Are Greens Beans Low FODMAP?

green bean low fodmap

When following a low FODMAP diet, you want to know if it’s safe to eat some of your preferred foods, like the summertime favorite, fresh from the garden green beans. Are green beans low FODMAP? Let’s take a look. 

Are Green Beans Low FODMAP?


The short answer is yes; green beans are low FODMAP. You might hear them called either green beans or French green beans, but they are both the same. Like many other low FODMAP foods, green beans only keep their green light status with a limited portion size. 

Green beans are low fodmap at a portion size of 75g. This equals about 12-15 whole, uncooked green beans. If you were to measure 15 whole green beans, they would equal approximately a cup, depending on how large they were or if you had them cut. Cooking tends to shrink green beans a bit, so if you measure out a portion of cooked green beans, it’s best to count rather than measure. 

Are Runner Beans Low FODMAP?

Runner Beans

Runner beans aren’t the same plant as green beans, and they’re more difficult to find in your average grocery store. While not the same plant, they are similar in nutritional content. Runner beans specifically haven’t officially been tested for FODMAP value. One could make the mental leap that they compare to green beans in terms of FODMAPs, but it’s best to ask your physician or nutritionist just to make sure. 


Bottom Line

Eating a variety of foods is important when following a low FODMAP diet. Many vegetables, including green beans, are low FODMAP. For many low FODMAP foods, the key is in the portion size. Green beans are a low FODMAP food that you can enjoy in the proper portion size without fear of irritating symptoms of IBS.

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