Is Broccoli Low FODMAP?

is broccoli low FODMAP

Doctors and nutritionists encourage people to eat cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, but does this hold true for people with IBS? Is broccoli low FODMAP, and is it a safe food for people with IBS?

Is Broccoli Low FODMAP?

The answer to whether broccoli is a low FODMAP vegetable is a bit more complicated than most. As a whole, broccoli is considered low FODMAP in a one-cup serving. However, if you’re avoiding FODMAPS, there’s more that you need to know. 

According to Monash University, the whole vegetables, including the head and stem, of broccoli is low FODMAP when consumed together in a portion that doesn’t exceed 1 cup raw. The heads or the “little tree” parts of broccoli are also low FODMAP in a 1-cup portion. The stalks are a different story. 

The stalks alone of broccoli are high FODMAP. This is due to the amount of fructose that is concentrated in the stalks. If you’re following a low FODMAP diet, it’s best to avoid eating the stalks on their own. This also includes slaw-style salads with shredded broccoli stalks. If you’re in the habit of purchasing pre-made salad kits, check the ingredients for broccoli stalks. 

If you have IBS, you don’t have to avoid the stalks altogether. When eaten with the heads, the portion size of broccoli stalks that you’re actually consuming is reduced enough to not cause any problems for most people. You can always just play it safe and crunch on those delicious broccoli heads instead. 

Is Broccolini Low FODMAP?

Contrary to what many people think, broccolini isn’t an immature, “baby” form of broccoli. It’s actually a different plant entirely. The whole broccolini, including both the head and the stalk, is low FODMAP as long as you don’t exceed a ½ cup portion size. Anything serving size more than that is high FODMAP due to the fructose content. 

Broccolini is the exact opposite of broccoli, with the heads being high FODMAP and the stalks being low FODMAP in a larger serving size of one cup. Unless you’re eating the stalks only, stick to a ½ cup portion of broccolini on the low FODMAP diet. 


Bottom Line

Is broccoli a low FODMAP food? Our sources say yes, as long as you’re mindful of portion size and avoid eating the stalks on their own. Broccoli is a great source of essential nutrients and is a healthy, delicious low FODMAP food for you to enjoy.

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