardboard inserts separate the chilled meals from other items included in the package, such as instructions and Yumble’s free gifts.

The meals are all packaged in plastic containers with a #5 symbol, meaning they can easily be tossed in bins for standard curbside recycling programs. It’s important to note that Yumble’s phthalate and BPA-free meal containers are designed to be heated in the microwave, and never the oven. The meals can get really hot in the microwave, so use caution when removing them – especially with young ones around.

All other materials are 100% recyclable, except for the cooling packs, which are filled with a non-recyclable, non-toxic gel. The gel packs can either be disposed of in the trash, reused, or cleaned of the gel and then the outer shells can be placed in with the recyclables.

Customer Service

One of Yumble’s shining points is that they have received overwhelmingly positive reviews for their customer service. This company appears to not only be accessible to their customers but to also actually listen and respond to customer concerns. This instantly wins them a few bonus points.

From a usability stand-point, Yumble is straight-forward and customer-friendly. Their website is easy to use and the subscriptions are flexible. If you need to pause or suspend your subscription, this can easily be done online, without the hassle of contacting the company directly.

Yumble also offers the option to choose a selection of default meals that can be sent if life gets too busy and you forget to pick your meals for the week.
It’s worth mentioning that Yumble includes some nice freebies with each box.

These gifts are incremental, meaning you get certain gifts with the first box, second box, etc. After 4 deliveries, you’ll have a complete set that includes a silicone placemat, mealtime conversation cards, kid-friendly utensils, a child-sized plate, and a cute bento box that’s perfect to send off for lunch or leftovers.

Also, shipping is free with Yumble and there are no hidden charges. This is great peace of mind for budget-minded parents.


Yumble is a meal service designed for children 12 months through 12 years. That said, their meals seem most suitable for children aged three to about six or eight. Not all of their meals are finger food-friendly, so some basic utensil skills are helpful. Their portion sizes are more than adequate for the under eight crowd but might be a little skimpy for an older, active child with a heartier appetite.

Yumble is a weekly meal delivery service, so you can expect a regular shipment each week. Orders are processed by 11:59 pm on your individual weekly cut-off day, which can be found on your Upcoming Orders page. Changes cannot be made to an order once it is processed.

The meals are freezable, although freezing isn’t recommended. Yumble’s meals are designed to stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to 6 days. The reason freezing isn’t recommended is because some foods don’t reheat as well once frozen, and this can change the consistency and texture from what it was intended to be. 

Yumble’s delivery area is expansive but doesn’t yet cover the entire continental United States. They deliver along the east coast, parts of the west coast and the Midwest, and Texas. To find out if Yumble delivers in your area, simply type your zip code into their website. Include your email address, and they’ll let you know when delivery in your area becomes available.

The Bottom Line

Yumble is one of the most popular and well-liked meal delivery services for kids for a reason. They offer great variety, cater somewhat to most dietary needs, have responsive customer service, and produce meals that kids love. Yumble is a great option for busy families that want to provide their kids with nutritious, balanced meals that don’t taste like pre-packaged food.

What we liked:

  •       Great variety of kid-friendly meal options
  •       Ingredients are fresh, carefully chosen
  •       Meals have flavor without being overly seasoned
  •       Portions sizes are perfect for ages 3-8
  •       Great customer service
  •       Fun and useful gifts included

What we didn’t like:

  •       Large, non-recyclable gel-packs are a bit of a hassle to dispose of
  •       A few meal components lack the flavor that older kids like
  •       Depending on dietary preferences or food allergies, selections may be limited

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